A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 28 February 2017

Father Thomas J. Rosica, CSB - "Basilian deacon puts sharing at forefront of religious aims"

Originally posted on 1/19/14:

Basilian Deacon puts sharing at forefront of religious aims

THE WORD Thomas Rosica repeats over and over again is “scandalous.”

He’s referring to the way in which churches tend to remain segregated, isolated, interested in their own.

If you spend any time talking to Rosica, he will tell you just how frustrated he gets when he hears how Roman Catholic priests speak in such chauvinistic ways about salvation in the “Catholic Church.” He doesn’t even like it when they refer to themselves as Catholics, when the word “Christian” would not only have been good enough, but preferable.

It’s not that he doesn’t like Catholics – he is one. In fact, this spring he will be ordained a priest of the Basilian religious order.

The fact is, Rosica spent a good part of his field training as a priest working on ecumenism. In 1984 he surveyed churches in the Montreal area for the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism to determine where they stood on church unity. His findings, and especially the approach Rosica took to the survey, are being examined and considered by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. There is the possibility that the Roman Catholic Church’s umbrella organization in Canada will implement a survey of this kind on a national basis.

THE YOUNG DEACON working at St. John the Baptist Church in Amherstburg with its other Basilian priests regards the whole matter of ecumenism as “scandalous.” He sees “the Catholic ghetto mentality as a stumbling block and knows just how reticent clergymen from other denominations can be when it comes to authentic sharing.  Some of it has to do with being “too set in their ways” but there are other reasons, too.  In some cases, the clergymen know little of the ecumenical movement, and they haven’t bothered to do “any reading at all about it.”

There’s also the notion that their churches are suffering serious losses in membership. The direction now is to shore up what they can count on.

UNFORTUNATELY, the notion exists that some churches have the exclusive copyright on the “word of God, “ says Rosica.

“But the word of God is for all people,” says Rosica, who adds that it isn’t just for Catholics or Anglicans or Presbyterians.

Another fact, says Rosica, is that many denominations must learn that no one is out to threaten the existence of any one church. In addition to this, the myth has to be dispelled that the only way in which the Roman Catholics are going to be part of church unity is for all Christian denominations (to) join Rome.

Rosica says there is no reason real ecumenism -- even to the point of an organic union – can’t mean a harmony of various Christian denominations in one community.

The Basilian deacon could sit all day in his office at St. John the Baptist and talk about the ecumenical movement. While he doesn’t regard himself as an expert, the survey did teach him something. His objective is to set into motion something that will bring churches in Amherstburg closer together.

ROSICA EXPECTS to return here after ordination, and if he does, he feels he will continue his ecumenical work in the town. The real test for the ecumenical movement, he says, is at the grass roots: moving the “local” churches into a situation where they will share more and pray more together.

Sunday will see the first step in that direction: St. John the Baptist is holding an ecumenical prayers service at 2:30 p.m. where five different Christian denominations – the Baptists, United Church, Anglicans, Presbyterians and Roman Catholics – will be participating.

Rev. John Parker, Pastor of Wesley United Church, will deliver the homily. The service coincides with the first Sunday, in the Week of Christian Unity, celebrated by Catholics and Protestants around the world. The service in itself is admittedly a “minor act” says Rosica, but it could be the beginning of a new awareness the churches will have for one another.

HE SEES Amherstburg as no different than any other community, pointing out that no matter how much dialogue the national churches hold, unless clergy and congregations at the local level are prepared to start talking to one another in a meaningful way, then ecumenism is simply a dream.

He says if churches persist in taking the attitude that they “have all the answers,” then nothing is going to be advanced in church unity.

But while Rosica likes being an idealist, he is intimately aware of the obstacles.
Intercommunion is certainly the first to spring to mind. In some ways, he regards the Roman Catholic Church’s reluctance to permit Catholics and Protestants to take communion in their churches as an embarrassment. On the other hand, he also has a lot of respect for his church in holding back from the pressure until other obstacles have been cleared away.
THIS IS BECAUSE Rome regards the eucharist as “the fullness of unity,” Rosica says.
He added until other obstacles have been resolved, there can be no unity.

Bishop Sherlock told the fall synod of Canadian Bishops that the extension of communion to non-Catholics would be a “form of cheating.”

