Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Pope Bergoglio: "proselytism is a sin" and "solemn nonsense" Or is it?

Image result for moths in a caveIn yet another interview, papal media sensation Jorge Bergoglio today told Christians to “go out” and to “bring the message of Jesus to others.” In more nonsensical blathering he said that the "best business we can do with many Christians, is to sell them mothballs so that they put them in their clothes and in their lives."

He has also told us in the past that “proselytism  is a sin” and again he has said that it is, “solemn nonsense.”

At the same time, he does not preach to Muslims to come to Christ, and he has allowed his curia to state that the Church’s mission to the Jews is over.

The only “solemn nonsense” is the distortion and confusion and Jesuitical pride coming from the mouth of the Bishop of Rome!

Pope Francis to the laity: Go out and evangelize, or buy mothballs
LOS ANGELES -- When asked in a new interview what specific mission he has for the laity, Pope Francis responded with a frequent appeal: to go outside of oneself and take risks in evangelizing, rather than staying stuffed up at home while the moths move in.
“Sometimes I think the best business we can do with many Christians, is to sell them mothballs so that they put them in their clothes and in their lives and aren’t eaten by moths,” the pope said in the interview, published Sunday.
The interviewer, journalist Noel Díaz, had questioned the pope about a comment he had made to him on a previous occasion to “tell the laity to come out of the caves.”
When asked about the comment and what mission he would give to the laity with that image in mind, Francis said that many times Christians “are locked up and they are going to get eaten by moths.”
“They have to go out, they have to go and bring the message of Jesus” to others, he said, explaining that the Good News is meant to be shared, not stored away.
“The message of Jesus is to give it; so just as I receive it from him through a brother or sister, the grace comes to me and I give it,” he said, stressing that Christians shouldn’t “can” the message, trying to conserve it in a jar, because “it’s not to save, it’s to give.”


Anonymous said...

Word salad and crazy making behavior. Google these two phrases. I think they may apply to a certain someone mentioned above.

JayJay said...

Speaking of stuffing it Jorge.....

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

The man is so convinced of his superior humility and wisdom, he won't even consider that many rigid Catholics (also known as faithful) are doing exactly what the Lord God has called them to do by staying right where they are and following Jesus in their unremarkable lives. Bergoglio forbids them repeatedly from evangelizing with their mouth - by proclaiming faith in Jesus Christ and His Gospel.

What is he suggesting, that I don't speak about my faith, by instead make myself busy washing feet somewhere? Thank you, I am quite convinced God doesn't expect me to change anything other than myself - to trust and love Him more.

Bergoglio rejects doctrines, yet what is faith, if one doesn’t know what one believes? I remember very well the Pope's first video: "I believe in love". Oh, love means so many things to different people at different times!

His way of evangelizing, where he hides his cross, when surrounded by religious of other faiths, in order not to insult them (?) is in opposition to what Jesus expects of us, and of what first Christians did. Doctrines are supposed to divide those who believe in false gods from those who have one true faith. Jesus as a young boy spent time in the temple arguing about faith. His disciples argued about faith. First Christian communes argued. They argued because truth is important, can, and should be known and proclaimed.

I will stay where I am, I will continue with my daily duties to the best of my ability, and I will keep insulting people by speaking about Jesus. This is the kind of love I believe in. No running around looking for opportunities to show off my humility, no mess.

Kathleen1031 said...

It's hard to be Catholic in an era when the pope insults the way you have lived your life trying to be faithful to God. Many people have made great sacrifices for the Gospel, yet they find their religious leader has only criticisms for them. Today another insult from him, another remark that tells us that he considers anyone who follows Our Lord faithfully, or has tried to, that they are ossified, dusty, rigid, and should be in mothballs.
For a man who doesn't agree with doctrine, or "rules", he certainly seems to have a lot of his own, and on those he shows he is very "rigid".

Fox said...

Much like this pontificate, moth balls are highly toxic.

Eirene said...

I hope Francis is stricken with a recurring Nightmare where he is eaten alive by a gi-normous Moth ! How terribly rude he is!
No class, dignity nor manners ! A mind in the gutter - along with his besties ! When will it end ?

Anonymous said...

He's trying to play celebrity more than pope. All he is after is popularity. We all know what happens to just about every celebrity nowadays. They get caught up in some grave scandal. It's only a matter of time before it catches up with him. He may have the liberal world on his side but little by little he is backing himself into a corner. At some point, his false humility and mercy charade will backfire on him. He will stand accountable to true Catholics even though he already is. The world will see him for what he truly is. May God give courage to the faithful priests and bishops that remain, that they may lead the fight against this new heresy.

Sybok said...

He wants to be the universal spiritual leader, a dalai lama (the actual one whom he dislikes, or at least refuses to meet, and should be noted the dalai lama actually believes in bhuddism)

Dan said...

Anyone see this recent verbiage of PF?

"‘Not taking risks, please, no… prudence…’ All the commandments, all of them… Yes, it’s true, but this paralyzes you too, it makes you forget so many graces received, it takes away memory, it takes away hope, because it doesn’t allow you to go forward."

As always it's hard to make sense, but I think he's saying we shouldn't bother trying to follow ALL the commandments because this would allow us to "move forward."

Forward to where, is not mentioned.

Vox Cantoris said...

Coming soon Dan. So much to write, so little time!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dan.

Sometimes I wish I could spit PF on the face, and publicly. But then I remember commandments don't allow me to go forward.

Maybe I should follow Bergoglio's advice, just this time.