Monday, 9 January 2017

Dr. Jordan Peterson's New Year Letter to the World!

From the Everyday For Life Canada Blog: 

"University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson posted, on You Tube at the end of 2016, a very thoughtful and profound message called, "New Year's Letter to the World." The inspiring and soundly  reasoned argument should be heard by all Canadians and people around the world.
If you have not heard of Professor Peterson, you should get to know him. Peterson is that kind of gifted and caring instructor that parents wish their children to have. He's presently caught up in a battle for freedom of speech because he refuses to use gender neutral pronouns. The university, like most other public institutions, is forcing everyone to accept diversity and identity policies. Professor Peterson has had the courage and good sense to oppose the tyranny of political correctness. He's defending the dignity of the human person. It's courageous individuals like Peterson who make me proud to be a Canadian."
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Kathleen1031 said...

I pray that his health is ok. I don't think I will forget his impassioned words, especially his exhortation to fix whatever is in front of me that I can fix and start from there.
We are living in a world of madness, really. In a lovely neighborhood, a few miles away, the picture of Americana, a fight broke out in a beautiful grocery store, of all places. One person died from stab wounds, another is in serious condition, another wounded. Every day more violence, more mayhem, more attacks, both on persons and random groups by various terrorists around the world. Our culture and people? Many are utterly lost and confused if not diabolical and satanic. Our church is in tatters, our faith assaulted.
It's a hard world to live in. We try to keep things light and positive for the children, but frankly, we are just not meant for this crazy world, but for the next one. When we all arrive there someday, please God, we will be so delighted we will never want to leave, and we will not have to.
Mother Angelica of EWTN asked her nuns to keep her alive as long as possible, no matter what. Why, they asked her. She said because this life was the only time she would be able to align her will to God's, and that was her primary aim in life. We just have to endure this imperfect and difficult world, and plan for the one to come, when all insanity will end.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I have been listening to Jordan Peterson's many lectures and interviews on you tube, ever since his problems with the university began. As much as I admire him, and as much as his message is a much needed voice under the regime of political correctness, I must state - it may lead many young Catholics to abandoning the faith to gnosticism.
If I understand correctly, to Jordan Peterson, as to C G Jung, our religion is merely a symbolic representation of reality, a mythology.
I lost my faith due to similar interpretations. From that point on I became an easy pray to evolutionists and other progressives,

When I listened to this letter by Mr Peterson, I was quite convinced that Jorge Bergoglio would consider it an accurate expression of his agenda - maybe with the exclusion of the abortion problem.

I am not comparing the honest and intellectually brilliant Jordan Peterson to the duplicitous and rather irrational Jorge Bergoglio. Jordan Peterson is not a Catholic, only a man searching for meaning and fighting for human dignity of each individual, while Jorge calls himself the Vicar of Christ, when using a distortion of our religion to establish a new totalitarian world order.

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Vox for alerting us to Professor Peterson most important message. We need to pray for him, his message and his health. It would be great if he became a Catholic.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

Thank you Vox Cantoris for helping to get this message of hope out to more people. We are very blessed to have a thoughtful, caring and courageous professor like Jordan Peterson among us. He needs our prayers and support. His battle against the tyranny of identity politcs is our spiritual battle as well. Who else do you know, with the exception of Anthony Esolen at Providence College, that has had the intellectual and moral integrity to take on ther evil of diversity education? This is what will steal the faith from innocent children and harm their souls. How can so many be so silent and do so little in the face of this moral abyss? How many are speaking out against the radical sex programs that have entered our schools like a Trojen Horse? May God bless Professor Peterson.

Kathleen1031 said...

Yes, Everyday for Life Canada, we need to pray for and support people who care more about the innocence of children and protecting them from these evil people who would corrupt them, than they do their own incomes or personal situations.