Thursday, 26 January 2017

Bergoglio's silence in the face of the apostasy of the Maltese Bishops is his dubia answer

The actions by the Bishops of Malta are putrid. They stink of the vomit and sulphur. The sodomites of Malta now say "me too, me too!' The Most Blessed Sacrament will be profaned. The priests have been threatened, souls will be lost to Hell.

Image result for pope francis hands at neckThe actions of these effete malefactors in mitres has done everyone a favour.

They have exposed Jorge Bergoglio.

His lack of response to them is the answer to the dubia.

He is just fine with what they have done and that exposes him for all to see exactly what he is.

An enemy of Christ! 


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

What faithful Catholics see as a Church-destroying, Christ-denying radical departure from Church teaching, Jesuits have been putting in practice for a long time.

I recently discovered the work of a Jesuit (born in Poland, working in Boston today), Robert Aleksander Maryks. He is a FB friend with... Jesuit James Martin. Robert's picture is predictably clad in rainbowse.

The man is a researcher of the early Jesuit order, a prolific writer.

His books are not cheap to buy, but even reading the abstracts is very revealing, I will quote one of them (long quote) as a shocking example of their goings on.

When Bergoglio hears us cry out against the destruction of our faith, he, the anti-elitist, probably sees us a complete cretins. He probably just wants us to die already, so the Church can move on unobstructed by our embarrassing backwardness. The following is what he is made of - concept of faith as subordinate to the changing world (at least read the last sentence):

Saint Cicero and the Jesuits: The Influence of the Liberal Arts on the Adoption of Moral Probabilism (Catholic Christendom, 1300-1700) New edition Edition
by Robert Aleksander Maryks (Author)

In this commanding study, Dr Maryks offers a detailed analysis of early modern Jesuit confessional manuals to explore the order's shifting attitudes to confession and conscience. Drawing on his census of Jesuit penitential literature published between 1554 and 1650, he traces in these works a subtly shifting theology influenced by both theology and classical humanism. In particular, the roles of 'Tutiorism' (whereby an individual follows the law rather than the instinct of their own conscience) and 'Probabilism' (which conversely gives priority to the individual's conscience) are examined. It is argued that for most of the sixteenth century, books such as Juan Alfonso de Polanco's Directory for Confessors espousing a Tutiorist line dominated the market for Jesuit confessional manuals until the seventeenth century, by which time Probabilism had become the dominating force in Jesuit theology. What caused this switch, from Tutiorism to Probablism, forms the central thesis of Dr Maryks' book. He believes that as a direct result of the Jesuits adoption of a new ministry of educating youth in the late 1540s, Jesuit schoolmasters were compelled to engage with classical culture, many aspects of which would have resonated with their own concepts of spirituality. In particular Ciceronian humanitas and civiltà , along with rhetorical principles of accommodation, influenced Jesuit thinking in the revolutionary transition from medieval Tutiorism to modern Probabilism. By integrating concepts of theology, classical humanism and publishing history, this book offers a compelling account of how diverse forces could act upon a religious order to alter the central beliefs it held and promulgated.

JARay said...

Yes, yes indeed! I cannot help thinking that the end days are not far away... but then, I'm very bad at choosing raffle tickets so I may be wrong yet again!
De his, libera me Domine!

Ana Milan said...

By now I think all Catholics have got the message that PF has answered the Dubia in an unwritten form because he simply cannot keep the Papal Office if he actually wrote down the answers as requested. As that is the case there should be no further delay in calling an Imperfect council to state this & request the faithful not to follow him. We cannot have a sitting pope who constantly berates & threatens his priests & laity & demotes sincere ministers of the gospel while promoting sodomites & enablers to the higher ranks of the episcopate. Neither can we have a pope who totally disregards the outcome of two synods to the extent of having AL written before the commencement of the first synod. He is a dictator & protocol means nothing to him. He even laughed at the prospect of causing a schism in the CC. Something concrete must be done in having him & his minions removed from the Vatican. There is no more time for sitting around - action must now be taken. We need to hear from the four Cardinals whether they still are on board with this mission or not & if so what is the next move they intend to make.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe he will answer the dubia, either on paper or verbally. His actions speak volumes about his true intentions. He is purging the church of anyone who dares speak out against him. He has the vast majority of liberal cardinals and bishops backing him either out of fear or blindness. He has the liberal media and press in his back pocket. He will continue to lead the church down the road to ruin through dictatorial practices. God will only allow this for so long. Perhaps this is our generations punishment for being lukewarm. The true church will have to start over.

Kathleen1031 said...

Dorota, what failed to happen is incremental heresy or disordered thought was not rooted out when it first began. Everything tends to happen in inches, not yards, and it should have been stopped then, centuries ago. Any organization that forgets what it's about is bound to splinter and fall apart, one of the former glories of the Catholic faith is simply it's tenure, 2000 years plus. We can't say that anymore, we can't, what is the meaning of saying we are "One, Catholic, and Apostolic faith", when we are in this situation and it is not addressed, shows no signs of ending. My husband and I are quite near the point where we refuse to be part of this, almost ready to say let the Church go to Hell if it wants to. I don't wish to shock anyone with that, I really don't, but we can take Bergolio and these sodomites and destroyers no longer.
It is appalling that Bergolio knew Fra Festing is apparently a humble and mild man, so he knew a conversation would be all it would take. Humble and mild can be weak. These are the KNIGHTS of Malta. What has happened to take the soldier out of these men, and what a sham, really. Men who once fought the Muslims at Lepanto, now roll over and surrender with a few words to an obviously dangerous and rogue pope. There is no doubt this is motivated by a hatred for Cardinal Burke, and, they will get him. We are simply disgusted by all of this.
God help our church and our faith.

Michael Dowd said...

Agree with Vox. Is Pope Francis a pastoral heretic? The preponderance of the evidence would say YES.

Unknown said...

PF would have been outed as a true heretic if he answered the dubia truthfully.