He had said, “It assumes a unity which has not yet occurred.”

But Rosica agrees with the new CCCB vice-president, Archbishop James Hayes of Halifax, that the issue should be pursued, and that “shared communion” with Protestant denominations at times of mixed marriages and funerals should be encouraged.
The church sanctions such a practice.

Unfortunately, Rosica says some priests aren’t even aware of “this possibility” – to them it’s a non-issue.

ESSENTIALLY, such an attitude or lack of awareness is a formidable obstacle to church unity. Rosica says it comes down to the glaring fact that many clergy just won’t bother to acquaint themselves with what is being done about church unity.

Apathy is another obstacle, Rosica said explain how some priests regard the issue as “just another job” they have to do. As a result, he says, there is no compelling urge to do anything more than pay lip service to it.

Another stumbling block lies with the training institutions which tend to want to propagate and further their own denominational interests and philosophies. As a result, there are institutions that tend to favour one religion over another, when in fact they ought to be “open” to the whole spectrum.

IN HIS REPORT to the Canadian Ecumenical Commission, Rosica wrote that while it might be difficult “to complain” about training in the past from the era before or during Vatican II which spurred on ecumenism, “We have a right and duty, however, to take objection with these young people (including young professors), who, through their theology courses and their religious beliefs, wish to move the Ecumenical movement back to a time when it new no possibilities for growth.”

Rosica says unless the church – not only the Roman Catholic Church – begins to take a “a vested interest”  in the formation of clergy, making sure they are less chauvinistic about their denomination – then ecumenism is going to remain at a standstill.

Because of the lack of any read dramatic unity, Rosica says people have indeed, lost interest in church unity.

He said this in his report too, pointing out that the findings showed that “many have lost the desire for unity over the past years, and even fewer really sense the scandalous division existing within our own church and also among the Christian churches.

ROSICA KNOWS that the move toward church unity has to be gradual and it must go through a set of “sequences.” Sunday’s service is the beginning. The next step is to form a ministerial association.

The next step is to work on “twinning” churches, where churches begin to do some real sharing and experimenting with liturgies.

Rosica isn’t sure how successful he will be. He hopes for the best. He says as long as congregations are praying, “somehow the spirit of God is alive.”

He’s certain this will ease the impatience.

But I thought Bergoglio said, "the carnival is over?" Looks as if it has just begun!

Art imitates life.

Monday 27 February 2017

Bergoglio and Spadaro bless fornication, claim it gives "grace"

Can we all just admit now, that most Jesuits (not the two who read and appreciate this blog) particularly the Bergoglian sycophant, Antonio Spadaro, are just plain evil?

Spadaro is a liar. 

The Synod did not approve this. It was a statement in Amoris Laetitia and is one of the objectionable parts.

Barona has a detailed study of the comments and the truth of the Catholic faithTo you young Catholics, living together, having sexual relations. read what he has written, read what I write.

Pope Francis has said to Pastors to advise:
“When you offer this witness, may your care be also to support all those who have realized the fact that their union is not a true sacramental marriage and want to come out of this situation. In this delicate and necessary work, proceed in such a way that your faithful recognize you not so much as experts of bureaucratic acts or juridical norms, but as brothers who put themselves in an attitude of listening and of understanding,”
If you do not stop the sin of fornication and go to Confession, then you will be damned. The Pope has not told you this. He has not instructed priests to tell you this. 

These men are deceiving you.

They know their "god of surprises." It is the Devil.


ROME, February 27, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) -- Pope Francis urged parish priests participating in a Vatican-run course titled the “New Marriage Procedure” to “welcome” cohabitating couples living in fornication who “prefer to live together without getting married.” The pope did not ask priests to admonish such couples for living in grave sin nor did he ask them to work for their conversion and repentance.

Last year Francis said that cohabitating couples are in a “real marriage” and receive the grace of the Sacrament. “I’ve seen a lot of fidelity in these cohabitations, and I am sure that this is a real marriage, they have the grace of a real marriage because of their fidelity,” he said at that time.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church calls fornication “gravely contrary to the dignity of persons and of human sexuality which is naturally ordered to the good of spouses and the generation and education of children.”

