A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 31 January 2017

Pope Bergoglio: "proselytism is a sin" and "solemn nonsense" Or is it?

Image result for moths in a caveIn yet another interview, papal media sensation Jorge Bergoglio today told Christians to “go out” and to “bring the message of Jesus to others.” In more nonsensical blathering he said that the "best business we can do with many Christians, is to sell them mothballs so that they put them in their clothes and in their lives."

He has also told us in the past that “proselytism  is a sin” and again he has said that it is, “solemn nonsense.”

At the same time, he does not preach to Muslims to come to Christ, and he has allowed his curia to state that the Church’s mission to the Jews is over.

The only “solemn nonsense” is the distortion and confusion and Jesuitical pride coming from the mouth of the Bishop of Rome!

Pope Francis to the laity: Go out and evangelize, or buy mothballs
LOS ANGELES -- When asked in a new interview what specific mission he has for the laity, Pope Francis responded with a frequent appeal: to go outside of oneself and take risks in evangelizing, rather than staying stuffed up at home while the moths move in.
“Sometimes I think the best business we can do with many Christians, is to sell them mothballs so that they put them in their clothes and in their lives and aren’t eaten by moths,” the pope said in the interview, published Sunday.
The interviewer, journalist Noel Díaz, had questioned the pope about a comment he had made to him on a previous occasion to “tell the laity to come out of the caves.”
When asked about the comment and what mission he would give to the laity with that image in mind, Francis said that many times Christians “are locked up and they are going to get eaten by moths.”
“They have to go out, they have to go and bring the message of Jesus” to others, he said, explaining that the Good News is meant to be shared, not stored away.
“The message of Jesus is to give it; so just as I receive it from him through a brother or sister, the grace comes to me and I give it,” he said, stressing that Christians shouldn’t “can” the message, trying to conserve it in a jar, because “it’s not to save, it’s to give.”

Monday 30 January 2017

"For there is not any thing secret that shall not be made manifest, nor hidden, that shall not be known and come abroad." Unless you're Jorge Bergoglio!

As a Catholic, I know that every five years or so, my bishop meets the Pope. For as long as we can remember, the Church has always communicated to the faithful, that which was discussed in the open generally consisting of the Pope's address to the assembled bishops at the "ad limina" visit.

Not any more.

Image result for pope francis angry

It seems that Porn producing German bishops didn't like what happened the last time - what was intended for Bergoglio to say, but which was not said.

What is the Pope saying behind closed doors to our bishops? This secrecy is not from the Holy Spirit, it is from Bergoglio's "god of surprises."

Do you understand how evil this is? 

A Vicar of Christ? An enemy, is more the case!

There will be a surprise coming soon for this Peronist. 

Sandro Magister reports on this disgraceful practice now in place.

Francis did not read this speech to the bishops, as it effectively cast a bad light on the alliance that he had struck with the progressive wing of the German Church.
But the speech, as always, become public as having been delivered by the pope. And in Germany it let loose an uproar, in which Cardinal Reinhard Marx, archbishop of Munich and leader of the innovators, made himself the plaintive spokesman with Francis, obtaining from him this explanation that Marx afterward related to others: “I didn’t write it, I hadn’t read it, don’t pay any attention to it.”

Bergoglio versus Trump - Is the Donald more Catholic than the Pope?

Not disconnected from the article one below on the potential influence of George Soros and a clandestine operation of the Obama/Democratic alliance with the mafia-esque St. Gallen group to undermine Pope Benedict XVI, is the obvious disdain which the Peronist Pope has for the man of the people, Donald J. Trump.

This Peronist Pope, a man who embraced Fidel Castro, seeks to throw the real Catholics of China under the communist tank, has slandered the new American President since his, Bergoglio's. return from the Mexican vacation.

Antonio Socci writes brilliantly with, Why Bergoglio has been so affectionate with Chinese despots and Castro, but ferocious with Trump


Bergoglio's actions in the political arena are not of Christ. To even think it possible is blasphemy. 

