A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Saturday 31 October 2020

The Great Attack by Carlos Caso-Rosendi

From a blog recommended in the column on the left. 


More on masks in Church and particularly to those who attend the Traditional Latin Mass and the haters out there.

LifeSiteNews has, two weeks after this blog, reported on the loss of the traditional liturgy in Kitchener and Owen Sound due to the lack of mask-wearing on the part of congregants.


Trust me when I tell you that the abuse I have taken in this combox and elsewhere over my statement is astounding. Frankly, trads can be the worst.

These people in Hamilton diocese did this to themselves. They were cautioned by the President of Una Voce Canada in Vancouver not to draw the line in the sand and that they would lose the Mass and not get it back. This writer, who was asked for advice, told them the same thing. The would lose the Mass, they were guests in the churches. They played right into the hands of those who hate the traditional liturgy. Stupid, stupid people. 

I say this to everyone out there in Latin Mass communities. Don't tempt God. Your priests and bishops have asked you to cooperate and it is not a sin to wear a mask. Don't play into the hands of those that would destroy the traditional Mass, if they could!

Look folks, whether you like it or not, you wear a mask to buy your milk, aspirin or your jug of whiskey. Yet, you refuse to put it on to attend the Holy Mass? Are you insane? 

The post a few below on the situation in Toronto was meant to be positive and show that actual hospitalisations are fairly low. This tells me that amongst other things, masks in fact are working. 

Take the emotion and conspiracy theories out of it folks. Look at logic and keep it civil here or leave and go elsewhere. I don't need you to read this blog. Simply, go away. 

I've even been called "evil" over my exposure of sodomite Basilians. On the other hand, some creepy blogger named Tancred has sent hate mail for months calling me "gay".

I must be over the target.

What sick people there are. 

Friday 30 October 2020

Carlo Maria Viganò to President Trump and the American People!

My dear American people,

Please understand that what you do on Tuesday affects the rest of the world. 

There was a time that that there were two things standing in the way of globalist Marxist hegemony. The Catholic Church and the United States of America.

Under the Marxist Jorge Mario Bergoglio, there is now only one thing.

Do your duty to your history and for the rest of us.



Read all of it here.

China Virus in Toronto - What are the real numbers? What is the real risk?

Let me state quite clearly. In order to reduce the transmission of the China Virus and to protect myself, I support the use of masks in close quarters in public places and this includes churches. Those who cannot wear one for health reasons are legitimate but are few. As for Mass and in particular the Latin Mass, all you out there who refuse to wear a mask at Mass where required are being obstinate, prideful and disobedient to legitimate authority, both ecclesiastical and civil. Public health requirements are part of legitimate authority. Bishops own the church buildings and have authority over the physical space. Put on a mask. We have already seen what happened in two parishes in the Diocese of Hamilton because of prideful and arrogant "trads" who think this is a precursor to the Mark of the Beast. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but it is not a sin to put on a mask to protect your neighbours and yourself for what it can do from any contagion. It is an act of charity!

That being said, I was browsing a hospital network web page the other day and was astounded at the actual facts - the very low numbers of actual hospital and intensive care admissions. I have not looked at every hospital in the greater Toronto area, but I have compiled a short list below and photos from their web pages with the actual facts as of the morning of October 29, 2020. Note the distance between these hospitals on the map. The population served by these institutions is in the hundreds of thousands, if not, a million. The population of Toronto and Mississauga combined is 3,500,000 as of 2016.

Let's have a look.

The China Virus is real. It can be deadly, Of this, there is no doubt. Numbers in Ontario are up to levels higher than in March. But we are now testing 40,000 people per day rather than a few thousand. It is not cases, it is hospitalizations. The reality is, there may be as many now with it as there was in March, or there may be fewer. The more  you test, the more you find.

Europe is losing its collective mind. Italy, France, Germany, Belgium are all going into lockdown. It is insanity. 

There is no reason whatsoever, at least in Ontario, to even contemplate the draconian situation in Europe. Premier Douglas Ford knows this. He knows these numbers from all across Ontario and that the situation is in no way justifying the shut down of the entire economy. Targeted at best is a drastic matter for those businesses where it has occurred, bars, restaurants, gyms and of course, strip clubs. There is certainly no need for anyone to panic. There is no justification in killing our economies.

Wear your mask in public. Wash your hands. Keep a social distance as necessary. Eat properly. Sleep. Take Vitamins A, B, C and D and Zinc. Stay home if you're sick and stay away from people that are.

Closing down an economy is suicide. There is no reason in Ontario to do it. 

Trump 2020 A Man vs. A Movement

Thursday 29 October 2020

Conrad Black | The Case for Donald Trump

Upset readers over posting of pervert Basilians - some prefer cover-up. "Better that scandal arise than the truth be suppressed." - St. Gregory the Great

It seems that some are upset that I have posted this matter of the perverted Basilian priests and in particular, the bedpan carrying serial plagiarist, Thomas J. Rosica. I have received harassing and abusive messages and posts on Facebook. He is now blocked, (sorry Zacchaeus Neil Capasso). You cannot come on my page and publicly call me "evil" and then send me private messages insulting me and deriding me and not be publicly outed for it. Perhaps yous should now make your Facebook, private.

This kind of Catholic who hides behind his "prayer" and yet his prayer directs him to send abusive and spiteful messages is suffering delusion. He is also a hypocrite. I've dealt with this type of barking madman for years because of this blog and my refusal to stay silent in the face of evil. They think they pray and then God tells them to send abusive emails and messages. 

So, we shall post it again.

No cover up. Not now. Not ever! 

Jack Dorsey - Demonic

Jack Dorsey of Twitter appeared before the United States Senate yesterday. He protected anti-Semitism and holocaust denial by the Iranian Ayatollah but denied tweets of the President of the United States and still blocks news from the New York Post, founded by Alexander Hamilton. Personally, he and his ilk have banished this writer, three times, from Twitter.  

He committed perjury.

