Friday, 16 October 2015

A homosexualist bishop in the Ukrainian Canadian Eparchy! Bishop David Motiuk - outed from the Cupich School of Judas Priests!

Transgender activist claims Catholic bishop supported transition to female: permitted to teach Sunday School

EDMONTON, Alberta, October 16, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- A biologically male transgender activist who says he is now female is claiming that his transition is not only supported by his local Ukrainian Catholic bishop, but that he has been encouraged to continue receiving Holy Communion and has been assured that when he dies, he will receive the Christian Rite of Burial as a ‘she.’


Dorota said...

I followed the link provided. The person who will never be a woman, and who is vain and irrational enough to think (so it seems) that high heels and a dress are the essence of womanhood, is a father.

His bishop sees no serious problem with the harm caused to his children and to others. It is possible that the children have been brainwashed into being the former dad's most vocal and greatest supporters, as is often the case. Those who have the courage to complain upon reaching adulthood, are branded ungrateful bigots. They are the group without a voice, most persecuted by the homosexualists and other progressives.

Jonah said...

I believe the rise of homosexualism is not unrelated to the resurgence of fascism in certain populations. The degradation and exploitation of people feature in both. Suffer the little children:

Anonymous said...

This Evil sodomite trying to undermine our Holy Church is disgustingly vile. Still receiving Communion? The priest who allows this SACRILEGE to the Body of Christ should be thrown out NOW!

raphaelheals said...

When I saw the picture of those poor dear children with those gay men in the gay parade it just makes me literally ill. One can only imagine what these kids are going to have to suffer and probably already do. The couches of psychiatrists are going to be so full of the walking wounded, as children of these perverted homes grow up. And if Francis does not speak out about the root causes, that is...homosexual priests and gay friendly priests all around him, children will continue down the abyss of the deepest tragedies that one can imagine. Speak out Francis but ACT and tear the disease out at it's roots. There is no other way to show your authentic sincerity. Jesus will tie a millstone around the necks of those who hurt these little ones AND those who stood by and did nothing, nothing, nothing to help them. Ahh the desire for human respect and not to be politically incorrect is killing the church