It further states that situations such as cohabitation “offend against the dignity of marriage; they destroy the very idea of the family; they weaken the sense of fidelity. They are contrary to the moral law. The sexual act must take place exclusively within marriage. Outside of marriage it always constitutes a grave sin and excludes one from sacramental communion.”

Bergoglio's gross insult to the real "Anglican" Catholics of the Ordinariate

Pope Benedict XVI made it possible, in Anglicanorum Coetibus, for those Anglican who wanted to come home to the Catholic Church to do so whilst maintaining a liturgical patrimony particular to them. That has been produced in their Missal, Divine Worship. It is essentially the ancient Roman Mass with the New Lectionary. It's first options are the traditional Offertory and the Roman Canon. 

Catholics fed up with the disaster of the Novus Ordo and not ready to take the leap in to the traditional Mass can find a home in the Ordinariate.  

Writing from a Canadian perspective, in reality, the Apostolic Constitution and the Missal were twenty to thirty years too late for any great impact. Those Anglicans distressed about what was happening then already converted to the Catholic faith and did so mostly through RCIA and have been absorbed in to the Novus Ordo or attend the traditional Latin Mass where it is available. The Ordinariate, whilst a blessing, is small in Canada. 

Yesterday, the Bishop of Rome visited an Anglican Church in Rome. This false oecumenism is an insult to those Catholics who came into the Church through the Ordinariate. He plays with these people, leaving them in their delusions, particularly the Arch-layman of Canterbury. At least the Lutherites don't profess to have apostolic succession. 

Image result for francis rome anglican

I can tell you from personal experience, those in Canada coming in to he Ordinariate were made to grovel at the feet of Roman arrogance. They were humiliated and insulted in the process. They accepted everything in the Catechism in a manner that cradle Catholics do not even accept. They were challenged in a manner that badly catechised pewsitters are not, and yet, they are typically more faithful.

They did it because they followed the prompting of the Holy Spirit and came home to the one true Church. Now, they sit and watch the Bishop of Rome do to the true Church, what they witnessed and suffered in the Anglican dis-communion over the last thirty years. 

Yes, go to the peripheries, find the lost sheep, But this is not what Bergoglio does. He does not say to these Anglicans of Rome, "Come home, I will give you a church building and you have Anglicanorum Coetibus." No, instead he leaves them in schism and heresy and apostasy from the Truth. 

He prefers to wallow in the mire rather than bring the lost out of it; and while he reaches out to the peripheries, he abandons the sheep already in the fold.

We know what that is.

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The popular Pope who tickles the ears and speaks not of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Image result for pope francis university romeSlowly, slowly, people are waking up. Or perhaps I should write, some people are waking up.

Some of us knew right away. That night, nearly four long years ago when this Jorge Bergoglio came out on the loggia the Grand Lodge of Italy's Master said, "nothing will be the same again." Indeed, he was correct. The man who bowed to the people for a "blessing" refused to give on to the journalists the next day. The man who grovels on the ground to wash the feet of people in a prideful, media stunt refuses to genuflect to the King of kings and Lord of lords, in the Host at the Sacrifice of the Mass.

Where our poor Benedict was barred from speaking to a university audience, Francis is welcomed as a rock-star. Papolaters, the whole bloody lot of them.

And what did he say to these purveyors of Berogolian adulation?

Not a word about Jesus Christ! 

How is it even possible?
At Roma Tre Francis did speak, and did he ever, off the cuff and interrupted dozens of times by applause. He spoke about dialogue and multiculturalism, migration and youth unemployment, with what stems from it according to him: “They say that the true statistics about youth suicide are not published; something is published, but not the real statistics.”
But in the 45-minute speech not even once did he utter the words God, Jesus, Church, faith, Christianity.

A Lone Man in Charge, To the Crowd's Acclaim

More adulation, more, more!
Popularity and solitude are the two faces of the current pontificate, contradictory only in appearance.
An umpteenth proof of the popularity of Pope Francis came on February 17 with his visit to the university of Roma Tre, amid the rejoicing of teachers and students (see photo), a spectacular comeback over the ban that in 2008 prevented Benedict XVI from entering and speaking at the other university of Rome, the more noble and storied, that of La Sapienza, for the crime of having wanted to bring God and faith into the inviolable temple of the goddess reason.

