Saturday, 21 January 2017

Apostate Bishops of the Gay priest playground in Malta, Charles Scicluna and Mario Grech travel together to Rome - LGBTQ in Malta praise them!

Did you know that Malta is a sodomite priest playground? 

Oh, you didn't?

Well, you do now! 

My priest contacts who have confirmed this, have told me that they will not travel there, unless it is on official Church business; and any priest that does go there on vacation, is suspected. 

The sodomites, lesbians, and queers of Malta are quite happy with Charles and Mario.
“In issuing these guidelines, the Maltese Bishops have shown admirable pastoral care. While building on the results of the Synod on the Family and on the teachings of Pope Francis, in continuity with the teachings of preceding popes, the language used by the Maltese Bishops as well as the way in which such complex situations are addressed feel fresh and new, and they truly show that the Church is a Mother who teaches and loves all her children, whoever and wherever they may be,” the group said.
According to Edward Pentin, the two travelled to Rome this week. One would like to think that they were hauled in before the Prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith and then before the Pope and were stripped of their bishoprics.

Ha, not likely!

Rather they were celebrated by the filthy sodomitical scum in clerics that have infiltrated the highest levels of the Church.

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Anonymous said...

Every good Catholic mother I know teaches The TRUTH with clarity and charity. Sometimes it requires tough love. But always the TRUTH!

Osusanna said...

Poor Cardinal Burke.
What a disgusting picture. Even the demons turn away.

Dan said...

I figure they got both praise and permission to publish their guidelines.

Kathleen1031 said...

This cannot go on much longer. Please Lord, come to the aid of your faithful priests who are being mistreated.

The Bear said...

It can on on for years! And the Bear shall be there to demonstrate the guy's lack of legitimacy. I don't care what anyone says. Truth is truth and is an an attribute of God Himself. The Bear knows lies when he hears them, and a shady character when he sees his underhanded tactics. If "rhetoric" is "vir bonus dicendi peritus," Francis is a bad man speaking lies. Q.E.D. And nobody is going to make the Bear prefer any man to God or the Church we already, and will forever, have,