Saturday, 21 January 2017

The Pope of insults; Bergoglio lets it rip, but just who is it that he railing against? Is this psychological projection?

Good grief, three blogs posts and I'm still on my first Sabbath coffee!

What a week, eh? 

The bishops of Malta apostasies and are uncorrected by the Bergoglio and then they demand that priests follow them into Hell at the pain of suspension.

The wonderful Father Philips of Our Lady of the Atonement in San Antonio is aggressively removed by his bishop.

A priest in Columbia is suspended for refusing to go along with the Bergoglian heresy.

The Bishop of Rockford violates the Law on Summorum Pontificum and demands obedience to it by his priests.

And the Bergoglio continues with his barrage of insults against Catholics who follow the faith.

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How many revisions does the Pope Francis Little Book of Insults need?

From LifeSiteNews:

ROME, Italy, January 20, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Pope Francis continued his veiled criticism of Catholics opposed to "new horizons" in his homily Tuesday morning, labeling them "parked Christians." He continued with this theme as he has throughout his pontificate, speaking in this morning's homily of the "egotistical mentality" of the "doctors of the law" who "constantly condemn" others.
Francis said Christians should be open to change, saying they cannot “park” and be “lazy” when faced with adversity or remain in their “refrigerator.” For some, he added, life is “living in the fridge, just like that, so that everything remains the same.”
Francis specifically mentioned “lazy Christians, Christians, who do not have the will to continue, Christians, who do not struggle for a change of things, for new things to come, those that if changed would be a good for everybody.” Specifying about whom he was speaking, Francis added, "when I say Christians I mean all: lay, priests, bishops, all of them.”
In his homily at Casa Santa Marta this morning, the Pope said, "Consider the doctors of the law who persecuted Jesus. These men did everything prescribed by the law. But their mindset was distanced from God. Theirs was an egotistical mindset, focused on themselves: their hearts constantly condemned [others]."
The frequency with which Pope Francis has verbally reproached those not aligned with his progressive agenda within the Church has seen a marked increase in recent months. Only ten days ago he lashed out at "doctors of the law” who he said were incoherent, hypocritical, clericalist, and lacking in real authority.


Ana Milan said...

It would be wonderful if PF was a 'parked Christian' upholding the Deposit of Faith, Magisterium & Tradition of the CC going directly back to Jesus Christ & His Apostles. For a man who doesn't want to preach the Gospel as Christ did but as Luther, nor categorically state what he means to teach in AL but leaves it to ourselves to evaluate, I would like to ask why such a moribund soul is allowed to hold the Seat of Peter? Are there just four Cardinals left to square up to him? Those who are silent will be remembered by future generations & history will not be kind to their evasiveness. Bold speech & action are needed in these darkening days before the real storm begins. Christ & Our Lady demand it!

Dan said...

I hear that in the Vatican's secret archives there is a gospel written by Jesus Himself where Jesus plainly says that His real message is: "You got to go with the flow dudes..."

Johnno said...

"Consider the doctors of the law who persecuted Jesus. These men did everything prescribed by the law. But their mindset was distanced from God."

Gee... I wonder if by 'God', he is subtly referring to himself... Because as far as I can see Jesus aka God was very rigid about divorce compared to those liberal clerics.

And hey Jorge! Doesn't Amoris Laetitia say our conscience trumps all and can do more? Well, my conscience tells me that I can't change my ways... I'm stuck, you see... in my rigidity.

Perhaps this is the best response we unchanging lazy trailer park Christians can give in these circumstances of our current faith journey? Maybe, it is God Himself who is telling us to be this way?

Why wont you accompany us Jorge? Please show us some of that pastoral mercy! Please understand our circumstances! Please tolerate our rigidity... we may know what you are saying to us and yet we may not fully understand your plans!

Also my conscience is leaning towards you not being the Pope. I can't control it, but I'm giving you a heads up, I know that recognizing you as the Pope is the ideal, but at this moment in my journeying with the Lord, it is too difficult to respond to the ideal, God must me telling me this is the best acceptable response he expects of me. Please don't judge and I'll see you at the Communion medecinal line! :)

Dan said...

What I found appalling also (there's so much) was the p*pe saying that there was no sense going to mass if one isn't acting Christian.

Of course, adulterers are welcome, but not those rigid Catholics trying to avoid mortal sins.


Barnum said...

Sam Francis propounded the theory of anarcho-tyranny in current post-Christian democratic governments. (Criminals and the abnormal are encouraged while the law-abiding are tyrannized.)

