Saturday, 31 October 2015

From Raffaella in Italy, Where is that "secret" dossier?

I invite you to read this from Raffaella's blog. The Popes, the Vatican and the Catholic Church. It's interesting to get a flavour of what our Catholic friends in Italy have to say. Special thanks to Johnny from Italy for aiding in translation.

Once upon a time there came to be the famous Vatileaks dossier edited by the cardinals Herranz, De Giorgi and Tomko on instruction of Benedict XVI in 2012.
At the time it seemed to be a "Pandora's box", the precious guardian (according to Vatican experts and "mystery writers") of all the Vatican’s secrets.
Suddenly ... poof! It disappeared! No journalist has ever invoked it again, no newspaper editor has demanded its publication in the name of a transparency which is always invoked but, in fact, never put into practice.
According to commentators, “crows” [translator note: in Italian, the crow can signify a spy of sorts] no longer fluttered in the Vatican as of March 2013. Yes ...  some sea-gulls circled round devouring poor defenseless pigeons, but not even a “crow's" shadow was to be seen.
Even wide-mouthed “frogs” [translator note: similar to crow, frog can mean someone who was told something in confidence, but then betrays that confidence] always alert in the Pontificate of Benedict, had been poisoned and thrown into the swamp.
The fresh breeze of spring (isn’t that true my lord Cardinals?) blew gently in the sacred palaces within the Leonine Walls.
Until bang! Today it turns out that the “crows” and “frogs” are more alive than ever. They had simply hidden themselves for a while. Where? Who knows ... you should ask those who are always in contact with these animals.
We note, however, the paradox: the “crows” of Benedict acted for the "good" - they wanted to clean house, seeking on the outside what they could not get inside. The little animals of Francis, however, are to be censored: they are mean and smelly, these crows opposed themselves to the cleaning job.
If we want to take ourselves for a ride [translator: mock ourselves] and tell fairy tales amongst ourselves, it’s OK, but the whole situation is comical: we are dealing with people who commit crimes just like in 2011 and 2012 (even before actually).
And I do not think much has changed since then: the IOR [tr.: Vatican Bank] is still there (of course! Now ATMs work!), the Curia is still there and has not undergone "slimming", and scandals big and small still abound. The "perception" has certainly changed, but all this is certainly the mass media’s merit.
Since we returned to the situation that existed before March 2013 why not dust off the famous dossier of the three cardinals? Why not ask for its publication?
What sense is there to keep it secret? If you really want to clean up, ALL the names should come out: the internal instigators [translators: legal term, it means the person who orders others to execute of a crime] and the external perpetrators. Whoever they are ...


Dorota said...

Let us not forget that we have seen this clearly, as we have seen so many other things. Let us be courageous and rational, and let us not choose wilful blindness in the name of Christian charity. We must remember our Lord Jesus Christ, and never compromise in our love for Him.

Adpatrem said...

History has a way of repeating itself. The same thing that happened with Edouard Cardinal Gagnon's dossier for (cough cough) Blessed Paul VI happened to this one. Now you see it. Now you don't.

Michael Dowd said...

Corruption is always so very dependable.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but while I love Pope Benedict XVI I also blame him for the mess we have now.

When Benedict XVI resigned he left way too many unfinished business like what I consider to be the false apparition of Medjugorje without any conclusion, or final say on the matter, and he also left this dossier to the wolves.

If Pope Benedict XVI would have publish it or at least publish some important information before his resignation things would be different.

Or should I say if he would NOT have resigned we would not be going through all the confusion that is happening right now.

The crisis in the Church has worsen tremendously since his resignation.

Someone must reach him and speak to him about it, what information that dossier contain?

I think the Faithful should know.

May Our Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us!

Michael Dowd said...

I agree with Anonymous remarks on Pope Benedict XVI possible culpability for leaving unresolved issues and making way for the monstrosity of the Fracis-stein papacy where confusion reigns and the faithful are mislead.