A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Saturday 28 February 2015

Father Timothy Scott, CSB's brand of toothpaste

Earlier this week there was a blow-up in the blogosphere due to some fine work by Michael Voris and his staff at Church Militant TV to uncover a Twitter feed of Congregation of St. Basil spokesman Father Timothy Scott, CSB wherein he used the profanity STFU in a note to Raymond Cardinal Burke which was on-line for the world to see. Once discovered, Father Scott took the post down and then once the matter became more public thanks to Mr. Voris, Father Scott disabled his Twitter account and apologised. Michael Voris has provided an update to the story as the removal as spokesman of the Congregation was "based on a partial truth from the Vicar General of the Basilians." Voris added that "we were misled to believe Fr. Scott had been "fired" for his tweet, when in fact he had been removed as spokesman last July for unrelated reasons." Father Scott, CSB still continues in his role at the Canadian Religious Conference.

Conference notes

In an address to the Conference on October 3, 2013, Father Scott indicated that he was "amazed at the "Francis effect" and refers to his belief that the "Holy Spirit (who) clearly blows where she wills" (my emphasis). During the talk Father also indicated that "Social media is radically restructuring the way we communicate." Reflecting on Pope Benedict XVI. Father Scott believes that he "suffers in comparison" to Pope Francis. Father Scott states that he "felt a collective embarrassment" by Pope Benedict XVI's desire to ensure doctrinal orthodoxy by "rein(ing) in canonically the LCWR"(Leadership Conference of Women Religious) the American equivalent for religious sisters to the Canadian Religious Conference. Father Scott states that as far as Pope Francis is concerned, it is his view that law and doctrine are "the least of his concerns."

More Tweets

With special thanks shouted out to a reader who provided this shot of another Tweet by Father Scott from October 14, 2014 at 7:59AM wherein Father refers to Synod14 and that "it feels like a few folks want to put the toothpaste back in the tube, Good luck with that." 

So that we can all remember the document issued only the very day before Father provided the above Tweet; let us reproduce it here and let us note that this still remains on the Vatican web site at:


It seems then that yes, it is very hard to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

It is also very hard to remove Twitter forever, so be careful what you Tweet!

I'll refrain from comment or editorial opinion, for now, but the combox is open, as always.

Grand Orient Masonic Lodge of Italy - Martini, McCarrick and how nothing would be the same again

Oh we have so much we could write but instead, I'll just give you these pictures and links to a couple of other sites and a search for you to find it all. I have written previously of the comment, "nothing will be the same again" as stated by the Grande Oriente d'Italia upon the election of Pope Francis. The Masonic Press Agency was publicising it as well and leave most of it for you to find and spread to all the Catholic world.

Here again is the video of that former Archbishop of Washington Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, indicating that he was lobbied to vote for Jorge Bergoglio.

So let us see, we have a powerful man telling this Cardinal that said that Jorge Bergoglio can change it in five years and one that could potentially be blackmailed to make it so and talk him up and then when it all happens the Lodge issues a statement that "nothing will be the same."

Oh, one more thing; they failed in 2005 when Joseph Ratzinger was elected as Pope. Martini was their man and when they couldn't get him elected they drove the gentle Pope from his office.

You can figure the rest out.

So be it.

Italian Fremasonry praises Pope Francis I -01

Italian Masonry praises Cardinal Martini

Card Martini was a freemason

A Saturday update

Dear Friends, 

You are so good and I am so blest. I can say little at this time and I know that you understand that. Suffice to say this; we are still here and we have no intention of going away.

When people ignorant of the law and the truth, or those with no respect for either mock it and then mock you, remember what the oldest system of codified law in the world has to say:

From The Code of Canon Law Canon:
Can. 212 §3. According to the knowledge, competence, and prestige which they (i.e. the laity) possess, they have the right and even at times the duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church and to make their opinion known to the rest of the Christian faithful, without prejudice to the integrity of faith and morals, with reverence toward their pastors, and attentive to common advantage and the dignity of persons."
Say prayers this weekend for the situation please, that grace will abound and good sense will prevail; it shan't be long from here.

Thank you once again for all your prayers and messages; they are a tremendous boost to us ; and please pray for my wife who is also bearing this. It is not fair to her.

May our blessed Lord and His Mother protect us all and may St. Michael the Archangel battle for us!

God bless you.


Postscript: My friend Damian Goddard has posted something that I had forgotten all about. It was a little experiment we both did together as he was developing his IgniteTV project. You can turn the music player off above at the top left in order to hear the video below. Please pay Damo a visit and meet another brother in the battle for Christ and His Church! 

Friday 27 February 2015

The Second Coming - not of Our Lord but of the German Schism

For Lee, et al.

