Saturday, 17 October 2015

Heresiarch Bishop and Judas Priest Judas Raúl Vera López - calls sodomites "our saviours" supports abortion and homosexualty, Is he one?

Bishop José Raul Vera López
Judas Priest named, Raúl Vera López

On October 7, I was busy organising the Mass and Schola for the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, I missed this piece of heretical homosexualist bile from a heresiarch from Mexico, an apparent Bishop but just another Judas Priest named, Raúl Vera López. 

Tantumblogo has just written this up and I recommend you visit him at A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics.

López has clearly lost the faith, if he ever had it. Imagine, calling sodomites and lesbians, "our saviours." 

What blasphemy!

Is he a sodomite? Do our Mexican friends have any evidence?

López has a history as documented at LifeSiteNews for supporting homosexualist causes and abortion!

I'm sorry for bringing you all bad news; what choice do I have, what choice do you have? Do not develop fatigue. Do not resist the knowledge of what is happening at the and of these traitorous cardinals, bishops and priests. You must wake up to what is coming. You must wake up your Catholic friends who are still asleep. The alarm we send has nothing to do with not having faith in Our Lord's words that the "gates of Hell will not prevail." It is because of those very words that we do this.

Here is the money quote:
The day’s proceedings were concluded by the most anticipated and important speaker of all due to the position he holds, the Dominican Bishop Raúl Vera López from the Mexican diocese of Saltillo, known for his views that are openly in contrast with Catholic doctrine, in favour of the rights claimed by LGBT and promotion of abortion. The bishop started by declaring that he felt honoured and privileged to be breaking new ground together with the LGBT community. He then praised the skill and organisational capacity of the gay rights movement, likening the LGBT community to the tiny ants in a Mexican proverb which, through their perseverance and hard work, manage to defeat monsters far greater than themselves: “those who are small and well organised overcome the monsters; you are well organised and you will win.”


Dorota said...

Vox, how I wish I could wale someone up. Just a few days ago my "catholic" friends shared with me a story they knew would upset me. When they asked a few years ago if my husband (Catholic in childhood, now proclaimed atheist) and I would be the godparents of their child, I said I was honoured, but had to decline. My husband and I could not possibly fulfil our duties a godparents. The friends (good people) are now telling me that they were asked to be godparents. The priest in Saskatchewan expected that they would go to confession (they are non-believers who call themselves Catholic, of course), and although they see no problem in lying and going through the motions, as they did for their wedding, they told me with a smirk, that they found a priest who would give them a certificate of confession without one.

You could ask why they are my friends. It is because I do not want to be completely alone. I try talking to them all the time, but they look down on me, as though I (whom they love otherwise) am afflicted by a rather shameful disease.

I remember the day of their child's baptism.

The father did not know what the tabernacle was, when I asked WHERE it was. He asked: You mean God is not everywhere? - and laughed. The godparents who were finally found and agreed, both declared themselves to me as non-believers.

Everywhere I look is this bad. Most of these people are of a catholic upbringing. They all celebrate sodomy and ridicule the Church.

Aged parent said...

I'm sure he's one. "If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck..etc."

The interesting thing about this whole mess is that the Poofs are going to start showing their hand more clearly. more boldly. And that's a good thing in the long run.

Maudie N Mandeville said...

... sed libera nos a malo ac sordes abominationi intra Ecclesiam.

Osusanna said...

The floaters like pretty, colorful vestments, sans crosses.

Anonymous said...

They might be his saviours ,we have only one Saviour .