We all know what this man is. Look at his eyes, his face, his resting bitch face. His beard, unkempt, dirty. It is a mirror of his mind and soul. You could dress this man in a black robe with a red pentagram on his chest and he would fit the role perfectly.

There is a reason.

Get off of Twitter. Abandon it. 

Tuesday 27 October 2020

The real question is, will we ever see Jehovah's Witnesses for Trump?

Vatican minions in a tizzy on how to deal with Bergoglio's latest heresy

Courtesy of LifeSiteNews 

Il Fatto Quotidiano reported on Thursday, that they had received an email from the editorial directors of the Vatican Dicastery for Communication, signed by Massimiliano Menichetti, the head of Radio Vaticana - Vatican News. 

The email reads: “Good day everyone, in reference to the uproar stirred up by the film ‘Francesco’ by the Russian director Evgeny Afineevsky, for now we are not coming out with ANY news, either on the radio or on the web. Nothing also about the film or the award given today in the Vatican. There is an active discussion about how to address the current media crisis. A statement from the Press Office is not excluded. Please report to me if you can, both in the middle of the day and at the end of the day, any reactions from listeners and followers. It is not necessary to send me the actual comments, it’s enough to send me two lines summarizing it. Thank you, Massimiliano Menichetti.”  

Mocking and laughing at these cretins is a justified response.

Sunday 25 October 2020

Christ is King! In the here and now and the hereafter

This last Sunday in October in the real Roman Rite, is the Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the King. In the modernist rite it was moved to the last Sunday of the liturgical year in just one more of a flurry of liturgical changes issued by Pope Paul VI in his motu proprio Mysterii Paschalis

At this time of year in both the traditional and revised liturgy, the Mass begins to focus on the four last things and the eschatological theology that is a reality for humanity. This last Sunday of October was the date chosen for this relatively new Feast, it was instituted by Pope Pius XI in his 1925 encyclical letter Quas Primas in response to growing nationalism and secularism and to the radical and violent anti-Christian secularism of communism. The title of the feast was "D. N. Jesu Christi Regis" (Our Lord Jesus Christ, King) and preceded the Feast of All Saints and then All Souls, intentionally. Christ comes as King, is joined by His holy Saints and then all the Holy Souls, where He reigns for eternity. The last Sunday in October is also known in protestant circles as "Reformation Sunday" and the Pope was providing with clarity, the Social Kingship of Christ in this world through the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and to reject the blasphemy, apostasy and heresy of Martin Luther.

From a few years ago ....

[In this year, 2016, we will witness the very Bishop of Rome himself travelling to Sweden to praise Martin Luther and commemorate the so-called "reformation" but more appropriately, revolution. Luther's actions have led millions of souls to Hell and the secular result is revolution through freemasonry, illuminism, communism and secular humanism.]

Then, in 2019 we have seen the alleged Vicar of Christ close a Synod that saw the worship and bowing down to pagan gods and a destruction of the priesthood by the beginning of the end of celibacy and the ordination of women. The devil has taken over the visible church and papacy.

All coincidental, to be sure. Not with Bergoglio, it is all well-planned.

Liturgically speaking, the sung Proper of the Mass, the Introit, Gradual, Alleluia, Offertory and Communion of both Missals are the same. The Collect, Secret/Super Oblata and the Postcommunion are quite different and Father Z takes these apart and highlights the change emphasis as a result of these changes. 

The scripture readings are different. According to the Roman Missal of 1962, we read an Epistle from the Letter of St. Paul to the Colossians, 1:12-20 while the Gospel is that of St. John 18:33-37. In the Revised Lectionary for the Ordinary Form, we read in Year A for the Lesson, Ezekiel 34:11-12,15-17; the Epistle is from the First Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians 15:20-26,28 and the Gospel is from St. Matthew 25:31-46. In Year B, our current year as this is written, we will read the Lesson from the prophet Daniel 7:13-14, the Epistle from the Apocalypse of St. John, 1:5-8 and the Gospel is from St. John, 18:33-37. In Year C the Lesson is II Samuel 5:1-3, the Epistle is St. Paul's Letter to the Colossians 1:12-20 (as in the EF, above) with the Gospel from St. Matthew 25:31-46. The Responsory (the correct name for the "Responsorial" psalm) and the Gospel verse vary, if sung from the Graduale Romanum, 1974, they are static as in the Proper referred to above.

An unfortunate reality is the rupture of dates, never asked for or anticipated by the Council Fathers, but nonetheless, accepted.

Pope Paul VI's argument change has some sense to it, Perfectly so, if it had not already existed on the calendar on the Last Sunday of October. Christ, comes as King at the end of time symbolized by the end of the Church year. However, Pope Pius XI had a reason for instituting this feast and if he believed that it was the eschatological dimension that was necessary to associate with it, he would have done so. That eschatological event is the Gospel for the Last Sunday after Pentecost regardless and it flows directly into that of the First Sunday of Advent so the debate is moot, it is there. The feast was instituted to tell us, now, in this secular world that Christ is King of the Social Order in the here and now, not just in that which is to come.

In the last paragraph of Father Z's article while finding it hard to "find fault" with the new prayers he goes on to write that 
"The change of placement of the feast and the change of theology of the prayers probably reflect the soft approach to Communism adopted by Rome in those years, called ostopolitik." 
When we compare the prayers, there is a clear reduction of emphasis on "triumphant language and imagery " It was as if "the writers of the newer prayers did not want to give the impression that Christ was to be accepted as Lord and King by political entities in this earthly existence." 

A contemporary John Henry Newman, the founder of the London Oratory and prolific hymn-writer, Father Frederick William Faber, Cong. Orat. wrote that:
"All change is bad from its very nature. It is full of evil; it unsettles and disturbs; it is full of the world; it is the very spirit of the world; and nothing worse can be said of it." 
It is truly unsettling that one Pope would come along only 45 years later and change what a previous Pope had instituted  This is what we have endured - a tinker, tinker mentality that had nothing to do with the Second Vatican Council or its Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy.

