Monday, 26 October 2015

Cardinal Raymond Burke - Synod report "Lacks Clarity on Indissolubility of Marriage" - the battle lines are being drawn

Cardinal Burke: Final Report Lacks Clarity on Indissolubility of Marriage

Cardinal Raymond Burke, patron of the Knights of Malta and former prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, has shared with the Register his initial reaction to the final report of the Synod on the Family.
He focuses on paragraphs 84-86 on divorce and remarriage, saying this section is of "immediate concern because of its lack of clarity in a fundamental matter of the faith: the indissolubility of the marriage bond which both reason and faith teach all men." He also says the way the quotation from Familaris Consortio is used is "misleading."
Here below is the cardinal's comment, followed by an English translation of paragraphs 84-86.

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My Blog said...

Cardinal Burke is one of the very few voices that speak for the Truth and who are faithful to the Gospel (so far, at least).

We need more clergy like him but most importantly, we want him and others like him to take it straight to the Vatican, to the Pope himself and to the Papacy Court, meaning to all those who are friends with and advising the Pope.

Complaining without action is useless.

Either we do something about it. Or we give up and just wait to solve itself.

But the longer we wait, the more people, the ordinary, uninformed Catholics will be deceived and will sin, thinking that it is OK as long as the Church is OK with their sin, since it's no more called "sin" and that the Church will "accompany" them, will "listen" to them, will "welcome" them and will have "mercy" on them.

"But that evil word of Christ, REPENT, must never be mentioned because we are the New Church. The Church of Mercy!!!"

George Brenner said...

For all those in the Catholic Church that wanted a smorgasbord pick and choose, no absolutes, do not judge, do not discuss sin, do not refer to centuries of Church teaching, think that VCII was the end all island to Catholic thinking, believe that Jesus founded the Church in 1963, think that Blessed Mother was exaggerating her warnings, for the clerics that spoke loudly with their silence guess what- the invoice for decades of being wimpy and passive in not practicing their faith, the very day of justice is drawing near.

God Bless Cardinal Burke and all who fight for our Catholic faith.

George Brenner

Ana Milan said...

We (the little folk) depend on Cardinals like Burke, Sarah, Pell & Bishops Schneider, Lenga & Gadecki etc. to bring their outspokenness to the next level and wholeheartedly reject these Kasperite proposals which the Pope seems to agree with. If he did not agree with them there would not have been the necessity to personally appoint 45 Kasper supporters (who are all soft on homosexuality, paedophilia, & people living in irregular unions) to attend the Synod, a fact that made the outcome he wanted inevitable. This was a deliberate act as was the atrocious behaviour of the Vatican Press Office in manipulating the true reporting of Synod discussions. The 13 Cardinals who signed a letter to the Pope bringing to his attention their concerns should have taken the option afforded to them by the petition which many people signed and walked out. This would have collapsed the outcome and left PF with egg on his face. They must now rectify their decision and finally say and do what has to be said and done.

TLM said...

Also, take a look at a new Fr Z post which you can click on his link to the left. 'Some thoughts on the Synod'. Very encouraging, felt like he was an NFL football coach giving us a major pep talk:) In so many words, he was saying......'OK people, are we or are we not THE CHURCH MILITANT!!!

Lynda said...

What Cardinal Burke says is an understatement to the point of missing the point.