Monday, 16 January 2017

Is Bishop Gerald Barbarito of the Diocese of Palm Beach the latest in a long list of pervert protectors?

UPDATE: 17/01/17 06:00 EST

Barona reports that the Chief Deputy Sheriff of West Palm Beach as accused the diocese of "44 years of coverup."

As with Father Matthew Despard in the Diocese of Motherwell, it seems that a priest, who defends the flock from the infiltration of sodomites into the priesthood, is bound to become targeted by his bishop.

Barona reports:
Fr. John Gallagher is a priest of the Diocese of Palm Beach, Florida.
Image result for father john gallagher west palm beachIn January, 2015, Fr. Gallagher caught a visiting priest from India showing homosexual pornography to a 14 year old boy. Fr. Gallagher rightly went straight to the police. 
However, in doing so, this good priest felt the wrath of the local Bishop, Gerald Barbarito. It seems the bishop was not at all happy that Fr. Gallagher had had this vile sodomite arrested. Apparently, the Diocese had preferred to spirit the sodomite out of the country, back to India. Barbarito responded to Fr Gallagher's righteous actions to go straight to the police by releasing his underlings - clerical and lay -in the Diocese to smear the Irish born priest.
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A regular reader has expressed concern in the combox about this story. The diocese apparently rejects the priests contention stating that he did not follow proper protocol and accuses him needing "professional assistance."

Was the other priest guilty of watching pornography or not?

Did he seduce a young teen to join with him in watching it?

It is not uncommon for the homosexual mafia, rife throughout the dioceses of Florida and its seminary system (remember Favalora?) to target the faithful priest who would dare to out them. 


Michael Dowd said...

Vox, considering everything it is high time for divine intervention which should be directed exclusively at the management of the Catholic Church. Our Lady of Fatima warned about what is happening now. Her direction was not obeyed. It is time for a reckoning.

Ana Milan said...

Just goes to demonstrate that nothing has changed. The CC is rotten to the core. Cardinal O'Malley along with the rest of them. I pray that this good priest will get his day in court supported by all his parishioners. Let them fill the courthouse to thank him publicly for bringing this case to light. It takes courage these days to do that. Let's all pray for him not to buckle & that the CC is cleaned out of such depravity & that he gets reinstated very quickly. The public should make sure he does! God Bless him.

Kathleen1031 said...

The veneer has been pulled back, and what is underneath is truly repugnant. We all knew the church had homosexual priests, even my brother-in-law, who is 80, recalls when he was a young boy in Catholic School, the boys would have to post a boy at the bathroom door to call out "here comes Fr.___!", who regularly came in. These men were and are a plague on the church and on us. But the sheer numbers of homosexuals and enablers is now staggering, now that we have an idea how many there are, and we see they are not only bishops, but Cardinals as well.
How many boys and young men have suffered, how many have committed suicide, have many have gone on to lives of active homosexuality themselves, because of the damage these men caused? What does it do to a boy or young men to be corrupted by, of all men, a Catholic priest? I would not have enough negative or vile adjectives to describe that heinous type of act.
And we see, that not only has our church not taken this seriously and done something about it, but they are in positions of ultimate power and authority here, and the church stinks from top to bottom, is filled with these sick men, now pulling apart our faith right in front of our eyes. Here in Florida, is just another example of the good being persecuted by the evil, the men who cover for homosexual predators. What a disgusting specimen, the people ought to be outside the rectory with torches. Children are being sexually victimized, and the bishop protects... the vile predator who was imported to do this to boys! That is INSANE. Why are we tolerating this??
The media has a problem can it promote the homosexual molestation of boys and young men, which it indeed approves of, yet criticize and insult the Catholic church, which it does not approve of? It finds a way, by identifying such abuse victims as "children", not "boys" or "young men". That would put a negative light on homosexuals, and the media must not do that! So, the church right now, the active homosexual Nazi's, have cover under the media and the culture. We have...God. We have only God, there is no "church" to run to. If you know a particular, faithful priest or Bishop, rejoice. No doubt many right now are suffering.

May God deliver us soon from this scourge! Our Lady of Fatima, intercede for us.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Vox. Please do not pursue this point, it will come to no good end.

I am friends with a communicant of the parish and he is not the only parishioner there who knows this priest well and who says without equivocation that he is insane.

Bishop Barbarito is an orthodox Bishop who is being unjustly targeted by this slander.

ABS lives in the Diocese of Palm Beach and he heard the Bishop's letter read at Mass when these events were unfolding and he is amazed that some men have dug-up this rotten refuse and are recycling it for their own reasons but their ends do not justify this slanderous means.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Of course the execrable SNAP gang became involved but SNAP is contemptible

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear VOX, Thanks for posting my comments with the links.

This is one final one that might be useful to those interested in this matter for it includes info about this putatively abused priest and his weird ideas and actions

Ana Milan said...

On another website I have just read where this Indian priest was involved in similar behaviour there & was shipped to America where it reportedly has happened again. Further in depth investigation is needed.

Anonymous said...