Somebody around the Vatican thought that they had a better idea and they convinced a Pope that it was, just like the Octave of Pentecost. Yet, even to this  day, there are those who still attempt to uncrown Him. 

Now we have "Francis" a man who by his very action most particularly seen these last few weeks has dethroned Christ. Remember this friends, as Paul VI undid in one moment the simple act of changing this feast, know that in one day, one holy pope will undo all the error, blasphemy, words and works of this Bergoglio.

Christ Vincit, Christus Regnat, Christus Imperat!

Saturday 24 October 2020



By Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

    (Written on October 22, 2020, published October 23)

    Yesterday, on the occasion of the Rome Film Festival, the director Evgeny Afineevsky presented a documentary called Francesco, which proposes several interviews done with Jorge Mario Bergoglio over the course of the last few years of his pontificate. Among other disconcerting statements, there are several about the legitimization of homosexual civil unions: “What we have to create is a civil union law. That way they [homosexuals] are legally covered. I stood up for that.”

    I think that both the simple faithful as well as bishops and priests feel betrayed by what Bergoglio has affirmed.

    It is not necessary to be theologians to understand that the approval of civil unions is in clear contradiction of the Magisterial documents of the Church, including recent ones. Such approval also constitutes a very grave “assist” to the LGBTQ ideology which today is being imposed on the global level.

    In the coming days the Italian Parliament will be discussing the approval of the so-called Zan law [against so-called “homophobia”] proposed by the Democratic Party (PD). In the name of protecting homosexuals and trans-sexuals, it will be considered a crime to affirm that the natural family is the building block of human society, and those who affirm that sodomy is a sin that cries out to God for vengeance will be punished. Bergoglio’s words have already been received by the gay lobby worldwide as an authoritative support for their claims.

    Carefully reading Bergoglio’s statements, someone has already observed that it does not include an approval of homosexual marriage, but only a gesture of welcome – perhaps poorly formulated – towards those who ask the secular state for juridical protection. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has already unequivocally clarified that in no case may a Catholic approve of civil unions, because they constitute a legitimization of public concubinage and are only a step towards the legal recognition of so-called homosexual marriages. So much so that in Italy today it is even possible for people of the same sex to “marry” each other, after having been assured for years – even by self-styled Catholic politicians – that [civil unions] would in no way question marriage as it is defined in the Italian Constitution.

    After all, experience teaches us that when Bergoglio says something, he does it with a very precise purpose: to make others interpret his words in the broadest possible sense. The front pages of newspapers all over the world are announcing today: “The Pope Approves Gay Marriage” – even if technically this is not what he said. But this was exactly the result that he and the Vatican gay lobby wanted. Then the Vatican Press Office will perhaps say that what Bergoglio said was misunderstood, that this was an old interview, and that the Church reaffirms its condemnation of homosexuality as intrinsically disordered. But the damage has been done, and even any steps backwards from the scandal that has been stirred up will ultimately be a step forward in the direction of mainstream thought and what is politically correct. Let us not forget the nefarious results of his famous utterance in 2013 – “Who am I to judge?” – which earned him a place on the cover of The Advocate along with the title “Man of the Year.”

    Bergoglio has declared: “Homosexuals have a right to be a part of the family. They’re children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out, or be made miserable because of it.”

    All the baptized are children of God: this is what the Gospel teaches. But these children may be either good or evil, and if they break God’s Commandments, the fact that they are His children will not prevent them from being punished, just as an Italian who steals does not avoid going to prison solely because of the fact that he is a citizen of the nation where he commits the crime. The Mercy of God does not prescind from Justice, and if we think of how in order to redeem us the Lord shed His Blood on the Cross, we cannot but strive for holiness, conforming our behavior to His will. Our Lord has said: “You are my friends, if you do what I command you” (Jn 15:14).

    If familial or social exclusion results from provocative behaviors or from ideological claims that cannot be shared – I am thinking of Gay Pride – this is only the result of an attitude of challenge, and thus such exclusion has its origin in those who use that attitude to hurt their neighbor. If instead that discrimination results only from being a person who behaves like everyone else with respect for others and without any imposition of one’s own lifestyle, it should be rightly condemned.

    We know very well that what the homosexualist lobby wants to obtain is not the integration of normal and honest people but rather the imposition of seriously sinful, socially destabilizing models of life that have always been exploited to demolish the family and society. It is no coincidence that the promotion of the homosexual agenda is part of the globalist project, in conjunction with the destruction of the natural family.

    One of the most ardent supporters of the LGBTQ agenda and of the indiscriminate welcoming of homosexuals in the Church, the Jesuit James Martin, has been made a Consultor in the Dicastery for Communication of the Holy See. As soon as the news came out about Bergoglio’s statements, Martin stormed social media with tweets, expressing his uncontainable satisfaction with this action which, in contrast, scandalized the majority of the faithful.

    Along with father Martin, there are cardinals, bishops, monsignors, priests, and other clerics who belong to the so-called “lavender mafia.” Some of these have been investigated and condemned for very grave crimes, almost always linked to homosexual environments. How can we think that a clique of homosexuals in the command post does not have every interest in pushing Bergoglio to defend a vice that they share and practice?

    In fact, I would say that it is part of Bergoglio’s intended behavior that he plays with equivocation and provocation – such as when he said, “God is not Catholic,” or when he leaves it to others to finish a discourse which he initiates. We have seen this with Amoris Laetitia: although he did not clearly contradict Catholic doctrine on the impossibility of the divorced and remarried accessing the Sacraments, he allowed other bishops to do so, later approving their statements and stubbornly remaining silent in response to the Dubia ["doubts"] of the four Cardinals.

    It may be asked: why would the Pope act in this way, especially when his predecessors were always very clear on moral matters?

    I do not know what Bergoglio has in mind: I limit myself to making sense of his actions and words.

    And I think I can affirm that what emerges is an attitude that is deliberately two-faced and Jesuitical.