He is guided by his "god of surprises."

Was there a Soros/Democratic party conspiracy to elect Bergoglio?

As you may be aware, (so much to comment on so this has been delayed), The Remnant has published an Open Letter requesting that President Donald J. Trump conduct an investigation on potential American involvement in the undermining of Pope Benedict XVI and the election of Jorge Bergoglio to the papacy.

While this would be considered a "conspiracy theory" and cause heads to pop amongst most Catholic commentators, the evidence is there that there was a conspiracy as far back as 2005. How hard would it be to link this all together given the desires of the globalists, lead by George Soros, to destroy the Catholic faith and what is left of Christian Europe to say nothing, of our grossly secular, North America. 

Now, the secular media has noticed.


A timely Office Hymn

Overnight, there was a terrorist attack at a mosque in Quebec resulting in the death of at least six people. The victims were all Muslims.

One man, a young Quebecois, has been arrested and charged.

May God, in his infinite mercy, grant peace to those who sincerely tried, in spite of the falsity of the corrupted belief system that they followed, to seek Him.

Of course, leftists in Canada and elsewhere are blaming the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump for the attack. One person, a Quebecois, has been arrested. His motives, at this point, are undetermined, but of course, he liked Donald Trump on Facebook.

We also hear the usual bleating from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the very pretty Father Edward Beck, James Martin, Daniel Horan and the usual crows of Marxist Priests on who evil the President's actions are and how it is our Christian duty to bring every one of the world's suffering in to our lands.

Not true. They are Marxists and globalists, they are not Catholic.

And nobody has right to enter another country. People have a right to dwell in safety and security in their lands.

Today, in Lauds of the Divine Office we find the following hymn.

Tu natale solum protege, tu bonae
Da pacis requiem Christiadum plagis
Armorum strepitus, et fera praelia
In fines age Thracios.

Et regum socians agmina sub crucis
Vexillo, Solymas nexibus exime,
Vindexque innocui sanguinis hosticum
Robur funditus erue.

Tu nostrum columen, tu decus inclytum,
Nostrarum obsequium respice mentium;
Romae vota libens excipe, quae pio
Te ritu canit, et colit.

A nobis abigas lubrica gaudia
Tu, qui Martyribus dexter ades, Deus
Une et Trine: tuis da famulis jubar,
Quo clemens animos beas.

Be thou the guardian of thy native land,
And to all Christian nations grant repose
From din of arms, and every hostile band—
From all our borders drive away our foes.

Bid Christian princes marshal all their force
Beneath the sacred standard of the Rood,
To avenge sweet Salem's sacrilegious loss,
And crush the Paynim red with guiltless blood.

On thee our hopes are built, as on a tower;
Receive the homage we now humbly pay,
The vows which Rome accomplishes this hour,
With pious rites, and canticles' sweet lay.

Keep far from us all dangerous delight,
O God, who comfortest thy Martyrs' pain;
One God in Persons Three, bestow thy light
Wherewith Thou makest strong thy Martyrs slain.


You can sing it to the tune, "Woodlands," (Tell Out My Soul)

Oh, in case you are wondering what "Paynim" means, click here.

Sunday 29 January 2017

Can we all now just call out these filthy Romans for setting up whom we have always known is their real target?

Laudetur Jesus Christus!

Now that the once great Knights of Malta have folded like a bunch of effeminate bridge players can we now just admit what and who the real target of this sordid mess happens to be?

