A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Friday 2 October 2015

Sodomite Priest buried in the Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith seeks to undermine Prefect Müller, the Polish Bishops and the Synod on the Family - Demands changes to Catechism and the Holy Bible!

The sodomite mafia that we've long suspected in the Vatican is raising its filthy head on the eve of the Synod to detroy the family. Father Oko's work on the infiltration of the priesthood in Rome and in Poland must be held up as a warning of what was to come. The dossier of three hundred pages handed over by Benedict XVI to Jorge Bergoglio gathers dust but the truth will come out along with coming out of these sodomite moles into the light where they can no longer hide.
„Jestem gejem. Dumnym i szczęśliwym księdzem gejem”. Coming out księdza Krzysztofa Charamsy
A vile and satanic attempt by numerous priests, bishops and cardinals is underway to subvert the doctrine of the Catholic Church. The Christian people must wake up to this evil and diabolical crisis which we face under the very nose of the Bishop of Rome himself!

Polonia Cristiana is reporting on a priest working in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Krzyztof Charamsa who has reported, "I am a gay priest. I am a happy and proud gay priest. My joy and freedom is dedicated to a man whom I love, Eduard, my boyfriend, who able to bring out my best energies and also convert the remnant of fear on the strength of love."

This priest even demands the rewriting of the Cathechism of the Catholic Church and the Holy Bible!

According to Edward Pentin on Twitter, Charamsa's "self-'outing' is seen as an attack against Cardinal Muller, the CDF and the Polish bishops ahead of the Synod." Pentin reports that the Doctor of Theology intends to hold a press conference at noon, Rome time on Saturday.

Charamsa has issued his "new manifesto of liberation." It is only right to give it the widest possible distribution to expose this man and others for the evil work they do in the Bride of Christ for the Father of Lies, Satan himself.

1. Disposal of homophobia and anti-gay discrimination
We demand that the Catholic Church divest itself of activities, the mentality and language of homophobia, hate speech, humiliation and depreciating, marginalization, stigmatization and rejection of LGBT people. We demand the cessation of the Church of discrimination and soft persecution of these people so within it as well as beyond its borders.
2. Condemnation punishment for homosexuality
We demand that the Church unequivocally speak out against punishment for sexual orientation and against the death penalty or imprisonment, against any acts of cruelty against any discrimination against people based on sexual orientation, as well as against attempts to undergo "reorganizational therapies" of persons belonging to sexual minorities.
3. Abandonment by the Church to interfere in guaranteeing human rights by democratic states
We demand that the Church revise its past behavior to states and nations which, through democratic development of civilization seek to guarantee human rights, including the right to love and to civil marriage, persons belonging to sexual minorities . Civilized countries should respect their autonomy for the sake of the common good of all, not just Catholics.
4. Canceling incompetent and prejudicial documents
We demand from the pope revise the catechism and appeal all the documents, cruel and incompetent regarding homosexual persons who are the object of the Church's compassion and stigmatization. In particular, the documents of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the heir to the Holy Inquisition. Not acceptable documents are: a) the declaration "Persona Humana" from 1975, saying among others about "pathological constitution" of homosexual persons, which by their nature are supposedly "difficult to adjust socially" and carry the "anomaly" that "without the necessary and significant order" is "depravity"; b) "Letter on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons" of 1986, which calls for "compassion" for homosexuals, "sufferers", accepts the existence of a "fair discrimination" homosexuals, and rejects only the "unjust discrimination"; c) outrageous "considerations concerning the response to legislative proposals on the non-discrimination of homosexual persons" in 1992 r .; d) 'Considerations Regarding Proposals to legalize Unions Between Homosexual Persons "from 2003, according to which homosexuality is" devoid of any genuine affective, "and homosexual relationships are devoid of" human and ordered form of sexual relations "e)" Catechism of the Church Catholic ", points 2357-2359, teaches that not only works, but also homosexual orientation is" objectively disordered ". He also emphasizes that the nature of homosexual people, there is no emotional complementarity with other human persons that they love. And he adds that for most of us orientation is difficult experience requires compassion neighbor, but not without a just avoiding discrimination. How does he know what is our suffering and difficulty? Well, it is not sexual orientation, but homophobia of the Church. Learning by catechism is offensive, apart from the fact that the very definition of homosexuality is deficient, if at all not quite false. Cheaper is also analysis of the situation of homosexual persons.
5. Immediate cancellation of discriminatory instructions about avoiding the priesthood of homosexual persons
We demand that the pope immediately abolished regrettable instructions about avoiding the ordination of homosexuals, endorsed by Pope Benedict XVI in 2005.                                
6. Initiate a serious scientific reflection interdisciplinary over the morality of human sexuality                                                                         
We demand that the Church initiate a serious and objective scientific reflection on sexual morality, taking note of the development - which so far sees as ideologically - science and reproductive health services, medical, psychological, psychiatric, biological, sociological, anthropological, Gender studies etc.
7. Revision of the interpretation of biblical texts on homosexuality.
We demand that the Church has treated seriously question their own interpretation of the Bible, freeing themselves from fundamentalism, spotting letters when they talk about homosexual people, they never condemning, and kontekstualizując biblical texts that address homogenital acts.
8. Adoption of ecumenical dialogue with our brothers Lutherans and Anglicans about homosexuality
We demand that the Church has taken a serious ecumenical dialogue on the issue of homosexuality with Christians, Protestants and Anglicans who, in an open and transparent process of maturation have developed their own beliefs on this subject, which may help the Catholic Church understand the reality.
9. The need to ask for forgiveness wines past and present church toward homosexuals
We demand that the Church went the way of request for pardon him wine age, neglect and silence, persecution and crimes against homosexuals and to cease committing similar acts from now.
10. Respect for believers, homosexuals and change distorted position of the Church on the issue of how it should look like their Christian life
We demand that the Church finally open up to believing homosexuals, for baptized persons belonging to sexual minorities who do not have the right to propose a total disposing of love and resignation with a healthy sex life, which expresses their nature and in accordance with their sexual orientation.
Text "Gazeta Wyborcza" received from the Father. Christopher Charamsy