    Behind all of his utterances there is the effort to arouse the reaction of the healthy part of the Church, provoking it with heretical statements, with disconcerting gestures, with documents that contradict the Magisterium. And at the same time, his statements please his supporters, above all non-Catholics and those who are Catholic in name only.

    By dint of provoking, he hopes that some bishop will grow tired of daily feeling afflicted by his doctrine and morals; he hopes that a group of cardinals will formally accuse him of heresy and call for his deposition. And by doing so, Bergoglio would have the pretext of accusing these prelates of being “enemies of the Pope,” of placing themselves outside the Church, of wanting a schism. Obviously, it is not those who want to remain faithful to the Magisterium who separate themselves from the Church: this would be absurd.

    In a certain way, Bergoglio’s behavior is of the same matrix as that of the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte: both of them, in hindsight, were desired in their roles by the same élite, who are numerically a minority but are powerful and organized, with the purpose of demolishing the institution that they represent; both of them abuse their own power against the law; both of them accuse those who denounce their abuses of being the enemy of the institution, when in reality the denouncers are defending the institution from their destructive intent. Finally, both of them are distinguished by a bleak mediocrity.

    If canonically it is unthinkable to excommunicate a Catholic for the mere fact that he wishes to remain so, politically and strategically this abuse would allow Bergoglio to expel his adversaries from the Church, consolidating his own power. And I repeat: we are not talking about a legitimate operation, but of an abuse that, despite being an abuse, no one would be able to prevent, since “the First See is judged by none” – prima Sedes a nemine judicatur.

    And since the deposition of a heretical Pope is a canonically unresolved question on which there is no unanimous consent of canonists, anyone who would accuse Bergoglio of heresy would be going down a dead end and would obtain a result only with great difficulty.

    And it is exactly this, in my opinion, that Bergoglio’s “magic circle” wants to achieve: to reach the paradoxical situation in which the one who is recognized as Pope is at the same time in a state of schism with the Church he governs, while those who are declared by him to be schismatic for disobedience will find themselves expelled from the Church because of the fact that they are Catholic.

    Bergoglio’s action is above all directed outside the Church.

    The encyclical Fratelli Tutti is an ideological manifesto in which there is nothing Catholic and nothing for Catholics – it is the umpteenth embrassons-nous [“let’s embrace”] of the Masonic matrix, in which universal brotherhood is obtained not, as the Gospel teaches, in recognizing the common fatherhood of God through belonging to the one Church, but rather by the flattening of all religions into a lowest common denominator that is expressed in solidarity, respect for the environment, and pacifism.

    With this way of acting, Bergoglio is a candidate for “pontiff” of a new religion, with new commandments, new morals, and new liturgies.

    He distances himself from the Catholic religion and from Christ, and consequently from the Hierarchy and the faithful, disavowing them and leaving them at the mercy of the globalist dictatorship. Those who do not adapt to this new code will therefore be ostracized by society and by this new “church” as a foreign body.

    On October 20 in Rome, Pope Francis prayed for peace along with representatives of the world religions: the motto of that ecumenical ceremony was “No one is saved alone.”

    But that prayer was addressed indiscriminately to both the True God as well as to the false gods of the pagans, making it clear that the ecumenism propagated by Bergoglio has as its goal the exclusion of Our Lord from human society, because Jesus Christ is considered “divisive,” “a stumbling stone.”

    This modern man thinks that he can obtain peace by leaving aside the One who said of Himself: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through Me” (Jn 14:6). It is painful to note that this apostasy of formerly Christian nations is accompanied by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who ought to be the Vicar of Christ, not his enemy.

    Three days ago, the press announced that the Pope will not celebrate Midnight Mass on Christmas.

    I will limit myself to one observation: a few days ago, in the midst of the full-fledged “Covid emergency,” it was possible to celebrate an ecumenical rite in the presence of the faithful and the civil authorities, all wearing masks. And yet, on the contrary, someone has decided that it would be imprudent to celebrate the Birth of the Savior on the Holy Night of Christmas in the far vaster space of the Vatican Basilica.

    If this decision is confirmed, we will know that Jorge Mario Bergoglio prefers to celebrate himself by supporting the mainstream thought and syncretistic ideology of the New World Order, rather than kneeling at the foot of the manger where the King of Kings is placed.

    + Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

    22 October 2020

    Official translation

Friday 23 October 2020

Steve Skojec: Abusive creep.

Skojec and his blog were long ago removed from this site. The man is a disgraceful boor, a bully and not very smart.

Here he is again, openly slandering and threatening Ann Barnhardt. You can disagree with Ann's position. You can't, do, this!

It is not the first time. He has been savage to her on Twitter.

Disgraceful puke is what Skojec is.


Catholic, eh? 


Tony Bobulinski held presser claiming Joe Biden knew about Hunter's busi...

Thursday 22 October 2020


Bergoglio sows confusion. Confusion is of the Devil. What exactly did he say? Does it even matter now?

Due to a comment in the blog with a link that is highlighted a this blog by Mark Lambert, I am reminded this morning of the quote from Richard Gailladartz that Rosica used as his own and which this blogger first reported proving Rosica's plagiarism. It was in 2015.

"Will this Pope re-write controversial Church doctrines? No. But that isn't how doctrine changes. Doctrine changes when pastoral contexts shift and new insights emerge such that particularly doctrinal formulations no longer mediate the saving message of God's transforming love. Doctrine changes when the Church has leaders and teachers who are not afraid to take note of new contexts and emerging insights. It changes when the Church has pastors who do what Francis has been insisting: leave the securities of your chanceries, of your rectories, of your safe places, of your episcopal residences go set aside the small minded rules that often keep you locked up and shielded from the world."

As Mr. Lambert says, "It is too late." 