Sunday 26 February 2017

Pervert protecting Bergoglio betrays victims of sodomite priests for a false mercy!

Not even Sunday can get us away from the evil coming out of Rome; and not even a Shaman will save Bergoglio from his own false mercy. 

Elizabeth Yore at The Remnant has made great effort in bringing the attention forward that the actions of Bergoglio against pervert priests is not to be trusted. He has weakened the controls instituted by Joseph Ratzinger and has been implicated in one case in particular.

January 2, 2017

January 25, 2017

Now, this news is breaking overnight on AP. The world is waking up that Bergoglio himself ordered the commutation of a priest's sentence in the name of "mercy." A priest who later was charged with the rape of more children as young as twelve.
A priest. A sodomite, a homosexual "redeemed" by Francis only to have him do it again.

ROME - Pope Francis has quietly reduced sanctions against a handful of pedophile priests, applying his vision of a merciful church even to its worst offenders in ways that survivors of abuse and the pope’s own advisers question.
One case has come back to haunt him: An Italian priest who received the pope’s clemency was later convicted by an Italian criminal court for his sex crimes against children as young as 12. Father Mauro Inzoli is now facing a second church trial after new evidence emerged against him, The Associated Press has learned.
The Inzoli case is one of several in which Francis overruled the advice of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and reduced a sentence that called for the priest to be defrocked, two canon lawyers and a church official told AP. Instead, the priests were sentenced to penalties including a lifetime of penance and prayer and removal from public ministry.
In some cases, the priests or their high-ranking friends appealed to Francis for clemency by citing the pope’s own words about mercy in their petitions, the church official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the proceedings are confidential. 
“With all this emphasis on mercy … he is creating the environment for such initiatives,” the church official said, adding that clemency petitions were rarely granted by Pope Benedict XVI, who launched a tough crackdown during his 2005-2013 papacy and defrocked some 800 priests who raped and molested children.
At the same time, Francis also ordered three longtime staffers at the congregation dismissed, two of whom worked for the discipline section that handles sex abuse cases, the lawyers and church official said.
One is the head of the section and will be replaced before leaving March 31. Vatican spokesman Greg Burke said the others too will be replaced and that staffing in the office, which has a years long backlog of cases, would be strengthened after Francis recently approved hiring more officials.
“The speed with which cases are handled is a serious matter and the Holy Father continues to encourage improvements in this area,” Burke told AP.
He also dispelled rumors that sex-abuse cases would no longer be handled by the congregation, saying the strengthened office would handle all cases submitted.
Burke said Francis’s emphasis on mercy applied to “even those who are guilty of heinous crimes.” He said priests who abuse are permanently removed from ministry, but are not necessarily dismissed from the clerical state, the church term for laicization or defrocking.
“The Holy Father understands that many victims and survivors can find any sign of mercy in this area difficult,” Burke said. “But he knows that the Gospel message of mercy is ultimately a source of powerful healing and of grace.”
St. John Paul II was long criticized for failing to respond to the abuse crisis, but ultimately he said in 2002 that “there is no place in the priesthood or religious life” for anyone who would harm the young. Francis has repeatedly proclaimed “zero tolerance” for abusive priests and in December wrote to the world’s bishops committing to take “all necessary measures” to protect them.
But he also recently said he believed sex abusers suffer from a “disease” - a medical term used by defense lawyers to seek mitigating factors in canonical sentences.
Marie Collins, an Irish abuse survivor and founding member of Francis’s sex-abuse advisory commission, expressed dismay that the congregation’s recommended penalties were being weakened and said abusers are never so sick that they don’t know what they’re doing.
“All who abuse have made a conscious decision to do so,” Collins told AP. “Even those who are pedophiles, experts will tell you, are still responsible for their actions. They can resist their inclinations.”
Victim advocates have long questioned Francis’s commitment to continuing Benedict’s tough line, given he had no experience dealing with abusive priests or their victims in his native Argentina. While Francis counts Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley as his top adviser on abuse, he has also surrounded himself with cardinal advisers who botched handling abuse cases in their archdioceses.
“They are not having zero tolerance,” said Rocio Figueroa, a former Vatican official and ex-member of the Peru-based Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, a conservative Catholic lay society rocked by sex scandals.
The Vatican recently handed down sanctions against the group’s founder after determining that he sexually, psychologically and physically abused his recruits. His victims, however, are enraged that it took the Vatican six years to decide that the founder should be isolated, but not expelled, from the community.
The church official stressed that to his knowledge, none of Francis’s reduced sentences had put children at risk.
Many canon lawyers and church authorities argue that defrocking pedophiles can put society at greater risk because the church no longer exerts any control over them. They argue that keeping the men in restricted ministry, away from children, at least enables superiors to exert some degree of supervision.
But Collins said the church must also take into account the message that reduced canonical sentences sends to both survivors and abusers.
“While mercy is important, justice for all parties is equally important,” Collins said in an email. “If there is seen to be any weakness about proper penalties, then it might well send the wrong message to those who would abuse.”
It can also come back to embarrass the church. Take for example the case of Inzoli, a well-connected Italian priest who was found guilty by the Vatican in 2012 of abusing young boys and ordered defrocked.
Inzoli appealed and in 2014 Francis reduced the penalty to a lifetime of prayer, prohibiting him from celebrating Mass in public or being near children, barring him from his diocese and ordering five years of psychotherapy.
In a statement announcing Francis’s decision to reduce the sentence, Crema Bishop Oscar Cantoni said “no misery is so profound, no sin so terrible that mercy cannot be applied.”
In November, an Italian criminal judge showed little mercy in convicting Inzoli of abusing five children, aged 12-16, and sentencing him to four years, nine months in prison. The judge said Inzoli had a number of other victims but their cases fell outside the statute of limitations.
Burke disclosed to AP that the Vatican recently initiated a new canonical trial against Inzoli based on “new elements” that had come to light. He declined to elaborate.
Amid questions about how the battle against abuse was faring, Francis recently named O’Malley, who heads his sex-abuse advisory commission, as a member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. But it’s not clear what influence he can wield from his home base in Boston.
Francis scrapped the commission’s proposed tribunal for bishops who botch abuse cases following legal objections from the congregation. The commission’s other major initiative - a guideline template to help dioceses develop policies to fight abuse and safeguard children - is gathering dust. The Vatican never sent the template to bishops’ conferences, as the commission had sought, or even linked it to its main abuse-resource website.