What is happening in the Church is merely the ecclesiastical version. At least the Church can renew herself through the Holy Spirit working through us. I wish I had something more to offer than to say pray and promote Christ as best you can in your situation.

ancillamaria said...

Greetings, Vox! Would you please give more information on Fr. Phillips of Our Lady of the Atonement? Thank you. ..and thanks for your great blog. amr

Anonymous said...

'Mass' and 'holy' communion are for everyone except those trying to please the Triune God. Psalm 95: "All the gods of the gentiles are devils." Not hard to figure out what Bergoglio preaches, who he follows or where he's going. The closer he gets there, like all megalomaniacs, the more strident (and insane) his rantings (like the blood of 60-million babies dripping from her hands Pelosi).

ancillamaria said...

Greetings, Vox! Could you please give more information on Fr. Phillips of Our Lady of the Atonement? Thank you...and thanks for a great blog. amr

S D said...

The Vatican will soon be shaken by an earthquake that will not be forgotten...God will not be mocked.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Dan is right.
Jorge Bergoglio lovingly accompanies sin and useful tools of discredited ideologies, while he hatefully bashes virtue (which is always suspicious in his eyes).
Good is now evil, and evil is now good.
He says to atheists, that as long as they do good, they are saved. Yet history teaches us that the good we ourselves take credit for, rather than attributing it to God, does not bring about good fruit.

I am looking at the march of degenerates who believe in own high moral ground and claim to be on the right side of history, on the side of,,, progress, and I see that Trump's win must have been some miracle. These countless crowds march for the right to kill babies. They demand the right to chose the killing of their children, but do not mention he right to withhold from having sex.

They have a friend in Bergoglio, Instead of addressing them with love and sound teaching, instead of elevating humanity with the promise of God's wisdom, generosity and grace, he desires to brings us all down, he bashes the wise, and gives support to the stupid.

The pink marches all around the world today are braking my spirit. This is horrendous.

TLM said...

Not only are the Malta Bishops threatening persecution of their faithful Priests, but (if I read it correctly) there was a faithful Priest in Columbia who was actually excommunicated for going against Francis heresy of A.L. They have an article on Rorate about it.

And so it begins........come Lord Jesus, your faithful sons are being thrown into the wilderness by these WOLVES.

Anonymous said...

I am loathe to relay the Pope's words to friends and family, and even to read them myself, as I think that
his words are so full of misinformation and venom that my loved ones will be endangered and scandalized.

Justina said...

The insults may be psychological projection, or they may just be Bergoglio calling it like he sees it. In the inside-out world of the Modernist mind, there really is only one threat; not allah, not Luther, not Ehrlich, but The Way, The Truth, and The Life, plus any who choose to testify to Him.

Anonymous said...

Bergoglio suffers with Bipolar Disorder, he needs medical attention, without medical assistance his rants of abuse will continue and intensify especially if he doesn't get it his way. The similarities between Bergoglio & Nero are uncanny. Nero killed the human body of the faithful Christians and Bergoglio kills the soul. Nero burnt Rome and so too is Bergoglio. Nero is in hell, luckily Bergoglio has a chance to repent before it's too late, but someone has to assist Bergoglio in order to save his soul. He has ignored the Dubia therefore the Holy men of the Church must correct him and fast, after all he is no spring chicken.

Justina said...

No letting this guy off the hook with some unsubstantiated "bipolar" diagnosis. There is nothing about Jorge Bergoglio's behavior or pronouncements that suggests anything other than sinister calculation.

BillyHW said...

Wasn't it the "doctors of the law" that were in favour of divorce and remarriage?

Anonymous said...

Hi Vox,

I'm a fairly new reader to your blog, while I appreciate your sincerity and honesty, to express what you feel is right or wrong (I do agree with most of your views), but what I personally feel is a bit troubling is that when we address a person that GOD has given authority, like Pope Francis, when we lose respect for such a person (whoever he or she may be), be it loss of respect in our words or deeds or actions, we are in contempt of GOD. This ofcourse is my personal opinion, primarily because I strongly feel the following:

1) GOD never makes a mistake
2) Nothing ever happens without GOD explicitly allowing it
3) For those who trust in HIM, everything is for the good

In view of the above, whatever decisions that Pope Francis has taken, or is taking or will take in the future, if GOD doesn't allow (or hadn't allowed), it would not come to be (or have happened). Trust in GOD, keep praying.

We have to realize that if Pope Francis is still alive, it is because GOD has chosen to keep him alive. Had GOD not wanted him alive, it would not have taken even a fraction of a second for GOD to take his life away. Let us respect GOD's decision.