Mr. Lambert features how not only the media but allegedly Catholic priests and self-proclaimed theologians have jumped on this and confirmed the narrative headline by CNA rather than this apparent translation and CNA is trying to back pedal. Yet, they confirm that Bergoglio said, "What we have to create is a civil union law. That way they are legally covered. I stood up for that," referring to his time as Archbishop of Buenos Aires and the Argentinian debate on same-sex alleged marriage.

The fault here for this now mass confusion and media hype is on one person and only one. Jorge Mario Bergoglio. The man's mind is poisoned, his intellect darkened. His conscience corrupted. He is a petulant, arrogant egotist. A movie called "Francesco." What bovine excrement and false humility. A truly humble pope would never have agreed to a movie on himself.

We are exhausted by this man, this rotten papacy. We long for a Catholic pope, not a globalist, Marxist pandering heretic who hates Christ. As a commenter on this post at Father Z states quite correctly. "Francis has, in a spiritual way, demonstrated to me the sort of demoralization that the periodically beaten son of a drunken father must experience." 

The man is evil. He is an evil stepfather. He has defiled our Mother and is an abusive monster drunken on power. 

It is time to come to the conclusion that others have come to. The man has no grace of office. He has no guidance of the Holy Spirit.  If he had the grace and the guidance then he would not have done this.

He is possessed of the devil. 

It can only lead to one conclusion.  

Wednesday 21 October 2020

Statement of Bishop Thomas Tobin demanding Bergoglio clarify contradiction of Church Magisterial teaching



Nothing surprises anymore. Nothing emanating from the corrupted and darkened intellect of this evil and monstrous man, this Argentinian boil on the "Seat" of Peter. 

How much more? How much longer must we endure this rotten man and his filthy mind, his heresy and his hatred of all things Catholic? How much longer do we need to endure our corrupted and blackmailed episcopacy?

Evil. Evil. Evil. There is no other word that can describe Jorge Mario Bergoglio!

Here is a video in his own words.


He does not serve Our Lord, he does not serve me or you, dear friend. He is an abomination. He has become the Whore of Babylon. He must be denounced and mocked and derided by every Catholic. Pray for him, go ahead. I pray to end of him, God have mercy upon me for that.

May God in heaven hear our cries and deliver His Holy Catholic Church from these evil and satanic poseurs and provocateurs!

May St. Joseph open Bergoglio's eyes, or close them forever!


American Catholics! Is this man worthy of your vote?

"To whom much is given, much is expected." 

These words of Our Lord Jesus Christ as quoted in the Gospel of Luke, say much about the difference between Catholic Joseph Biden and Protestant Donald J. Trump. Catholics defending Biden state that he is a "devout" Catholic. Trump on the other hand is a rich, greedy, adulterer and more. One should remind oneself of Our Lord's parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector. When given the opportunity, unlike John Lennon who said that the Beatles were "more popular than Jesus Christ," Trump, after being told he was the "most famous man in the world" told the people at a rally, that he corrected the person that it was really "Jesus Christ" as he pointed up the heavens.

Catholic Joseph Biden said, "We will protect women's constitutional right to choose and I am proud to stand with you in this fight."

It is quite obvious what you Americans are required to do. 

Donald Trump's salvation is up to him and God. So is Joseph Biden's. But Biden had the Sacraments and the upbringing to know better. Donald Trump truly has the ability to know better but not the Sacraments. May grace flow that he comes to the fullness and may Biden repent. If you, as a Catholic, vote for Biden, you will share in that photo, above. As another comparison, watching a commercial featuring Franklin Graham in Seattle speaking of the people returning to Jesus Christ to solve the problems in America, one can look at any Catholic bishop and ask if they love Jesus more than this man? 

It is obvious to me, in this case, who is the Pharisee and who is the Tax Collector. The works of God are mysterious, but sometimes, not so much.

Saturday 17 October 2020

To mask or not to mask, that is the question for Catholics attending the Latin Mass!

This post is not to debate the merits of wearing a mask or not. Any comments in the combox about it will not be published.

It is simply a warning to you, my dear Catholic. 

In Canada, (I am not certain of the legal structure in the United States of America), the Catholic diocese is what is known as a "corporation sole." It allows the structure of the corporation to pass without interruption from one to another, as when a bishop is appointed. The bishop "Is" the "corporation." 

If you come into my house, you follow my rules. If I tell you to put on a mask to service my furnace, you do it. If the bishop tells you to put on a mask to attend Mass, you do it. Or don't, but don't go to Mass there. If the State tells you in a public interior space over which it has normal power to regulate occupancy, fire code being one example, it has the "legitimate authority" to do that. Catholics are obliged to obey legitimate authority.

For those attending the traditional Mass who continue through arrogance, pride, selfishness and obstinance to refuse to wear a mask, you are putting your communities continuance in jeopardy.

In spite of warnings, including by this writer who was consulted, two communities in the Diocese of Hamilton have now been shut down, Owen Sound and Kitchener.

I told them, "this is not the sword to die on."

They chose to die on it, regardless.


Bergoglio and his Christ-hating globalist plan for "education!"

Not once. Not once does he mention Our Lord Jesus Christ. 


Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

When I invited you to begin this process of preparation, consultation and planning for a global pact on education, we could never have imagined the situation that has developed in the meantime. The Covid crisis has accelerated and magnified many of the issues and needs that we had identified, and has uncovered numerous others as well. Concerns about health care are now accompanied by economic and social concerns. Educational systems worldwide have felt the effects of the pandemic at every level. 

Attempts have been made everywhere to offer a rapid response through online educational platforms. These have brought to light a marked disparity in educational and technological opportunities, but they have also made us realize that, due to the lockdown and many other already existing needs, large numbers of children and adolescents have fallen behind in the natural process of schooling. Recent statistics from international agencies have led some to speak, perhaps somewhat hastily, of an “educational catastrophe”, inasmuch as some ten million children were forced to leave school as a result of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus. This has only increased an already alarming gap (with over 250 million school age children excluded from all educational activities). 