Related image

The Lord bless thee, and keep thee. 
The Lord shew his face to thee, and have mercy on thee. 
The Lord turn his countenance to thee, and give thee peace. 
Numbers 6:24-26

And it is this last element that is the most newsworthy in the statement released this evening by the Order. As Settimo Cielo had correctly reported, Pope Francis has in effect granted the Order the faculty of proceeding according to its constitutions concerning its interim regency - now assumed by the Grand Commander of the Order, Fra' Ludwig Hoffmann von Rumerstein - and the appointment of the new Grand Master. So the “pontifical delegate” will neither replace nor overlap the legitimate governance of the Order, as many had hoped or feared. Instead he will accompany it with the task of “spiritual” guide. A task, that is, very similar to the one that already belongs by statute to the cardinal patron.
The decapitation inflicted by Pope Francis on the Order of Malta is therefore twofold. Because what is falling is not only the head of Grand Master Festing, but also, de facto, that of cardinal patron Raymond Leo Burke. Meaning the ones who had brought about the removal of Boeselager in the certainty that they were thereby putting into practice the mandate entrusted to them by the pope, in a December 1 letter to Burke: to “promote the spiritual interests of the order and remove any affiliation with groups or practices that run contrary to the moral law.”

Go ahead Bishop of Rome Bergoglio, you'll make him a white martyr and set yourself against the work of faith for all to see. But you and your leftist, globalist cabal of malefactors, sodomites and Marxists will paint this man to be the real problem. 

You will have set yourself against Christ, just like those who put Him on the cross.

Your end will come, it will come soon. it will be devastating and it will be complete.

Repent, all you who have sullied Holy Mother Church. Repent or be damned in His judgement. 

Saturday 28 January 2017

And you think it's a mess now? Wait until Bergoglio calls Vatican III -- are we about to live Fatima?

Clearly, the disclaimer I wrote, is controversial to some. I dared to not take Ann's position and to suggest that she is wrong, at least, to state her opinion publicly. Look, Francis is the Pope. Ann is wrong. If, in the fullness of time, there is proof that Benedict's renouncement of the papacy was not valid and the election therefore was null, then we can consider Francis an antipope. The problem with those who do not accept this, or with sedevacantists is a papal positivism that the Pope can do no wrong, therefore, if he does, he cannot be Pope. This is to ascribe to the Bishop of Rome something which he does not have, all power, something he is not, divine! It is possible to simply have a bad pope. The purpose of the disclaimer was to ensure that all understood that just because I link to her on the column and quoted her below, does not mean I endorse the same position. 

Clear now?

Since 2 + 2 = 4 and not 5, notwithstanding the Bergoglio minion, Spadaro; Bergoglio is therefore, Pope. 

Now, a few months ago, I can't find the link, Monday Vatican reported on the potential of a Third Vatican Council. It went no further, no blog picked up on it, nor did I wish to push it.

Now, Ann has.


So let me connect some dots. Maybe it's because I'm clean having just come back from Confession an hour ago ...

This is Fatima coming to life right before us. 

  1. Bergoglio will call a Council, it will be an evil Council because the intent will be to enshrine sacrilege, change doctrine, unite with protestantism and create ecumenical worship.
  2. God, in His vengeance, will not tolerate it and will, in His permissive will, permit a massive terrorist attack to take place by Mohammedans.
  3. St. Peter's Basilica, where most of the bishops and cardinals (not all, some will not attend because they know it will be a corrupt council) will be destroyed and most there will be killed, including the Pope Francis.
  4. Then, a "Bishop in white" will emerge and crawl over their dead bodies and up to the high altar where he will then be killed. That "Bishop in white" (note the Fatima seers did not say the Pope, even though they presumed him to be), is Joseph Ratzinger
  5. The few surviving Cardinals will flea to Portugal, to Fatima where the "dogma of faith" will be preserved.
  6. They will elect the Holy Pope who will then, with the remaining bishops and cardinals of the world, Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 
  7. Russia will come to the literal physical aid of Europe, the Orthodox Church will reunite with eternal Rome under Peter and this Holy Pope will "restore all things in Christ."
  8. And a period of peace will be granted to the world, until we mess it up again.
  9. And then the end will come.

God help us.

We're going to ruin your party Frank!

What Mundy said.

Times ten!


Will a sexual abuse scandal end the papacy of Pope Bergoglio?

