Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Peronist Pope - Bergoglio ignores his curial experts and his collegial bishops

All the talk about "collegiality" has gone out the window with Jorge Bergoglio. Never would Pope John Paul II or Benedict XVI have ever acted with the near maniacal manner in which this occupant of the Seat of Peter presides over the Holy Catholic Church.

Edward Pentin, truly the most well-informed and respected Vatican journalist today, has reported on Cardinal Gerhard Müller’s recent interview on German television. The Cardinal seems shows his own weakness in being prepared to confront the errors of Bergoglio as is revealed by some of his statements:

His remarks also come after it has emerged the CDF had clear misgivings about the document before it was published — concerns which were never heeded. One informed official recently told the Register that a CDF committee that reviewed a draft of Amoris Laetitia raised “similar” dubia to those of the four cardinals. Those dubia formed part of the CDF’s 20 pages of corrections, first reported by Jean-Marie Genois in Le Figaro on April 7, the eve of the publication of the document.
Another senior official went further, revealing to the Register last week that Cardinal Müller had told him personally that the CDF “had submitted many, many corrections, and not one of the corrections was accepted”. He added that what the cardinal states in the interview “is exactly the contradictory of everything which he has said to me on the matter until now” and he had the “impression of someone who was not speaking for himself but repeating what someone else had told him to say.”

Not only has Bergoglio and the minions surrounding him ignored the Curial department charged with ensuring doctrinal orthodoxy but they he has ignored up to thirty Cardinals and numerous National Conferences of Bishops who have raised legitimate concerns about the matters contained in Amoris Laetitia.

Image result for pope francis angryA significant number of episcopal conferences around the world have expressed their concerns to the Pope, the Register has learned, and like the four cardinals, have received no response. Also before the document was published, 30 cardinals, having seen an advance draft of the apostolic exhortation, wrote to the Pope expressing their reservations, especially on the issue of communion for remarried divorcees, warning that the document would weaken the three essential sacraments of the Church: the Eucharist, marriage, and confession. The Pope never responded to that letter either, a Vatican source told the Register.

Bergoglio's ignoring of both will allow history to declare him "illegitimate."

May that history be written soon.


Anonymous said...

30 cardinals out of 227 (107 of which are retired) should tell you all you need to know VOX. Three of the four Dubia Cardinals are retired--and Burke has already been exiled to the hinterlands. Obviously Muller doesn't want to join the three priests he cashiered--one of which according to what I read was such a faithful N.O. he'd received a prize for writing a paper on how all are saved. It's time to face facts, if you are still in the N.O. being taught how to perform abortions and to stick your hands out every Sunday (if you feel like it) for your 30 pieces of silver, unless ALL are saved (including those who SILENTLY trample on Jesus Christ every time they step in a Catholic Church), you're NOT!

Ana Milan said...

It certainly seems we are witnessing the prophecy of St. Francis of Assisi when he forecast that “a man, not canonically elected” who “will be raised to the Pontificate” being enacted. No valid pope would behave in the manner PF does - the vile language, tyrannical outbursts of temper, dismissals left, right & centre
“And I am the pope, I do not need to give reasons for any of my decisions. I have decided that they have to leave and they have to leave.” Such disrespect for the Papal Office & the four Cardinals who fraternally sent him the Dubia (secretly at first) in order to give him the opportunity of clarifying certain aspects of it that needed to be. Now the continuance of the sacking of 'conservatives' & appointing liberals has got to a point where he will have surrounded himself with 'yes' men so no-one dare go against him. He has the appearance of a Marxist tyrant, no better than Nikita Khrushchev, who had similar outbursts of temper on a regular basis.

Sandpiper said...

Lord, grant me the serenity not to recoil in horror when I look upon Pope Bergoglio's face.

Anonymous said...

I believe we live in an age where many prophecies are coming to fruition. (Please pardon my wording and syntax as i am not highly educated or poetic when it comes to typing my thoughts.) I recall under JPII how he often spoke of the "culture of death" we lived in. Under Benedict XVI he referred to our times as those of a "dictatorship of relativism". Neither one of those men were afraid to acknowledge the presence of sin in our world. Nor were they afraid to invoke the names of Our Lord or Our Lady. Despite the fact that they were pontiffs of the post conciliar era, they remained true to some very central Catholic teachings. I need not elaborate. Under Francis, we now have the culture of "anything goes" and "who am I to judge?" He never says anything concrete about abortion, homosexual marriage, transgenderism, euthanasia...etc. We now hear mercy this, mercy that. Over and over and over. He left out that little part about God's justice. God does not contradict Himself. He is all just as well as all merciful. Francis has abused the term mercy to the point that people actually believe they can do no wrong, that there is no need for going to Mass, no need for confession, no need to receive the Eucharist. Why? Because who is the pope, or anti-pope to judge? The only ones he judges harshly are those who are desirous of being good traditional Catholics or those who dare question his authority. This cultural pressure cooker is about to blow as we see current events unfold. People are so very deluded into believing Francis's words over the gospel. Christ was merciful but he did admonish the sinner. He did drive the money changers from the temple. He did reject Satan's offers in the desert. He did not forgive the bad thief that reviled him but rather the good one that took accountability. Apparently Francis forgot that Our Lord was so disgusted by sin that He would allow His temperament to show it. But Francis doesn't get mad or disgusted by sin. He doesn't say "Go and sin no more". He,the so called pastor of the universal church, simply says I will not judge. Lets create exceptions to irregular situations that people have ignorantly placed themselves in rather than expound on the importance of Christ's actual teachings. It does not take someone with above average intelligence to look at the world today and realize we are headed down the wrong path. This delusional anti-pope (in my opinion) needs prayers. Perhaps the Holy Ghost will drive him from the temple of false humility where he sits. Prayers are needed moreso for those who believe he is the sole voice of truth. May they come to realize how contradictory and dangerous this man truly is.

Eirene said...

Ana - I totally agree with your post! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Its very difficult to undermine the Papacy ,and enforce it at the same time,that's like trying to have your cake and eat it.

Anil Wang said...

Anonymous said..."30 cardinals out of 227 (107 of which are retired) should tell you all you need to know VOX. Three of the four Dubia Cardinals are retired--and Burke has already been exiled to the hinterlands. "

Sounds like a good percentage to me. Remember, these are just the number of cardinals willing to stick their necks out. As with past crises, most bishops just want to keep their heads low, follow Christ to the best of their courage, and let the heavy weights slug it out. If you think that this was ever different, then take witness from St John Chrysostom and what he says about the percentages of bishops in Hell compared to the general population. Or look at Our Lord's crucifixion. All bishops except abandoned our Lord at his arrest, one outright betrayed our Lord an the Pope even denied our Lord. Only St John even had the courage to be at the crucifixion. And those were bishops chosen by Christ himself....many of which wrote our scriptures.

Kathleen1031 said...

Good commentary, all.
Surely things are coming to a head, perhaps a conclusion. The Year of 2017 has felt portentous and significant. We can hope, in a good way. May the Lord protect and sustain His Church and the faithful.