Faced with this dramatic situation, we know that necessary health care measures will prove inadequate unless accompanied by a new cultural model. We have become more conscious of the need to change our model of development. In order to ensure that the dignity of the human person is respected and protected, development ought to start from the opportunity that global interdependence offers to communities and peoples to care for our common home and to foster peace. We are experiencing a comprehensive crisis that cannot be reduced or limited to any single sector. It affects everything. The pandemic has led us to realize that what is really in crisis is our way of understanding reality and of relating to one another. 

Here it is evident that neither simplistic solutions nor wishful thinking will do. Education, as we know, is meant to be transformative. To educate is to take a risk and to hold out to the present a hope that can shatter the determinism and fatalism that the selfishness of the strong, the conformism of the weak and the ideology of the utopians would convince us is the only way forward. 

To educate is always an act of hope, one that calls for cooperation in turning a barren and paralyzing indifference into another way of thinking that recognizes our interdependence. If our educational systems are presently marked by a mindset of replacement and repetition, and are incapable of opening up new horizons in which hospitality, intergenerational solidarity and the value of transcendence can give birth to a new culture, would this not signify that we are failing to take advantage of the opportunity offered by this historic moment? 

We also know that the journey of life calls for hope grounded in solidarity. All change requires a process of education in order to create new paradigms capable of responding to the challenges and problems of the contemporary world, of understanding and finding solutions to the needs of every generation, and in this way contributing to the flourishing of humanity now and in the future. 

We consider education to be one of the most effective ways of making our world and history more human. Education is above all a matter of love and responsibility handed down from one generation to another. 

As such, education is a natural antidote to the individualistic culture that at times degenerates into a true cult of the self and the primacy of indifference. Our future cannot be one of division, impoverishment of thought, imagination, attentiveness, dialogue and mutual understanding. That cannot be our future. 

Today, there is need for a renewed commitment to an education that engages society at every level. Let us heed the plea of the young, which opens our eyes to both the urgent need and the exciting opportunity of a renewed kind of education that is not tempted to look the other way and thus favour grave social injustices, violations of rights, terrible forms of poverty and the waste of human lives. 

What is called for is an integral process that responds to those situations of loneliness and uncertainty about the future that affect young people and generate depression, addiction, aggressiveness, verbal hatred and bullying. This entails a shared journey that is not indifferent to the scourge of violence, the abuse of minors, the phenomenon of child marriage and child soldiers, the tragedy of children sold into slavery. To say nothing of the “sufferings” endured by our planet as a result of a senseless and heartless exploitation that has led to a grave environmental and climatic crisis. 

At certain moments in history, it is necessary to make radical decisions that can shape not only our way of life but above all our stance in the face of possible future scenarios. Amid the present health crisis – and the poverty and confusion it has caused – we believe that it is time to subscribe to a global pact on education for and with future generations. This calls for a commitment on the part of families, communities, schools, universities, institutions, religions, governments and the entire human family to the training of mature men and women. 

Today, we are called to have the necessary parrhesía to leave behind superficial approaches to education and the many short-cuts associated with utility, (standardized) test results, functionality and bureaucracy, which confuse education with instruction and end up atomizing our cultures. Instead, we should aim to impart an integral, participatory and polyhedral culture. We need the courage to generate processes that consciously work to overcome the existing fragmentation and the conflicts that we all bring with us. We need the courage to renew the fabric of relationships for the sake of a humanity capable of speaking the language of fraternity. The value of our educational practices will be measured not simply by the results of standardized tests, but by the ability to affect the heart of society and to help give birth to a new culture. A different world is possible and we are called to learn how to build it. This will involve every aspect of our humanity, both as individuals and in our communities. 

Let us appeal in particular to men and women of culture, science and sport, artists and media professionals in every part of the world to join in supporting this compact and promoting by their own testimony and efforts the values of care for others, peace, justice, goodness, beauty, acceptance and fraternity. “We should not expect everything from those who govern us, for that would be childish. We have the space we need for co-responsibility in creating and putting into place new processes and changes. Let us take an active part in renewing and supporting our troubled societies. Today we have a great opportunity to express our innate sense of fraternity, to be Good Samaritans who bear the pain of other people’s troubles rather than fomenting greater hatred and resentment” (Fratelli Tutti, 77). This calls for a pluralistic and multifaceted process in which all of us can work to provide meaningful responses, in which diversity and methods are harmonized in the pursuit of the common good. The ability to create harmony: that is what is needed today. 

For these reasons, we commit ourselves personally and in common: 

· First, to make human persons in their value and dignity the centre of every educational programme, both formal and informal, in order to foster their distinctiveness, beauty and uniqueness, and their capacity for relationship with others and with the world around them, while at the same time teaching them to reject lifestyles that encourage the spread of the throwaway culture. 

· Second, to listen to the voices of children and young people to whom we pass on values and knowledge, in order to build together a future of justice, peace and a dignified life for every person. 

· Third, to encourage the full participation of girls and young women in education. 

· Fourth, to see in the family the first and essential place of education. 

· Fifth, to educate and be educated on the need for acceptance and in particular openness to the most vulnerable and marginalized. 

· Sixth, to be committed to finding new ways of understanding the economy, politics, growth and progress that can truly stand at the service of the human person and the entire human family, within the context of an integral ecology. 

· Seventh, to safeguard and cultivate our common home, protecting it from the exploitation of its resources, and to adopt a more sober lifestyle marked by the use of renewable energy sources and respect for the natural and human environment, in accordance with the principles of subsidiarity, solidarity and a circular economy. 

Finally, dear brothers and sisters, we want to commit ourselves courageously to developing an educational plan within our respective countries, investing our best energies and introducing creative and transformative processes in cooperation with civil society. In this, our point of reference should be the social doctrine that, inspired by the revealed word of God and Christian humanism, provides a solid basis and a vital resource for discerning the paths to follow in the present emergency. 