Bergoglio has surrounded himself with sodomite priests, Msgr Ricca as one example, and praised "transvestites" and embrace the sodomite partner of a sodomite friend whilst in Washington. There are other examples.

Bergoglio has spoken much of combatting abuse. Is this true, or is he a hypocrite and is it about to take him down? 

Is all the fuss over changing the Nervous Disordered liturgy again and the battle with the Knights of Malta a diversion of attention away from that which is brewing just below the surface?

Image result for elizabeth yore
Elizabeth Yore is an international child advocate attorney.  She is the former General Counsel at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the former General Counsel at the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. She is an expert in human trafficking prevention and international child abuse investigations.

 She has investigated several clergy sex abuse cases. She writes in The Remnant and below, at LifeSiteNews:

Six cases where the sexual abuse scandal touches Pope Francis
January 25, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Recent revelations concerning Pope Francis and negligence over sexual abuse of minors are calling into question his strong words condemning the cover-up of sexual abuse.
In March 2014, in an announcement that received massive publicity, Pope Francis promised a new, more improved Vatican response to the clerical abuse of minors. He reaffirmed that the Vatican would institute zero tolerance for pedophile priests. He announced the creation of a new papal commission on child protection made up of Cardinals, experts, and victims of clergy abuse. This past May, Pope Francis spoke of the scandal again by saying, "This is a tragedy, we must not tolerate the abuse of minors. We must defend minors. And we must severely punish the abusers." Yet, there appears to be a gulf between his words on reform and the reality.

Pope Francis wears the Tiara!

Friday 27 January 2017

Get out of the Novus Ordo - Bastard Rite II is about to be pushed on you!

From Louie Verrecchio:

V. Positive thoughts be with you.
R. Likewise with you.
V. Lift up your hands.
R. We lift them up to the sky.
V. Let us give thanks to creation.
R. It is good and green.

It is truly good and green, our duty and our salvation,
always and everywhere to care for the environment,
and to welcome the immigrant,
in imitation of Jesus the itinerant preacher,
who made all people happy, except the powerful,
was born of the Virgin Mary who felt betrayed by God,
and condemned nothing,
while judging no one.

Fulfilling our will and gaining popularity among the people,
we lend a helping hand to the poor,
so as to break the bonds of poverty, and to manifest equality.

And so, with all the United Nations and every religion,
we declare our glory,
as with one voice we acclaim:

Happy, Happy, Happy, we adore
Mother Earth in all her glory.
Nirvana she suppliest.
Rigid is he who invokes the name of the Lord.

Nirvana she suppliest.

America Magazine is reporting that Bergoglio of Rome has ordered a study of Liturgiam Authenticum which could lead to another re-writing of the Third Edition of the Roman Missal.


To my priest friends, please take no offense. Learn the traditional Mass, prepare for what is coming. They will change the Novus Ordo to render it invalid. 

Catholic people. Find a traditional Mass, get to it, no matter the cost.

Mark her words.

“I saw that many of the instruments in the new Church, such as spears and darts, were meant to be used against the living Church. Everyone dragged in something different: clubs, rods, pumps, cudgels, puppets, mirrors, trumpets, horns bellows – all sorts of things. In the cave below (the sacristy) some people kneaded bread, but nothing came of it; it would not rise. The men in the little mantles brought wood to the steps of the pulpit to make a fire. They puffed and blew and labored hard, but the fire would not burn. All they produced was smoke and fumes. Then they broke a hole in the roof and ran up a pipe, but the smoke would not rise, and the whole place became black and suffocating. Some blew the horns so violently that the tears streamed from their eyes. All in this church belonged to the earth, returned to the earth. All was dead, the work of human skill, a church of the latest style, a church of man’s invention like the new heterodox church in Rome.” Blessed Anne Katherine Emmerich

Thursday 26 January 2017

Bergoglio's silence in the face of the apostasy of the Maltese Bishops is his dubia answer

The actions by the Bishops of Malta are putrid. They stink of the vomit and sulphur. The sodomites of Malta now say "me too, me too!' The Most Blessed Sacrament will be profaned. The priests have been threatened, souls will be lost to Hell.