It may be possible to write a whole blog or website dedicated solely to the corruption within the Catholic Church in Germany and each day add a new chapter to this tragedy. The spirit of Luther, Weishaupt, Marx, von Bismarck, Hitler, Hegel have combined over the centuries to influence the Church in a most anti Catholic way. The Masonic, Illuminist and Protestant philosophies have poisoned the minds of generations of clerics and professors that is near universal there.

Over the last few months I have focused a number of posts on the situation. We have begged Pope Francis to distance himself from the corruption and to rebuke them and it has not come; it has only gotten worse. The pornographic publishing empire held by the German bishops conference continues in its filthy ways with no attempt to shut it down and repent of this abomination and crime before the Lord and Our Lady. Can it be possible that Pope Francis is unaware of its existence? It hardly seems possible. Benedict XVI was aware of it and demanded action on the part of the German bishops and he was ignored. The porn matter is not first time that our beloved Papa Ratzinger was disobeyed by these men One example is the translation of "pro multis" which has been correctly rendered as "for many" now in English. In German (amongst others in transition) it is still translated as "for all" and will remain so for now. Pope Benedict XVI wrote to the German bishops for a corrected translation and yet again, he was disobeyed in spite of his theological and scriptural dissertation. Can there be any doubt the poor man fled for the fear of the wolves? 

Cologne diocese has announced that its wealth is over 3.8 billion euros with 2.4 billion euros invested in stocks funds and company holdings. I imagine the pornographic publisher is somewhere in there. What other companies does the Church own in stocks? Drug companies producing contraceptive/abortifacient drugs? Drugs used for euthanasia in Holland, Belgium and Switzerland? According to Crux, they have nearly 650 million euros in tangible assets, mostly property (other than parish churches valued at $1 or euro?) and cash reserves of 287 million euros. The German bishops are paid the equivalent of over $150,000 US per year and these men will deny the sacraments to those who don't keep filling their coffers. This lead us to the kirchensteuer, the outdated and corrupt tax levy of Germans paid directly to the churches and synagogues by the government after taking a little off the top for themselves. 

Who can forget the legendary Kasper, a material heretic if there ever were one and euro-centric elitist of all things African whose machinations and manipulations at the Synod on the Family is validated by those beyond the civil courts such as Raymond Cardinal Burke, George Cardinal Pell, Cardinal Napier and His Excellency, Athanasius Schneider amongst others.  Let me say that again -- in case you did not get it the first time (see Canon 212§3), "machinations and manipulations." 

Cardinal Marx

Now, we have the German Cardinal Marx (what is it about that name?) stating; "We are no subsidiaries of Rome, Each conference of  bishops is responsible for pastoral care in its culture, and must, as its most proper task, preach the Gospel on our own. We cannot wait for a synod to tell us how we have to shape pastoral care for marriage and family here."

Now, it all becomes clear.

When Kasper insulted our African brothers and sisters (the Fox is born in South Africa of Irish, Dutch French and African descent) and mocked them in his arrogant, euro-centric, xenophobic, paternalistic, condescending and racist tone, "they should not tell us too much what to do" there was more there then, than most picked up. I stated in discussions what Kasper and these Germans were up to -- let the Africans be "bigots" we Germans, we are better after all, we are efficient and much superior to these, you go your way, we'll go ours. I said it then: It is the German Catholic Church, that is what these manipulators, these traitorous prelates and their minions are out to accomplish. The logical step of a false collegiality as promoted by a hermeneutic of rupture from the Rhineland influence and domination at the Second Vatican Council. Isn't this one of the critical doctrinal points of the SSPX? 

Now we can begin to put the pieces together - it is just too obvious, they have shown their cards.

Theodore McCarrick, the former Cardinal Archbishop of Washington has revealed his part in what appears to be a lobby effort to elect Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio as Pope.  He would only need "five years" to have the Church "back on track" McCarrick himself, with a special interest in extra-curricular activities, says it for all to hear in the video. Schism in on the horizon de facto or de jure remains to be seen but schism, no doubt. They needed to ensure that they could elect someone that would be sympathetic to their cause. Hence the apparent lobbying effort. 

Each bishops conference will do what it wants with pastoral practice under a static universal doctrine appearing to be Catholic and catered to its own needs. The doctrine will change because pastoral practice will be adapted. This is not Catholic, it is heresy. We are on to them and the evidence is out there for all to see if we are prepared to call it out for what it is. The videos of the speeches exist because these men in their prideful arrogance began letting it out well over a year ago - only now it is all coming together for us to see.