The goal of this educational investment, grounded in a network of humane and open relationships, is to ensure that everyone has access to a quality education consonant with the dignity of the human person and our common vocation to fraternity. It is time to look to the future with courage and hope. May we be sustained by the conviction that education bears within itself a seed of hope: the hope of peace and justice; the hope of beauty and goodness; the hope of social harmony. 

Let us not forget, brothers and sisters, that great changes are not produced from behind desks or in offices. No. There is an “architecture” of peace to which various institutions and individuals in society all contribute, each according to its own area of expertise, without excluding anyone (cf. Fratelli Tutti, 231). In this way, we must move forward, all of us together, each as we are, but always looking ahead to the building of a civilization of harmony and unity, in which there will be no room for the terrible pandemic of the throw-away culture. Thank you.

Friday 16 October 2020

WitchDoctor Bergoglio!


Thursday 15 October 2020

Bergoglio's Vatican issue BitchyMama to commemorate his preferred "mother"

Make no mistake, there are no coincidences. The state of our world today is a direct result of this heretical fraudster dressed in white who last year in Rome went full pagan last October with the sanctioned bowing to a pagan goddess and its enthronement in the Holy of Holies.

Here we have the bitch of the earth commemorated in a coin.

Then we have, the Jesuits.

As full of scum in their veins as the Basilians. Sorry to the two who read this blog and the one decent Basilian left in Toronto. You are exceptions.

Hey VeraCity - where have you been for all these years?

Perhaps City News will answer these questions publicly on the Facebook "support" page or perhaps they will not. If they do not, then one must ask about their motivation.

Full disclosure: I spent a year of hell at the age of 13 being physically assaulted by Basilian priests and a lay man wannabee Basilian in a Toronto High School. I fought back and had the personality to defend oneself. It could have been worse. I was a lucky one. I also went after the wretched Congregation of St. Basil fifteen years ago with a formal complaint. It is also on file with the Archdiocese of Toronto. It is inconceivable that the various leaders of the Church in Toronto did not know about the decades long abuse by Basilians and others. 

The blog post story below is a bit curious. It deals with old cases resolved in courts and perpetrators long outed here at Vox Cantoris or at Toronto Catholic Witness. All, but two of the perps are dead and judged by God.

Let's see if the good reporters at VeraCity (sounds like they're late to the party, eh? Spotlight dealt with this). answer my questions on Facebook. Frankly, they should be embarrassed for neglecting the story for so long. Don't get me wrong. None of this should be covered up, I'm just disgusted that they've ignored this for so long!


They also do not deal with the issue. Of the 14, 13 went after boys. This is a homosexual predator problem and infestation.

The real question though is this. What did Pocock, Carter, Ambrozic and Collins know and when did they know it?

Still not approved...

Wednesday 14 October 2020

Pervert Basilians keep on coming

A tip of the hat to Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness for this and a slap to CityNews. Where have you been for all these years when we bloggers have been reporting this?

While this is news, it is not new news. At one time or another, this blog and Barona have reported on many of these perverts in the filthy Congregation of St. Basil.

Fourteen is only the tip of the perverted Basilian iceberg.

You only deal with sex perverts. How about violent, assaulting bruts? How about lying, suing, swindler priests?

St. Michael's College is and was a hell-hole and it blossomed as such under Pervert Campbell.

As for the Archdiocese of Toronto and its series of Archbishops and Cardinals that covered it up (don't tell me they didn't know) and have not removed this filthy order from the Archdiocese, why don't you demand to know what they knew and when?


Filthy, rotten Basilians. Not one of you is worth anything but a your feet dangling in Hell on the last rung of the purgatory ladder. If you can make it that far up.

Saturday 10 October 2020

Travis Clark - a filthy, perverted Satanic betrayer of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His people!

Fornicating on the altar with a couple of BDSM whores.

A Satanic profanation of the sacred.

Who ordained this piece of human detritus!


Black Lives Matter are trained Marxists - Why have you allowed yourself to be deceived?

<iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/464284021?title=0&byline=0" width="640" height="287" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href="https://vimeo.com/464284021">Black Lives Matter Exposed</a> from <a href="https://vimeo.com/freedomchoosers">Choose Freedom</a> on <a href="https://vimeo.com">Vimeo</a>.</p> 

Trump joins 'Tucker' for first on-camera interview since COVID-19 diagnosis

I have a good friend who began feeling poorly around the 25th of September. Last Saturday, October 3, he was admitted to hospital north of Toronto. He sent me a photo that evening of himself in bed in the hospital, he looked terrible. He sent me a picture from his house on Thursday, October 8. He looked great and said he felt like he was 20 years younger. I knew from Saturday that he was receiving Remdesivir. He said he felt the results within one day. 

All praise to God.

Tuesday 6 October 2020

Communist thug Bergoglio demands an end to private property - unless it's the $20,000,000.00 he has control of!

 You just try to take my private property you communist scumbag.

"Make Roe the Law of the Land" - Alleged Catholic Joe Biden - American Catholics, what will you do now?

oseph Biden, the former American Vice-President and Democrat candidate for President has said if the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court results at the end of “Roe” then his “only response to that is pass legislation making Roe the law of the land. That's what I would do." 

How Biden could make a Law on something for which there is no right reveals how mentally challenged this man really is.   

Biden went to Mass on Saturday night as stated in a broadcast. Did he receive Holy Communion? 

How can any Catholic vote for this man?

Biden has already excommunicated himself. Vote for him, you do the same.


In the same 24 hour period, Biden also displayed his true racist self.

For those who think that Biden will win, read the comments here and see what is happening. 


Saturday 3 October 2020

Viganò on Bergoglio's scandals


By Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò 

Much has been written in recent days about yet another Vatican scandal, this time involving Cardinal Becciu, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. Faced with accusations that still have to be proven, Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s response seemed to be dictated more by anger than by love of truth, more by a delusion of omnipotence than by the will for justice – in any case by a serious despotic abuse of authority.