Image result for pope francis hands at neckThe actions of these effete malefactors in mitres has done everyone a favour.

They have exposed Jorge Bergoglio.

His lack of response to them is the answer to the dubia.

He is just fine with what they have done and that exposes him for all to see exactly what he is.

An enemy of Christ! 

Priests of Malta. You must defy your Bishops and follow Christ no matter the cost -- and the Catholic people must step up for them!

“I had another vision of the great tribulation. It seems to me that a concession was demanded from the clergy which could not be granted. I saw many older priests, especially one, who wept bitterly. A few younger ones were also weeping. But others, and the lukewarm among them, readily did what was demanded. It was as if people were splitting into two camps.” Blessed Anne Katherine Emmerich
The priests of Malta must defy their bishops. They cannot follow these two malefactors who would burn incense to Baal. The priests of Malta must stand for Christ and save His people.

I write this as an update to you, the people of Malta and to Catholics everywhere. I was reminded by a writer in the combox that I forgot the second part of my statement, that priests "must defy" their bishops, "no matter the cost." 

The "cost" to me, to you, to the Catholics of Malta and to everywhere, is to aid those priests, directly; those priests who take upon themselves the persecution of these malefactors, these devils in clerical dress. We must aid them. That means, making room in our homes, or ensuring they can be supported financially in an apartment whilst they minister. We may, because of this Bergoglio and the lying, sniveling, sycophantic, effeminate minions surrounding him, be forced again in to the catacombs.

Remember what St. Athanasius said, "they have the buildings, but we have the faith." Let the buildings, including St. Peter's Basilica, fall around them. Let it all be destroyed with them in it. Let the condemnation of God come down upon these devils.

Mass in my dining room or your basement chapel will be more beautiful than at the Altar of the Lateran said by a faithful priest, then by these malefactors.

Today, in the real calendar, it is the fest of the Golden-Tongued, John of Antioch, known as, St. John Chrysostom.

In the real Office, Divino Afflatu, we read the Saint's sermon, which follows the Gospel:

“At that time: Jesus said unto his disciples:  Ye are the salt of the earth: But if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted?” And so on, and that which followeth. 
Consider how that the Lord saith: Ye are the salt of the earth: by the which figure he sheweth what a necessity of life is his teaching.  By this figure he would have us know that we have an account to render, not of our own life only, but for the whole world.  Not unto two cities, nor unto ten, nor unto twenty, nor unto one people, as I sent the Prophets, so send I you.  But I send you unto every land and sea, even unto the whole world, lying groaning, as it is, under the burden of divers sins. 
Saint John ChrysostomThese words: Ye are the salt of the earth, shew unto us the whole nature of man as savourless, and of bad odour through the corruption of sin.  And therefore he demandeth from his followers such qualities as are most needful and useful to the furthering of the salvation of many.  He that is lowly in spirit, compassionate, meek, and a seeker after righteousness, shutteth not up his good things in his own heart, but rather is like a fountain whence good things freely flow forth unto his neighbour.  He that is merciful, whose heart is pure, who seeketh peace, and who suffereth persecution for the truth's sake, is by the same token one whose life is for the good of the commonwealth. 
Think not, saith the Lord, that the struggle is easy whereunto ye shall be called, nor that those are paltry things for which ye shall be held accountable.  Ye are the salt of the earth.  What then?  Are ye to salt that which is corrupted?  Nay, for it is impossible that what is once corrupted can be made sound by salting it.  This it is not asked of them to do.  But their work is to sprinkle with salt, and to keep fresh thereafter, such things as the Lord hath given over into their charge, for these things he himself hath made new, and freed them from all taint, before giving them.  Christ's is the power that doth deliver from the corruption of sin.  To preserve from falling away again is the duty and toil commanded to the Apostles.

