Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Shared Communion would be blasphemy and sacrilege? Not according to the once Deacon Tom Rosica, CSB

Remember when Pope Bergoglio visited that Martin Luther Heretic Centre in Rome and told the Lutheran woman enquiring about Holy Communion to use her conscience and "go forward?"

How about the latest from Kasper the UnFriendly Cardinal who suggested that intercommunion should occur between Lutherans and Catholics, notwithstanding that our understanding of Transubstantiation and their "con" substantiation are two immensely different things?

The most important Catholic journalist today, Edward Pentin is reporting on comments by Msgr. Nicola Bux, that such a thing would be "blasphemy and sacrilege."


Remember our old friend Thomas J. Rosica, CSB?

Well, we can't be sure what old Father Tommy thinks now, but we sure know what Deacon Thomas J. Rosica, of the ever collapsing Congregation of St. Basil, once thought:

Pitchforks, torches and brooms.

It's time to take down these heretics in Rome and sweep out the stables.

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Or drain the Tiber swamp, if you prefer.

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Osusanna said...

I had a dream some time ago about a Eucharistic minister standing in front of the altar, throwing out handfuls of hosts like confetti or little Frisbees to the people. Maybe it was prophetic.

Jaybee said...

Transubstantiation, consubstantion, whatever, let's not be rigid about these details!

Johnno said...

Our German Bishops are calling for giving Communion to non-Catholics, even non-Christians who are married to Catholics. Actually they are already doing that, they just want it formalized.

Anonymous said...

I got news for you: If St. Athanasius wasn't "rigid" about one iota, and what that iota represented - the denial of the Divinity of Christ - we wouldn't BE here today.

Homoousios - same substance = consubstantial (Catholic Faith re the Divinity of Christ


Homoousios = similar substance = Arianism I.e. HERESY

It's not a bit funny.

O Holy Father Athanasius, pray to God for your namesake and us sinners!

P.S. His principal feast day is May 2, but he and St. Cyril of Alexandria are both commemorated on Jan. 18.


Michael Dowd said...

The Catholic religion has been re-conceptualized as a product since Vatican II, one that appeals to all the people, one based on God's duty to us and our duty to Man, mainly the 'man' being ourselves. Accordingly the business at hand is widening the market by appealing to new groups, like Lutherans. If any of these efforts conflict with previously held doctrines of the faith the doctrines must be changed to fit the sought after new Faith Market target (Lutherans, for example).

The Church is now being run by people without faith. Religion has become a business and a political platform. God, please intervene soon.

Dan said...

Michael, I think you're correct. The faith has become a product. We could use better "salesmen" however.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Rosica is a Reprobate. He will always be in darkness to his last breath here on earth. God took the Holy Spirit away from this Priest because he called the Holy Spirit a Liar on many occasions. God is not obligated to give the Holy Spirit to someone twice. That is why the Sin against the Holy Spirit is so grave and it is lamentated in Psalm 50. Fr.Rosica will always side with darkness to his last breath before his fate is sealed and will be judged.

Unknown said...

Who are you referring to ?