From this point of view, we can now believe that the deprivation of the Sacred Purple and the reduction to the lay state have become summary executions, with a very strong media impact in favor of the image of those who inflict them, beyond the real moral and criminal responsibilities of the condemned. Mr. McCarrick, accused of very serious crimes, was directly condemned by the Pope, without the trial documents and testimonies concerning him being made public. With this ploy, Bergoglio wanted to give an image of himself that however contrasts with the reality of the facts, since his stated desire to “clean up” the Vatican does not correspond to the fact of his having surrounded himself with widely compromised characters – to begin precisely by McCarrick – giving them official assignments, then kicking them out as soon as their scandals were exposed. And on all of them, as those who work in the Curia know well, already weighed serious suspicions, if not even any detailed evidence of guilt. 

In confirmation of this instrumental method, indeed of the ruse of the Bergoglian moralizing action, there are the cases of upright and completely innocent people, who have not been spared the infamy of discredit, media exposure, judicial pillory: let us just think of the case of Cardinal Pell, abandoned to himself in a sham trial set up by an Australian court, and for which the Holy See refrained from any intervention which would have been its duty. In other cases, such as that of Zanchetta, Bergoglio spent himself in an all-out defense of his protégé, even going so far as to accuse the victims of the Prelate of perjury, and promoting him to a position of high responsibility at APSA that was specifically created for him. And today Galantino and Zanchetta are de facto administrators of the entire patrimony of the Holy See and now also of the portfolio of the Secretariat of State. And what about unpresentable characters like Bertone and Maradiaga, Peña Parra and Paglia? Living scandals… 

Birds of a feather stick together. 

Let us therefore leave aside the innocent and guilty, united by the lynching artfully induced by those who wanted to get rid of them or because they had shown themselves not very inclined to compromise, or because their zeal for the cause of Santa Marta had led them to a dangerous ease in a certainty of impunity. People of mirrored honesty and great faith such as Ettore Gotti Tedeschi or Cardinal Pell, without forgetting Eugenio Hasler and the mere executors of Becciu in the Secretariat of State, were treated worse than a serial abuser like Theodore McCarrick or a (presumed) manipulator like Becciu. It is to be believed that the annoyance of having honest and incorruptible collaborators led to their expulsion, just as the blackmail of immoral and dishonest collaborators was considered a sort of guarantee of their loyalty and their silence. Time has shown that honest men have suffered injustice with dignity without discrediting the Vatican or the person of the Pope; it is to be believed that on the other side the corrupt and the vicious will, in turn, resort to blackmail against their accusers, as courtiers without honor have always done. 

In this recent event, the constant theme that can be seen is the attitude of Santa Marta, which has been compared in many quarters to that of a South American junta. I believe, instead, that behind this dripping of scandals involving prominent personalities of the Hierarchy and Roman Curia there is the deliberate will to demolish the Church herself, to discredit her before the world, to compromise her authority and credibility before the faithful. The operation we have been witnessing for the past seven terrible years is clearly aimed at the destruction of the Catholic institution, through the loss of credibility, disaffection and disgust for the actions and unworthy behavior of its members; an operation that began with the sexual scandals already under the previous Pontificates, but which this time is to be seen as the protagonist, as the main actor precisely the one who sits on the Throne, and who with his own words and works is able to deal the most devastating blows to the Papacy and the Church. 

The “demythologization of the Papacy” advocated by progressives essentially consists in its ridicule, in its profanation, that is, in making it profane, not sacred. And it is unheard of and very serious that this subversive operation is carried out by those who hold that Papacy and wear its robes, albeit awkwardly. Similarly, the profanation of the Church is carried out with a scientific method by the very leaders of the Hierarchy, who make themselves disliked by the people of God and are pitied by the world, under the smug gaze of the mainstream media. 

This modus operandi is not new. It was adopted – with less media impact but still with the same purposes – on the eve of the French Revolution. Making the aristocracy hateful; corrupting the nobility with vices unknown to the people; eradicate the sense of moral responsibility towards the subjects; causing scandals and fomenting injustice towards the weakest and the poorest; to enslave the ruling class to the interests of sects and lodges: this was the premise, artfully created by Freemasonry, to arouse the discredit of the Monarchy and legitimize the revolts of the masses, prepared by a few seditious in the pay of the Lodges. And if the nobles did not fall into the trap of vice and corruption, the conspirators could accuse them of the wickedness of others and condemn them to the gallows under the pressure of hatred cultivated among the rebels, among the criminals, among the enemies of the King and of God. A mob of infamous ones that had nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Today, after more than two centuries of a tyranny of revolutionary thought, the Church is the victim of the same system adopted against the Monarchy. The aristocracy of the Church is as corrupt as, and perhaps more than, the French nobles, and does not understand that this vulnus to its reputation and authority is the necessary premise for the guillotine, the massacre, the fury of the rebels. And also to Terror. Let the moderates think carefully that a next Pope only slightly less progressive than Bergoglio can sedate souls and save the Papacy and the Church. Because the theological hatred of God’s enemies, once the good Shepherds have been eliminated and the faithful removed, will not stop before those who today deplore the present Pontificate but defend its conciliar matrix: the conservatives who believe they can distance themselves so much from modernists as well as traditionalists will end up like the Girondins. 

“Mundamini, qui fertis vasa Domini” says Wisdom (Is 52: 11). The only way to get out of the crisis of the Church, which is a crisis of Faith and Morals, is to recognize the deviation from the right path, retrace the path taken and take the path that Our Lord marked with His Blood: the way of Calvary, of the Cross, of the Passion. When the Shepherds will not have the smell of the sheep but rather the sweet perfume of the Chrism with which they have been made similar to the High and Eternal Priest, they will be conformed again to the divine model of Christ, and with Him they will know how to sacrifice themselves for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. Nor will the divine Shepherd make them lack His Grace. As long as they want to please the world, the world will compensate them with its deceptions, its lies, its most abject vices. The choice, after all, is always radical: eternal glory with Christ or eternal damnation far from Him. 

+ Carlo Maria Viganò