Priest Confirms: Malta Bishop Mario Grech Did Threaten Priest

It is reported by Christine Niles at ChurchMilitant that Bishop Grech indeed threatened a priest.

Every priest in Malta must defy these malefactors. These men are betrayers of Christ and the Faith. 

You must choose Fathers. Do you follow Our Lord Jesus Christ or will you father this man in to damnation?


The blasphemy of Charles Scicluna and Bishop Mario Grech and the outing of Grech as a "bully." Now, a plea from the People of God

Correction: The headline was unclear, that Catholics in Malta organised and paid for a notice in the newspaper there. The effort was undertaken by Veri Catolici which is an international association of Catholics. With apologies for the confusion. Vox.

There is some important information on the matter of the two bishops from the nation-state of Malta, -- the Island of Malta itself and of Gozo. Much more is revealed about Mario Grech of Gozo, in particular.

Image result for scicluna bishop
Charles Scicluna of Malta and Mario Grech of Gozo

As you are no doubt aware, these two bishops have declared that as long as someone in grievous mortal sin, such as adultery, is at "peace with God," then they are free to receive Holy Communion. It's a position praised by the perverted alphabet community of Malta, so we can imagine that sodomy is the next to be declared a non-sin.

Further, it has been reported that Grech has threatened his priests with suspension, should they not go along with his demand that they commit sacrilege and error, and the people, greater mortal sin. As I wrote a few days ago, why should he be believed now given the fact that Grech, along with Scicluna, are advocating sacrilege and mortal sin?

Grechdenied the report on "Facebook," and as reported in the press from Malta. 

  • Priests pleaded with Rome and Cardinal Marx of the Bishops Conference in Europe not to see Grech appointed as Archbishop of Malta due to "reprehensible behaviour."
  • Grech failed to carry out the Vatican's order to defrock perverted priests who allegedly threatened to expose other cases of sexual abuse by priests.
  • He possessed the "grin of a Cheshire Cat" and was the "embodiment of a heady combination of spiritual authority and power with the lack of human accountability," in addition to a "manifest attachment to material wealth."
  • He was also accused in no uncertain term of being a "bully," creating a "bullying culture" in the local Church and being obsessed with of thriving in a "media spin culture."
  • Gozo continued, at least in 2015, to live at "home with his parents," and was accused of nepotism!

This man accused of being a "bully" is now telling us he did not threaten his priests. He is now using Facebook and other sources working within a "media spin culture?"

I direct you now to two important posts.

The first is a thoughtful, assessment from a blog which I have just discovered and have linked at the left called, Dominus mihi adjutor. It is written by Dom Hugh Somerville-Knapman, OSB.

The second is the parsing by Mark Lambert at De Omnibus of a podcast by Grech who states:
 "I appreciate the trust which the great majority have in us bishops, but at the same time it pains me when I notice that, among the flock, there are those who are not only rigid (strict) towards themselves, but would also be rigid towards others, and so are confusing you. Indeed, they would say that it is us, the bishops, who are confusing you! If you want a guarantee that our teaching is that of the Church, I assure you that myself and the Archbishop are in complete unity with Pope Francis."
Grech declares that the Bishop of Rome agrees with him and Scicluna and that it matters not what sin one has committed, but if one is at peace with God, then sacramental confession, absolution and a firm purpose of amendment is no longer necessary. That is what the implication is of what they said and wrote.

Pope Bergoglio is now well in to a corner. He has placed himself there and the light is being shone upon his error and confirmed, even mostly by his own minions.

As of the morning of January 25, on this Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, so familiar as he was with Malta, the Catholic faithful of Malta have gone so far as to take out a newspaper advertisement exhorting that their bishops be faithful. 

How bad has it become? 

How evil can these two men be along with hundreds, maybe a few thousand other bishops and cardinals and tens of thousands of priests and maybe even the Pope himself, that it has come to this. 

The faithful begging their shepherds to be Catholic. The picture is below and a readable and printable PDF can be found at this link organised by Veri Catholici at: 

God save us from these evil and deceitful wolves.

