Thursday, 5 January 2017

A thought for Bishop Fred Henry and a theory on what will come out of it for Toronto

Image result for bishop fred henryBishop Fred Henry of Calgary has resigned due to serious physical conditions that are incurable. He will be replaced by the current Bishop of the Diocese of Peterborough which is now vacant. Peterborough is suffragan to the Archdiocese of Kingston and immediately east of Toronto Archdiocese. Toronto was once part of the Archdiocese of Kingston which extended to Detroit until Michael Power was appointed as Toronto's first Bishop in the around 1840.

Bishop Henry was known as "Red Fred," for his social justice principles. He was an Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of London before coming to Toronto an an Auxiliary before a stop as Bishop of Thunder Bay prior to Calgary. He made quite the name for himself in the fight against genderism, sodomitical so-called marriage, and the radicalist agenda of homosexualism being forced upon Alberta's schools as well as strong Catholic principled stands against euthanasia and abortion. He was a good man in these things. Liturgically, his one foolish act, apart from that which is generally foolish in the the nervous disordered liturgical dictatorship, is that he suspended the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. During the hysteria around H1N1, a number of bishops in Canada, including Toronto's, banned Holy Communion on the tongue, something which they had no authority to do. The FSSP in Calgary refused to go along with communion in the hand and asked the people to make a spiritual communion instead. The only person required at Mass to receive Holy Communion is the actual priest, in order to complete the Holy Sacrifice. The people were fine with it. Bishop Henry was not. Well, it was less than a week later that that decision was overturned from on high in Rome. What I will say about Bishop Henry is this; I wrote him to protest his decision. He actually wrote back and exchanged in a conversation about it. God bless him in his retirement and comfort him in his infirmity.

Now, what next?

Here is my theory.

The terna, the three named recommendation by Cardinal Ouellet to Pope Bergoglio will be rejected. Canada has escaped, thus far, a FrancisBishop - most of our current were just shuffled since he came on the scene, the major and suffragan Sees filled prior under Benedict XVI or quietly filled with no controversy.

I believe that ends now.

Bergoglio will reject the terna, order one of Toronto's current Auxiliaries, probably Bishop Kirkpatrick to Peterborough clearing the way for Francis to put one of his own great promoters in these parts to Auxiliary Bishop to become a thorn in the side of Thomas Cardinal Collins as a punishment for being the prominent blue inked signature as one of the great 13, who stood up to him at the Synod.

The vindictive and Peronist Bergoglio does not have the cojones to punish Cardinal Collins directly for that affront, after all, Cardinal Collins did stand up for the Faith against him, so he will make his last five years here miserable with an Auxiliary to do Bergoglio's bidding and to be on the inside of things in Toronto.

Then, in five years, or maybe even less, he will make that man Toronto's new Archbishop.

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sad anonymous said...

Bishop Rosica.

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Vox, for this news on the Church in Canada. Much needed, and much appreciated.

Guido Villa said...

With all due respect, I think in five years the Catholic Church, as we know it now, will no longer exist. I won't cry for her. The Catholic Church will never cease to exist, of course. I mean "as we know it now". Regards!

Everyday For Life Canada said...

Bishop Fred Henry has had the courage to defend and promote the faith. I respect that very much. Yes, he did respond to the faithful, and I too have proof of that. His last message to me was on fighting gender identity politics. May God continue to bless this servant of the Church. I just wish that the rest of the bishops weren't so much worried about promotion and rocking the boat and more concerned about standing up for the faith without compromise. If this is is not done, look to more empty pews in Canadian Catholic churches. Should you have any doubt just look at what has sadly happened in Quebec as churches are sold to be turned into restaurants, condos or community centres.

Tom said...

Bishop Henry's successor, Peterborough Bishop William McGrattan, replaced a bishop similar to Bishop Henry in 2014: "Peterborough Bishop De Angelis, strong defender of life and faith, retires" ( ) but was not as outspoken as his predecessor there. Also, the new bishop made some controversial comments and connections when he was the seminary rector in London, Ontario: "Culture War Cluelessness Of The Canadian Hierarchy Needs To Be Addressed" ( ).

Kathleen1031 said...

I fear Guido may be on to something. The Worldly Church will exist of course, with empty pews but a priest in the office, but for all intents and purposes it will be a Church In Name Only. We cannot long survive this Worldly Church that has no actual faith in Christ and does not teach it.
The Actual Church will continue underground, as it were, with the faithful attending the Latin Rite somewhere. The church is already in virtual schism, it may or may not be in total schism, but that there are two camps will no longer be in doubt. That will be acknowledged.
It is not likely Pope Francis will still be pope, but he could be. The Cardinals will determine everything for the short term. If they elect another one like him or worse, we can figure out where things will go. Any future pope who still sees VII as a good thing will only continue the slide, or delay it slightly. Only a radical who sees VII for the turning point that it was would possibly return the church to her rightful position and save souls.
Of course, Divine Intervention can change everything, and the things we cannot even imagine can happen.
Please God, come to our aid. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.
May God bless and help Bishop Henry and all good priests and bishops.

Peter Lamb said...

This is especially for Michael Dowd. It is a bit OT, but my excuse is that it relates to the NWO church, which is the root of our problems. The parallel between St. Hermenegild and the arians and our circumstances as Catholics against the NWO, is striking. How wonderful to see a young Catholic Priest in our world!

Doug said...

The Bishop of Peterborough has been named Bishop of Calgary Bill McGrath

Anonymous said...

Poor Canada!

Anonymous said...

In five years... we will be AFTER THE SCHISM, so you can finally choose a TRUE CHURCH. Francis meantime will break the church!

John the Mad said...

Time to smear blood on the lintels. Please Lord let the spectre of a Bishop Rosica pass over us.

Karl Rahner Jr. said...

Sounds plausible.

Karl Rahner Jr. said...

Notice that none of the appointments in Canada have included men with a traditional view of the sacred liturgy. Absolutely none. There are one or two who are tolerant of the FSSP but absolutely none who are willing to make serious choices to reform the Novus Ordo. Even before the Francis papacy this was the case. Without a divine miracle we are going to see more Cupich-type appointments all over the world.

Luciano said...

Bishop Henry is deserving of a thank you email, as he was a lone voice crying out in the moral wasteland called Canada, while most bishop have remained silent.
his email address is:

Luciano said...

Oh VOX PLEASE PLEASE I hope your hunch is wrong as to what might happen in Toronto, I cannot contemplate Rosica as a Bishop

Geraldine Clark said...

I fear that bishop is being place where bishop
Henry once was.
As with a lot the deceitful priests and bishops he has always spoken in a sort of double talk I once misswed as a proponent of the'progressive' and rebellious 'other chrch'. Teir ambition is opposite to that of Jesus. They want no form of structure but the laity - led by them ad there ideas. Northumberland countyhas been a refuge. My attempt to find a faithful retreat led me to the sisters in Cobourg. Crystals in the chapel, the rosary as a 'mantra'and a meetng I overheard at dinner was about removing the current leadership of the church and replacing it with 'power from below". all of this was 20 years ago and supported by 'The new Times".
!years ago all of this was reinforced at Niagara Falls by the American Leadership of the 3rd Order Carmalites. they hung the picture of the current pope at the time, Pope Benedict , in line with the door opening upon the woman's washroom in a secondary hall, while the place of honor was left empty.