Monday, 5 October 2015

Fr. Dariusz Oko - the homolobby is "the dark side of the Church!"

BREAKING: Fr. Dariusz Oko speaks: the homolobby is "the dark side of the Church"

Fr. Dariusz Oko 
Fr. Dariusz Oko has given an interview this morning on the homolobby, and Krzysztof  Charamsa, for the Polish language [SuperExpress ]Toronto Catholic  Witness presents to readers a complete translation. Of note is Fr. Oko's prophetic combat against the existence of a powerful, and malignant  group of homosexual churchmen, that he rightly terms the homolobby. It is this same lobby that, according to Fr. Oko, enabled, protected and advanced the career of Krzysztof Charmasa.

The interview, in the original Polish, may be read here. 

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Super Express: You mentioned, Father, that you are in a position to finance the treatment of Father Christopher Charamsa, who admitted he was gay, and requests changes in the Church's teaching. Is he actually ill, or are we rather dealing with a cynical game?

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Damask Rose said...

"Is he actually ill, or are we rather dealing with a cynical game?"

Lol, what a question to ask!

Dorota said...

I saw a interview with him in Polish. He is extremely hysterical, fake. I think he is very ill on many levels. Those who promoted him to prominence within the Church are evil. Where is their sense of responsibility for the Church, and fear of the all-knowing God? It is certain - they do not believe. This clown does not even understand the meaning of honour, yet makes demands for the Church to give in to him. Many take this very unbalanced mental patient seriously. Surreal!