Wednesday 25 January 2017

Will Tom Rosica now applaud Donald J. Trump while we "wait and see" whether Bergoglio acknowledges it?

President Donald J. Trump has banished the payment of abortions in foreign countries by the American taxpayer. African, Asian and South American babies will live because of his actions. Terrible racist, eh?

Sean Spicer, the Press Secretary has announced that the Administration will have a presence at the March for Life in Washington.

Knowing that they will have support from the President, the United States House of Representatives has voted to permanently bar any American taxpayer money (the government has no money of its own, except that which it confiscates through taxes), from being used for abortion including within Obamacare, from now until it is replaced.



Tuesday 24 January 2017

BREAKING: Knights of Malta’s Grand Master Fra’ Matthew Festing



Soon, they will be distributing condoms again.

Malta, eh?


Want to bet the German will now take it over?

Is Pope Francis still waiting and seeing?

Pro-life demonstrators are lining up for the annual March for Life on Friday, yet many pro-life organizations and supporters are doubtful the media will give the march the kind of coverage that attended the Women's March on Washington over the weekend to protest the policies of newly installed President Trump. (Associated Press)

Oh I can't stand it, please Mr. President, please stop, I can't stand all the winning!

Does anyone know if Pope Frances is still waiting and seeing?

One day after restoring the policy that prevented American funding of abortions outside of America, The White House today announced that there would be a presence at the March for Life. Presidential Press Secretary Sean Spicer said today:

"I think it's no secret that the President has campaigned as a pro-life President. It's something that is very important to him, as evidenced by the Mexico City Policy reinstatement he issued yesterday. Obviously, we're going to have a heavy administration presence there." 

Good grief, does Donald Trump think he is more Catholic than the Pope?

Oh my. that's not might not be so far-fetched, eh?

Pope expresses concern over "populism" while Tom Rosica praises "anarchists"

francis-and-fidel-iNot a few days ago, Pope Francis expressed his concern over Donald J. Trump and "populism" which, after all, elected Adolf Hitler. 

It was a rather curious considering he has spent so much time playing up to real tyrants such as the late Fidel Castro and spends so much time not being judgmental, except of course when it comes to faithful Catholics and Donald Trump.

Only a few days later, our boy Father Thomas Rosica issued a Tweet that we should listen to anarchists.

We should be concerned about populism, the populism that is concerned about unemployment, rusting factories, unsecured borders, debt and taxes and embrace anarchy?

In other news, Donald John Trump, the 45th President of the United States has today restored the Mexico City Policy reversing the very first executive order of Barack Hussein Obama which funded the torture, dismemberment and murder of millions of babies in the wombs of their mothers throughout the Africa, Asia, Central and South America.


Image may contain: 7 people, people sitting, suit and indoor

May God pour forth His abundant grace upon Donald J. Trump and Michael Pence to enlighten them to do what is His will for America and to bring them to the fullness of truth!

Xl mother 434355 960 720

It kind of makes you wonder, who are the real racists?

Monday 23 January 2017

Father William R. Lugger, Pastor at St. Casimir in Lansing has lost his head!


LANSING, MI. - In a bizarre medical rarity, a Catholic priest woke up Sunday with his head covered in a yeast infection. Usually known to afflict the, ahem; private parts of some women, the itching and burning infection caused a serious discharge to spew from the mouth of Father William R. (Bill) Luggar. 

"Father" William R. Lugger, is the Pastor of St. Casimir's, an allegedly Catholic Church in Lansing, Michigan. 

In an exclusive interview with Vox Cantoris, Father Lugger said, "I don't know what happened; Sister Donna Quinn of Nuns for Choice, sent me a new biretta and I wanted to wear it at Mass; I thought it was a little queer, but figured that Pope Francis changed the style or something, and when I put it on, my head began to itch and burn."

When told that the hat was a "p***y-hat" Father asked, "Why would anyone wear a cat hat on their head?"