SSPX and reconciliation

Without a doubt, their are firm opinions against the SSPX accepting some sort of regularisation in a canonical sense. 

I think we need to look at Holy Gamaliel, who, though a Pharisee, is considered a Saint and is in the Roman Martyrology. 

"And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God." —Acts 5:38–39

Updated thoughts and repost ... 

  • The Society of St. Pius X is Catholic, it always has  been. The canonical recognition through a Personal Prelature is the correction of an injustice; -- the unjust excommunication of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and the eventually remitted of the four bishops.
  • It is the correction of the unjust suspension of all the newly ordained priests.
  • It is the correction of the deep injustice of the suspension of Archbishop Lefebvre in the early 1970's for not agreeing to celebrate the Novus Ordo.
  • It is the correction of the injustice of the attempt by Rome to suppress a canonically founded and correctly Catholic seminary.
  • The sole purpose of the Society's existence is the formation and education of priests for the salvation of souls.
  • The Society is in a stronger and even more credible position now than when first suspended over four decades ago.
  • A regularisation would essentially return them to where they were prior to that initial suspension, except that they are in that stronger, more credible, more public reality than back then.
  • As long as they have protected their assets and their charism then they have a duty to accept the reasonable offer.
  • Failing to do so would leave them open to criticism and persecution by bishops throughout the world and the declaration of formal schism.
  • The Church and a future Pontiff have a greater chance of renouncing the errors of modernism and Vatican II with the Society of St. Pius X on the "inside" formally, than being an outside observer, at best.

Last September, 2016, I wrote about the SSPX and the ongoing and progressing talks with the Vatican on full reconciliation and that they had nothing to fear from Francis, provided they controlled their assets and structure. It was titled, "Show me the money." 

We've heard in the last day, that there is a real estate purchase about to take place in Rome for their headquarters.

I will repeat my opinion now as I did then. The Society has nothing to fear as long as it gives up nothing. No control over its assets, no interference in its charism.

