Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Pope Bergoglio's Amoris Laetitia is a discredited plagiarized, non-magisterial bile unworthy of any Pope

Even Crux is waking up! 

Image result for heal me with your mouthMichael Pakaluk has researched the work of Victor Fernandez, the author of Heal Me With Your Mouth - The Art of Kissing, and found that his work as ghostwriter of Amoris Laetitia (along with Evangelii Gaudium and Laudato Si) calls in to question its magisterial authority.

From the very beginning of this papacy, Jorge Bergoglio has surrounded himself with detestable men who will be his undoing.

The Pope must retract Amoris Laetitia, recant from its error and its heresy and sacrilege. After the fiasco of the Bishops of Malta, there is no more denying it. The more Bergoglio defends it and ignores the dubia, the more he condemns himself.


[Editor’s note: In this essay, Professor Michael Pakaluk of the Catholic University of America examines the role of Argentine Archbishop Victor Fernandez, a theological adviser to Pope Francis, in Amoris Laetitia, the pontiff’s document on the family. Crux invited Fernandez to respond, and his comments appear at the bottom of the article.]
The most important footnote in Amoris Laetitia may not be, as many suppose, one dealing with access to the sacraments for Catholics in “irregular” situations. Instead, it may be a footnote that’s not actually in the document but which should be, since one of the sentences in Amoris is lifted nearly verbatim from an essay published in 1995 in a Buenos Aires theological journal.
The sentence, from the notorious chapter 8, is this: “Saint Thomas Aquinas himself recognized that someone may possess grace and charity, yet not be able to exercise any one of the virtues well; in other words, although someone may possess all the infused moral virtues, he does not clearly manifest the existence of one of them, because the outward practice of that virtue is rendered difficult: ‘Certain saints are said not to possess certain virtues, in so far as they experience difficulty in the acts of those virtues, even though they have the habits of all the virtues.’” [Cf. Summa Theologiae I-II, q. 65, art. 3 ad 2 and ad 3].



TLM said...

TROUBLING??......................More like DISASTROUS! I cannot believe this came from CRUX? I put them in the same league as National Catholic Register. The modernism heresy league.

Anonymous said...

If St. Thomas Aquinas could sue, he'd sue this... person...for plagiarism, libel and misquoting him. (And St. Thomas Aquinas would win too.)

Michael Dowd said...

Good news especially coming from Crux which has been an enthusiastic supporter of Pope Francis. Yes, let the evidence against Pope Francis, his cohorts, his writings and his pronouncements mount!

Anonymous said...

Crux is having a conversion experience through learning the errors of Amoris Laetitia. For an Archbishop of the Catholic Church and a Vatican resident is appalling to see such evil. It's beyond the pale.

Sybok said...

im happy its coming from crux, maybe us whack jobs arent so whacky afterall

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