These men are not Catholics, they may be barely Christians. They are Protestants, and they are heretics and they are leading souls to Hell. They are Judases who have betrayed Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church created to save humanity. They are radical and they preach a false ecumenism - they have lost the faith in the Real Presence, if they ever really had it because if they really believed, they would not do it. They are the "synthesis" of all heretics, they are modernists!

The Pope is the guardian of doctrinal truth. He must act as Pope in the face of these men who would seek to cause schism in the holy Catholic Church.

Know this friend. You are not going to be warned about this on Patheos, on Crux by reading The Tablet or the National Catholic Reporter. You may not even get it from EWTN or the National Catholic Register and you certainly won't get it in Canada in our print or cable media; so we here are left to hope for a few brave bishops that might find their Catholic heart and their anatomy. You will be able, over the next nine months to find the truth in many places, blogs and speciality on line media and it will not come from those you expect to tell you the truth but whose bread is buttered by these men. To me personally, that is quite obvious and the silence is deafening.

You and I have a responsibility as articulated in that referred to Canon. If the last week has taught us anything and as if October wasn't enough to remind us, we have an ability that no generation before us has had. We have an opportunity that our parents and grandparents did not have -- carry the torch for them and fight the fight that they could not wage. 

When these prelates, these clericalists tell you that you're not competent or qualified read them the Canon and then tell them this as a friend in Scotland said to me today -- "you raped our children and you gave us the example of dissent from the pulpit, who are you that we should listen to you now?"

Now go make a mess.

Wednesday 25 February 2015

What a wonderful Catholic world

Dear Friends,

I want to take this opportunity to express to the thousands of Catholic people around the world a thanksgiving from myself and my family for the outpouring of prayers, rosaries and Masses, sacrifices of personal illnesses offered up, emails, Tweets and comments. However, there is one in particular which was incredibly moving and prayerful. A few days ago, Mr. Gareth Thomas of Spain did a most wonderful thing. As a result of that gesture of fraternal charity, I received a letter which was overwhelming in its beauty and wisdom. Please let us remember that all is not lost and that there are many fatherly and faithful Shepherds in the Church and one of them is His Excellency Athanasius Schneider.

It has been one week since my last blog post whatever that was about, it seems so long that I can hardly remember. I've been itching to get back. First, I have no doubt that you all want to know what is happening with whatever it is that has kept me away from blogging. Let me say simply that "Patience is power" according to Venerable Fulton Sheen and "Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is "timing" it waits on the right time to act for the right principles and in the right way."  

Rome seems to be in chaos, eh? We have the theft of the book by the five Cardinals for the Synod Fathers Remaining in the Truth of Christ (which was my Christmas present from Fox) to the admission by the much troubled Theodore McCarrick (you can search for the filth) a retired Cardinal from Washington. Seems that they just can't resist a video camera. Thank the LORD for the Internet. It seems that the octogenarian eminence was "lobbied" to vote for Jorge Bergoglio. "Talk him up!" he was told. 

Well that is lobbying and it is against Canon Law; but then, one would need to have respect for the law to obey it.  There are some pretty serious implications to this -- from the potential of excommunication to the calling into question the factors around the overall election of Pope Francis and its implications.

Life was getting too soft since I married Fox. I've been given a cross and it is heavy laden to be sure but it is not fair to her ; because of your prayers and Masses and the One whose "yoke is easy and his burthen is light" it is not too hard for us to carry.  

Thursday 19 February 2015

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Wednesday 18 February 2015


On Shrove Tuesday, February 17, 2015, I received a letter from Nina Perfetto, a Litigation Solicitor with one of Toronto's most expensive law firms, Fogler Rubinoff. The threat of a lawsuit was from Father Thomas J. Rosica, a Basilian priest, Executive Producer of Salt + Light Television, Consultor to the Pontifical Council on Social Communications, English-language Synod spokesman for the Holy See and member of various academic institutional Boards.

A few weeks later, after incredible international pressure and bad publicity, intervention by Cardinals of the Holy Catholic Church, letters and other pressures, he dropped the lawsuit saying, "it was never intended" and that the lawyer was working "pro-bono."

This post shall remain through this front page link permanently as a matter of public record.

The rest of this story can be read at the following links:

My thanks to Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider.

My thanks to Michael Voris

Father Rosica's statement

Support and commentary from other blogs and media

Entire file:

Letter from Fogler Rubinoff, Barristers & Solicitors (online at ChurchMiliant.com)

Tuesday 17 February 2015

Let us pray for one another and our suffering brethren

As our Lent begins, let us dedicate ourselves to praying for one another and for the suffering of our Christian brothers and sisters who suffer at this time.

May we carry the crosses of daily life with patience and joy. For those crosses which we have that are bearing us down, may we be granted the grace to bear it. For those who suffer illness and sorrow let us bear them in mind.