SM_Immacolata_all’Esquilino_01I am one who has never accepted the schismatic argument. The Church, beginning under Paul VI and continuing under John Paul II created an injustice against the Society, its priests and religious, and of course, its bishops and the faithful attending its chapels and schools. Benedict XVI tried to remove the injustice and laid the groundwork with Summorum Pontificum and the lifting of the unjust excommunications. Francis seems to be prepared to finish the work.

Remember friends, Bishop Bernard Fellay is no fool.

Many questions why? Why is Francis doing this?

The fact is, it does not matter. What matters is, he is doing it and it is the work of the Holy Spirit, not his, "god of surprises." It is the work of the Holy Spirit because only good will come of it. Francis is, the Pope, and he is being dragged kicking and screaming to this reconciliation even if he does not recognize if for what it is. 

Only good will come of this.


Saturday 25 February 2017

More on womyn deacons - Bergoglio will be the one who "splits the Church"

Remember that off the cuff remark from Bergoglio to study women deacons? Notwithstanding that is has been studied previously. We have also reported previously on this matter. There were never women deacons. Those who may have been called such were the wives of deacons and assisted at the sacrament of baptism which was full immersion, and for a woman, they aided with maintaining modesty.

Women were never, ever deacons in any liturgical sense. They were never to preach in Church. St.Paul forbid it, so does Canon Law. 

This is part of Bergoglio's wrteched plan to make the Church over into his image. He can play with it all he wants. He will be struck down because of it one day and he will be judged by the LORD for his grievous crimes against the Church and Faith, may he repent.

What follows is a story today from Fra. Cristoforo. 

But worry not Voxers, if this happens, rest assured, it will not be for long. The Church will split, those who have done this will be part of the anti-Church and the anti-Christ. The real Church will rise again, a holy Pope will come and declare all of this anathema. 

Those who have done this will burn in Hell, if they do not repent.

And remember from where the fish rots first.


Fra Cristoforo "Drafts Part IX: two new details”
1450428417-cup-coffeeIn the offices of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, there is a room used as a, "coffee break room," where there are cakes, pies, microwave, etc., it is on the first floor).  There is also a sitting room where the leaders of various denominations come together.
In this room a few days ago, I was told by a famous official of that department, of an unpublished draft that is part of  a plan  they are working on "to accelerate the female diaconate." To be fair, I explain something important. The women deacons in the Catholic Church, will not be like that of men. Women will be a "shoot,” and can only preach, and will not have "power" to bless (except in exceptional cases). They can give communion, and they can preach. The Baptisms they can only do this if lacking a "suitable” minister, in case of extreme necessity (anyone can do this.) if there is no priest or deacon.
But it seems to me that it is grave, regardless. Also because, as we know, the intention is to make gradually "normal" such a thing. So there will be no difference between us and the Lutherans, and then clear all that's left.
An official of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (South American), I will not name, it reports that Muller "is a failed man."
That is where he is because Bergoglio is giving him a favor. It seems that his replacement is just Maradiaga.
It is always good to know that there so much risk in what I refer. But I agree that it is more just rumour, at least in my consciousness. And if they catch me, so be it.
I have only told the truth.

Friday 24 February 2017

There are atheists and popes in hell

"There are those who say 'I am very Catholic, I always go to Mass, I belong to this and that association'," the head of the 1.2 billion-member Roman Catholic Church said, according to a Vatican Radio transcript.
He said that some of these people should also say "'my life is not Christian, I don't pay my employees proper salaries, I exploit people, I do dirty business, I launder money, (I lead) a double life'."
"There are many Catholics who are like this and they cause scandal," he said. "How many times have we all heard people say 'if that person is a Catholic, it is better to be an atheist'." 

These are the words of the Bishop of Rome. Words of confusion, obfuscation and disorder. 

To whom much is given, much is expected." Yes, hypocritical Catholics should know better. But make no mistake, it is never, "better to be an atheist." Any cleric that would say, let along think such a thing, is either deluded or evil. You pick.

The reality is, the atheist will be in Hell and badly-behaving, unrepentant Catholics will be deeper in Hell along with bishops and even a few popes.

It is never "better to be an atheist."