Fr. Mike Holmes said...

God help the Holy Roman Catholic Church!

Anonymous said...

someone excommunicate him!

Pat said...

I'm just a normal, 61-year-old, married Catholic woman. I am going to pray the Rosary from now (2:03 EDT -- 8:03 Rome). Please, dear Lord! Please, Holy Mary, Mother of the Church! We cry out to you to save us!

Pat said...

I cannot believe my eyes.

Pat said...

I cannot believe my eyes. How will the Church respond to this outrage? I wait and pray...

Anonymous said...

Remember : satan only has as much power as God permits. Trust the Holy Spirit to guide the church through all the evils we see here. Stay close to the Pope, for "where Peter is, there is the church." Our Lady warned at La Sallette that in these times the major danger to the church was the resurgence of the heresy of modernism. Her we see it in full bloom. Don't despair -- just heed the remedy she gave us at Fatima.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Sodomites, by nature, are subversives and any Church or organization that admits them to positions of power/influence has only itself to blame when that sodomite sedulously strives to undermine all doctrines/canons/praxis etc which opposes his disordered and malign lust.

The One Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church continues to admit sodomites into seminaries and so we have the absolutely absurd situation where Popes public apologise for the sex crimes of queer clergy while ensuring that more of those sex crimes are to follow in the future for the sodomites they admit into seminaries are perverts who are sexually delirious of perverted sex with the cute/handsome adolescent males and they will pursue, groom, and sexually assault them when they can make the moment ripe.

It is spiritually irrational to speak of a restoration while this absurd sick sex is allowed to continue.

Either the Church gets serious about sodomy and excises that sin and those sinner from its heart or else it will continue to devolve to the point of complete collapse

Anonymous said...

Sure, change the Bible. Why has no one thought of that before????????????
I'm just a dumb Baptist.

Unknown said...

Francis is likely a sodomite himself. He lives with one (Ricca), hangs out with them, promotes them, hugs and holds hands with them,goes out of his way to have audience with a former sodomite student, etc.. Having worked in some pretty 'gay' work environments, I'm pretty sure this "pope" like Paul VI who gave us all the Vat 2 heresies, is a sod himself. Would this really be so surprising to anyone? Not to me.

Joan said...

I am only surprised that people are surprised! Especially faithful Catholics. I have been watching the homosexualization of our Church for 50 years. A blog like this might be more "in your face" but most Catholics are still getting their news from neo-Cath sources and for some bizarre reason believe what they read.

Yet before their eyes for decades now is a parade of sodomite (active) males in their parishes as priests, in their chanceries as bishops, in their seminaries as rectors, in Jesuit universities as professors and administrators, as controllers of some Vatican dicasteries.

Now we finally have the big confrontation. They were operating pretty much "underground" until Francis threw open the gates of hell and now the entire world (any and all religions) are being persuaded to do irrational things by highly placed priests, politicians and secularists in various fields.

This CDF Msgr did not suddenly get an inspiration to nail his 10-point manifest to the Church door! This has been planned for years, collaborated upon, and pushed by Francis. If not directly (which as we now know from his other dealings is entirely probably), indirectly by the hysterical climate change (pun intended) he has brought upon the Catholics and upon all mankind.

Barring a miracle, the Church has been destroyed already on this earth, everything's done but the crumbling and crying, the wailing and gnashing. Our glimmer of hope is that miracle!

Anonymous said...

The sodomites under Francis know that they do not need to hide their shameful sins.

reader said...

I don't get the Vatican reaction. To me they seem more concerned with his possible "professional" impact on Church teaching than they do his personal soul. Aren't they in the business of saving souls ? Why are they so afraid one guy could change the Catechism ? Okay, I guess I shouldn't have to ask. Let me guess. They're afraid because he's only the tip of the gay clerical "mafia."