For all of these let us be united and offer up to the Father in the name of Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ for His glorious use.

May we beg for mercy for our grievous sins that have offended our good God.

God bless you all and let us pray for one another.

Vox, Fox and Rox

Monday 16 February 2015

Father Tom Rosica: Are you calling Cardinal Burke, a "dissenter?"

Father Tom Rosica is a spokesman for the Vatican. One would presume that someone in such an important and sensitive and influential position would be prudent with his personal opinions and the use of social media. It leaves one to ask an honest question; Is this his own opinion? Is it that of Father Lombardi's and the Office of Social Communication? Is it the Holy Father's? 

In the post one below, I wrote that if one sends a "Re-Tweet" it would imply that one would agree with the original.

Cardinal Wuerl is interviewed by Andrea Tornielli in Vatican Insider. While Wuerl does not single out Cardinal Burke directly he does allude to "an interview" and "an article." It seems to have left no doubt in Tornielli; mind since he lead with a headline linking Cardinal Burke within "dissenters." This no doubt refers to a recent interview with Cardinal Burke where he stated that he would "resist" hypothetically an attempt by the pope to change the law on Holy Communion for the divorced and remarried without an annulment.

How disingenuous is it of Cardinal Wuerl to suggest that Cardinal Burke is a dissenter, which would include your writer and probably you as well. There was a time when the word meant someone that dissented from the truth of the faith. Now it seems to mean that it is someone who upholds it.

Father Rosica "Tweeted" the article with the headline "Cardinal Wuerl's response to Cardinal Burke (and dissenters)" and a link to the article. His followers cannot be faulted if they just read the headline and take up the believe that Cardinal Burke is one bad guy, after all, he is a "dissenter."

It seems to it is time for Father Lombardi to make a decision as to whether this Vatican employee needs to be either reigned in on social media or sent packing to preside over the winding down of Salt + Light.

Nota Bene: My colleague Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness and I are resolute. We will not fail in our countering of the assault on the faith and tradition that these men continue to undertake against Holy Mother Church and the Catholic faithful.

Make no mistake Wuerl, Marx, Madriaga, Kasper and Rosica, we will not rest.

Please pray for us.

Really Father Rosica?

Does Father Tom Rosica support Holy Communion for the civilly divorced and remarried without benefit of a Decree of Nullity in accord with Canon Law and the Holy Scriptures?

I mean, if you "Re-Tweet" something, that would generally mean that you agree with it, right?

Please Father Tom, tell us what you really think? (P.S. you barred Vox from your Twitter, not my dog!)

We report. You decide.

NOTA BENE: See also, "Does Father Rosica think that Cardinal Burke is a "dissenter?"

Ya Yassou'a

This is a still from the video put out by the Islamic butchers who did this in the name of the false prophet and antichrist Mahomet. Note the translation: "The people of the cross, the followers of the hostile Egyptian Church." That's rich. The Coptic Church was founded by St. Mark the Evangelist. Egypt was Christian before Rome!

A contact in Syria watched the whole video.

It will comfort you to know that as they were being slaughered they could be heard praying the Lords Prayer and shouting out "Ya  Yassou'a" -- Oh Jesus!

Pope Francis has issued a statement:

Speaking in Spanish to an ecumenical delegation from the Church of Scotland, the Holy Father noted those killed only said “Jesus help me.”
“They were murdered just for the fact they were Christians,” Pope Francis said.
“The blood of our Christian brothers is a witness that cries out,” said the Pope.  “If they are Catholic, Orthodox, Copts, Lutherans, it is not important: They are Christians. The blood is the same: It is the blood which confesses Christ.''
Pope Francis said that in remembering “these brothers who have been killed simply for confessing Christ,” Christians should encourage one another in the ecumenical goal, noting the “ecumenism of blood.”

“The martyrs are from all the Christians,” he said.

There names are now written in the Book.

They are:

1- Samuel Ilham Wilson
2- Izzat Boshry Nassif
3- Luqa Nagati
4- Issam Badar Samir
5- Malak Farag Ibrahim
6- Sameh Salah Farouq Manqrowis
7- Gaber Munir Adli
8- Maged Slaiman Shihata
9- Abanub Ayad Attiya
10- Youssef Shokry Younan
11- Hany Abdel Massih Salib
12- Kerollos Boshry Fawzy
13- Milad Makin Zaki
14- Makram Youssef Tawadros
15- Samuel Estefanos Kamel
16- Bishoy Estefanos Kamel
17- Mina Fayez Aziz
18- Malak Ibrahim Tanyut
19- Guirguis Milad Tanyut
20- Bishoy Adel
21- An African Christian brother

Source: Maspero Youth Union