GOD's decision in all matters, are generally mysterious to us humans, but it is in deep obedience to GOD and humility that we submit ourselves to GOD's Plan.

When we lose respect for a person (be it in word, deed or thoughts), we run the risk of not just contempt for GOD (inadvertently), but also becoming a tool in the hands of the devil. Afterall, we have had such illustrious Saints, some of whom were within the last century, like St. Padre Pio, who had to face such persecutions within the Church, but we see how he chose to react (or not react), to such actions.

I have heard an exorcist say that those who are humble, the devil can do almost nothing. Let us choose consciously to be humble. Ofcourse that might mean we do not cater to the virulent side of things (which is definitely a very strong temptation, masked or packaged in good intentions and the strong feelings of seeing others falling away), but let us allow GOD to do HIS thing!

I have to close by saying that the day prior to the election results, I was reading a news article that stated that Trump winning the election was mathematically not possible. We have seen how GOD has turned it upside down (shocking to most)! We know that GOD is not dead, but very much alive and well :)

May GOD be Praised!

Binoy Abraham Mathew

Ana Milan said...

Binoy Abraham Mathew: Are you a Born Again Christian by any chance?

Justina said...

Trusting in Divine Providence does not require--in fact, does not allow for--indifference towards evil. What is being decried above as "disrespect for the person of the Pope," and therefore of God Himself, is actually a disguised solicitation for replacing true worship with human resoect. Yes, God allowed Jorge Bergoglio to take on the role, and to exercise the power, he now possesses. The same is true of everyone and everything--Pontius Pilate, Adolph Hitler, the moneychangers whose tables Our Lord Himself, in righteous anger, overturned. Would you have supported the judgment rendered by Pilate on the grounds that respect for God demands it? Do you accuse Our Lord and Savior of the sin of "disrespecting persons" for denouncing the religious leaders of the day as a "viper's brood"? No; this is no time for the quietism of a brainless piety. Those of us decrying not only the theological errors of Pope Francis, but also his Machiavellian interpersonal and bureaucratic machinations, are expressing not only respect for him as a person, whose eternal soul is meant to be saved, but also for the God who can neither deceive nor be deceived. By those of us calling him out in no uncertain terms, Jorge Bergoglio may consider himself warned, as the Sacred Scriptures enjoin us to warn the wicked man against his way. Those Scriptures unequivocally state that, if you warn him and he doesn't turn back to the right path, you have saved your own life. Remember what is said about those who fail to issue such a warning: not that they are to be commended for showing respect for persons and exemplary trust in God, but that their own eternal souls are being put into danger, through complicity, as well. Trust in God, yes. Offering a pinch of incense, no.

The Bear said...

1. God never makes a mistake.
2. He allows everything to happen.
3. Therefore...

Seriously? Insha'llah is not found in any Catholic writing as far as the Bear knows. Well, he would not doubt it is somewhere during the past two or three years.

The Bear has never said what Francis is or isn't other than stuff like "wrong," a "bad tree which cannot produce good fruit," a "liar," and much worse. The Bear shall neither sit on his paws nor be muzzled during this abomination.

Easy test. Can lies come from God? Can lies come from the Chosen One of God? Can you recognize a liar, and a crook, by his underhanded tactics? Does God, Who uttered the words about the scorpion lie to His sheep to "punish them," or for any other reason?

So what, then, do we make of Francis? What do we make of the document his Vatican issued that Jews do not need Jesus to be saved? It is either the truth or a lie. (Bear does not recognize possibility of error on something established since St Paul.)

If the Bear believed Christianity was false, he would not be a Christian. God gives us the gift of truth and discernment. There are usual means of handing that down. We are discovering those sometimes fail, without implicating the Church.

He's just the Pope. (For the sake of argument.) If he calls a dog's tail a leg, a dog still only has four legs.

Elizabeth said...

Dan, I loved this: "a gospel written by Jesus Himself where Jesus plainly says that His real message is: "You got to go with the flow dudes..."

I guess this is one of the Apocryphal Gospels that so plagued the medieval church and has been laying in wait for the 21st century and the advent of the new messiah Fancis.

Anonymous said...

My handle is Robert:

Bergolio is no stranger to hypocrisy-which leads us to the fact that he likes to libel traditional Catholics or even anyone who tries to support traditional Catholic morals and doctrines as "Pharises". . .but he kisses the . . . .feet of the disciples of the Pharisees whenever he can beginning with his buddy fellow Rabbi Skorka--he also condemns them as Pelagians--yet what is the gospel of Bergolio but a "works" gospel--you can be anything and believe anything but as long as you "do good" God loves you.

Mazel Tov.