Out of 5 comments--2 are defending the cover up of the potential rape of a child and calling those who expose it contemptible (to expose the rape of a child one must follow proper channels! Not shout, FIRE! FIRE! or dial 911 immeditately). It's always amazing how few trad (b)lubbers comment whenever there is a post exposing the sodomite perversion which is the foundation of VC2. Don't trad lubbers care about children's (or clergy's or their own) souls? It seems to me diocesan employees are being paid to troll websites and defend child rapists. What a contemptible job and what a contemptible use of the faithful's money--almost as bad as all those sodomites using our money to load their laptops w/child porn while pretending to be (getting paid as) 'priests.'

The faithful who put (cover up by their silence) up w/these perverts, are as much to blame as the hierarchy.

Anonymous said...

Take a look of this new
Drag queen delivers the homily at Novus Ordo "Mass" Brasil raises the Chalice after the "Consecration" and distributes "Communion".

Ana Milan said...

Thanks Vox for the latest update. I am praying for Fr. Gallagher & his re-instatement. These bishops are a curse on Christ's Church. We need PF's resignation & a Traditional Pope elected who will restore the CC. If not, there will be a schism I'm afraid for which we must be prepared.

Anonymous said...

ABS would have us believe that the priest who called the Sheriff to report a pedophile is insane. And the "evidence" given in the links? The Irish priest liked piano music and alcohol. Wow. By that definition, every Irish priest must be "insane." However, the truly insane are those who do not support the arrest and incarceration of pedophiles. The Diocese of Palm Beach is a mess. With few exceptions, the priests are flaming liberals. The Jesuit parish is, of course, the worst of the worst.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

“Father Gallagher has publicly stated that he contacted the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office the evening the incident occurred. The sheriff’s report indicates that Father Gallagher was not the one who made the report.

“He also publicly stated that he contacted the diocese the evening the incident occurred. The Diocese of Palm Beach did not receive any communication from him until the next day. Upon learning of the allegation, the Diocese of Palm Beach immediately contacted authorities and learned that the incident had already been reported to them by the boy’s family, not Father Gallagher.”


All of this information is available via the links provided and so the question to be honestly asked is - Why is Fr Gallagher is being portrayed as a whistle blower concerning a perv priest he invited to minister at Holy Name when it was the family not Fr Gallagher who reported it to the police even though Fr Gallagher had the duty to report it?

And what of the authorities in India who lied to Bishop Barbarito - who did his due diligence - about this priest who had served time for perversion?

This is a very nasty and defamatory way to proceed and this witch hunt is unjustly depriving Bishop Barbarito of his good name.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Vox. At least you had the common decency to post what ABS contacted you with yesterday whereas Barona, who had the same material yesterday, has still not posted it but has continued his character assassination of Bishop Barbarito.

This is an execrable example of the excesses that can result from festering memories of past examples of the sexual crimes committed against innocent adolescent males by queer clergy but those crimes - the sulphurous memories of which remain with all men of good will - do not excuse this inexcusable assault against the name of a good orthodox Bishop.

Bishop Barbarito has a right to his good name and this continuing assault on his reputation stinks like the bottom of a monkey's cage and any man of good will, any man worthy of his traditional salt, will not sully his own reputation by continuing to pursue this slanderous course.

Rather, apologies ought be extended to Bishop Barbarito and amends made and the nasty public comments about him must be repudiated.

Anonymous said...

ABS seems to want a complete investigation into the "orthodoxy" of the Palm Beach Diocese. What a great idea.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

However, in doing so, this good priest felt the wrath of the local Bishop, Gerald Barbarito. It seems the bishop was not at all happy that Fr. Gallagher had had this vile sodomite arrested. Apparently, the Diocese had preferred to spirit the sodomite out of the country, back to India.

The reputations of soi disant traditionalists are ruined when such vile tactics are not only engaged in by some but repeated by others and defended.

There is not one - not one -fact involved in this captious controversy that warrants such a mean-spirited and execrable imputing of malign motives of a Bishop who did everything right in this particular matter and it was not Fr Gallagher who reported the priest perp to the police. It was the family of the innocent youth targeted by this perv and yet the initial fake news has not been corrected at either blog.

It is worth noting that it was Fr Gallagher who invited the perv priest to minister at Holy Name, not Bishop Barbarito but it was Bishop Barbarito who did his due diligence by contacting the India authorities who gave this priest a clean bill of health despite the fact he had been in the slammer there. Is there any evidence that Fr Gallagher did likewise?

This sickening activity is mephitic and because so many continue to tolerate it and because neither Blog has taken the time to correct the record and apologise to Bishop Barbarito for their actions, ABS will not waste any more of his time on either blog.

The facts are easily accessible by any man of good will and yet the assassins of character refuse to stop their deadly fire.

The operators of each Blog will have to answer for this vile attack when they stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ so both had better repent while they still have time.

Anonymous said...

Sounds very much like barbarito or one of his boyfreinds.

Anonymous said...

Is this barbaritos boyfreind or what
Defending a pervert