This kind of talk from any priest, let along the Bishop of Rome is a betrayal of Christ. It is always better to be Catholic because of the grace of baptism that may elicit death-bed repentance. The atheist does not have this.

The atheist will now say, "see, why do I have to be a nasty Catholic like you?"

See now the problem with the mind of this Bergoglio? Even if he does not intend to preach error, he does. Just as his comment, "who am I to judge," was used, so will this one be.

The atheist will, objectively speaking, go to Hell.

And the Pope that did not work to convert him will be looking back at him for all eternity.

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Thursday 23 February 2017

James Martin EssJay - the Trans Lying Jesuit or is that a Lying Trans Jesuit?

Not a day passes now without one of these demonic disciples of Satan, these of the once great and holy Jesuit Order, foaming off at the mouth lies and heresy and leading souls to Hell.

Yesterday, it was Arturo Sosa, EssJay, the newly elected Superior General who declares Jesus's words to be an afterthought and unclear, after all, there were no recorders back then, eh? What a filthy and heretical and perverted mind to conjure up such blasphemous bile.

Once again now, we have James Martin, EssJay, a man whom Michael Voris has been recently asking, if he is a "homosexual." 

This filthy malefactor cares more about political issues and ideology and his own agenda, than about saving souls for Christ, he is so deranged, so obviously unfit for the holy priesthood. These men have no faith except in the god of sodomy, they do not believe anymore in the supernatural. They are worse than modernists, as if that were even possible.

Yes, so-called "trans students" endure and suffer. They suffer at the hands of men like Martin who lie to them, who affirm them in their delusion. These people are now owed affirmation, they are owed the truth. They are not owed radical surgery and chemical alterations, they are owed love, compassion an spiritual and psychiatric therapy.

James Martin is a liar. He does not love trans people.

He actually hates them.

And he even hates himself.

Today is the Feast of St. Peter Damian according to the only calendar that counts.

I've read this and I highly recommend his, Book of Gomorrah.

“Tell us, you unmanly and effeminate man, what do you seek in another male that you do not find in yourself?”
“For God’s sake, why do you damnable sodomites pursue the heights of ecclesiastical dignity with such fiery ambition?”
“By what right or by what law can one bind or loose the other when he is constrained by the bonds of evil deeds common to them both?”
“Who can expect the flock to prosper when its shepherd has sunk so deep into the bowels of the devil?”
“Who, by his lust, will consign a son whom he spiritually begotten for God to slavery under the iron law of Satanic tyranny?”
“This utterly diseased queen of Sodom renders him who obeys the laws of her tyranny infamous to men and odious to God.”
“Without fail, [the vice of sodomy] brings death to the body and destruction to the soul. It pollutes the flesh, extinguishes the light of the mind, expels the Holy Spirit from the temple of the human heart, and gives entrance to the devil, the stimulator of lust.”
”[The vice of sodomy] leads to error, totally removes truth from the deluded mind . . . It opens up Hell and closes the gates of Paradise.”
”[The vice of sodomy] is this vice that violates temperance, slays modesty, strangles chastity, and slaughters virginity.”
[The vice of sodomy] defiles all things, sullies all things, pollutes all things.”
“Who will make a mistress of a cleric, or a woman of a man?”
“It is not sinners, but the wicked who should despair; it is not the magnitude of one’s crime, but contempt of God that dashes one’s hopes.”

Collect of the Mass of St. Peter Damian:


O Almighty God, grant that we may follow the teaching and example of Your blessed confessor bishop Peter, and turn away from the things of earth that we may attain the joys of heaven.

Another Jesuit Liar! - Arturo Sosa EssJay

Marriage and Divorce. The General of the Jesuits: "Jesus Too Must Be Reinterpreted"


Wednesday 22 February 2017

John Vennari

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I met John once, it was at Father Nicholas Gruner's funeral just under two years ago. I've long appreciated his work and wit. All of us owe a debt of gratitude to John.

It's as if the Lord is preserving him from what is to come.

May St. Joseph lead you safely home, Sir!

In the last hour (now nearly 6:00 PM EST), John put this on Facebook

The doctors say I don't have much time left. Please pray for me and for my Purgatory. Was blessed to receive. Last rites yesterday and the apostolic blessing