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor

Following an examination earlier today, it was determined that the cause of Father's affliction was a profound lack of supernatural faith associated with the "synthesis of all heresies," known as Modernism, combined with a serious case of Personalism due to an acute propensity for liturgical abuse, moral relativism and a "hermeneutic of discontinuity and rupture."

Further investigation revealed that the condition also affect the part of the brain associated with obedience, tradition and the culture of all things Catholic. It causes one to dispel the notion of penance resulting in eating fried bologna sandwiches on Fridays. 

Of course, given the Inauguration of Donald John Trump as the 45th President of the United States, Vox is certain that Father Lugger confused himself and that while a great day, it was not a Solemnity, thus the Friday fast was not excused. 

William R LuggerJanuary 20 at 9:40amSPECIAL LUNCH TODAY...St. Casimir fried balagona sandwiches...call me if you're comingImage may contain: food

Father Lugger's many defenders on Facebook are most welcome to comment.

Fr. Bill Lugger – lugger@stcas.org

Daniel Horan, OFM - Another wolf in a cassock

Daniel Horan, OFM, is a Catholic priest and a "theologian" and author and is currently visiting assistant professor of systematic theology at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. He also promotes himself as a speaker and engages it as a lucrative business as can be seen from his web page. Trust me, these priests do not travel for free, they have goodly fee on top of all expenses. I am sure his Order appreciates the riches he brings in.  

Horan is a manipulator as the Tweet above shows. Emulating James Martin, S.J., is not something one should take pride in. Horan is trying to twist and weave around the justified criticism of Catholics to his obsessive Tweeting on the Marxist and anarchist march of women. He cavorts with groups that want to murder babies but then hides behind social justice.

For an example of Horan's writings, I urge you to visit Barona at Witness:

We've featured this malefactor before. He used a photo of two sodomites holding hands to describe the "Joy of Love" also known as, Amoris Laetitia. I wonder what Horan is trying to tell us?

The man is a disgrace to the priesthood. He is deceiving those students in Chicago and those who pay to hear him on his tours. He takes a position that is antithetical to Catholicism by joining forces with those who would destroy the Church, given the chance.

Horan had a busy day on Saturday, He was out promoting the demonstrations and Tweeting about.. He spent a good part of the day condemning and then blocking Catholics who dared question the prudence of his decision to participate in such a march that holds such principles as:

We believe in Reproductive Freedom. We do not accept any federal, state or local rollbacks, cuts or restrictions on our ability to access quality reproductive healthcare services, birth control, HIV/AIDS care and prevention, or medically accurate sexuality education. This means open access to safe, legal, affordable abortion and birth control for all people, regardless of income, location or education. 

We firmly declare that LGBTQIA Rights are Human Rights and that it is our obligation to uplift, expand and protect the rights of our gay, lesbian, bi, queer, trans or gender non-conforming brothers, sisters and siblings. We must have the power to control our bodies and be free from gender norms, expectations and stereotypes.

Horan opined that he was taking abuse, and "imagine what it's like for Pope Francis." In his charity, he referred to Catholics as "trolls" and "demons." 

Well, Horan is a liar. Whilst I will criticise the Bishop of Rome on many things, he has spoken against abortion and genderism (though he has embraced abortion activists and "transvestites.")

This is what this pathetic, effeminate, devil in priests' clothing, Daniel Horan has allied himself with!
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Horan is another deceitful priest, a deceiver and false teacher, preaching "another Gospel" and a different Christ. A man hiding behind his habit and undermining the faith. Where are his superiors? 

These "men" need to be held accountable for what they do in public. For their lies and their betrayal of the Truth of Christ and His Church. It is not enough to hide behind "social justice." as an excuse for partnering with those who advocate the murder of children. If Horan's Superior is too much of a sell-out effete to hold him accountable then it is up to the laity to do it.

Horan is what V.I. Lenin called a "useful idiot."

He is all that, and more.