Friday, 2 October 2015

This doesn't mean that the Pope supports so-called "same-sex marriage!"

On the same day that Kim Davis is thrown under the bus for thinking that Catholics were, well Catholic; we find these two gems being carressed by Jorge Bergoglio, himself. The photos are courtesy of Rorate Caeli with the post titled, Back to Normal


The old guy on the left is the Pope Bergoglio's old buddy from Argentina and a man who engages suffers from same-sex attraction. The one in the middle is his young lover by nearly twenty-two years. His old friend has used him for the gay agenda.

Good grief, this would be bad if they were heterosexual.

This storyline is played over and over, the older successful and well-to-do grooms the little pet from the Third World, in this case Indonesia. 

Look how happy Jorge is to meet him. 

Do you want to vomit now as I did when he came out that night on the loggia?

O LORD, deliver us.


Anonymous said...

Pope Francis has the wonderful ability to tell each person he meets exactly what they want to hear ,even if it contradicts what he said 5 mins before to someone else ,reminiscent of Pope Paul who many believe had a double impersonating him.Is it possible Pope Francis has a double?

Barona said...

Is it possible Pope Francis is a Hegelian?

Michael Dowd said...

Is it possible that Pope Francis is a homosexual himself? What other explanation is there for surrounding himself with these folks? It is all a terrible scandal and the worse part is that hardly anyone seems to care. This is a measure of how far we have fallen from orthodox Catholic morality.