Monday, 30 January 2017

Bergoglio versus Trump - Is the Donald more Catholic than the Pope?

Not disconnected from the article one below on the potential influence of George Soros and a clandestine operation of the Obama/Democratic alliance with the mafia-esque St. Gallen group to undermine Pope Benedict XVI, is the obvious disdain which the Peronist Pope has for the man of the people, Donald J. Trump.

This Peronist Pope, a man who embraced Fidel Castro, seeks to throw the real Catholics of China under the communist tank, has slandered the new American President since his, Bergoglio's. return from the Mexican vacation.

Antonio Socci writes brilliantly with, Why Bergoglio has been so affectionate with Chinese despots and Castro, but ferocious with Trump 

Bergoglio's actions in the political arena are not of Christ. To even think it possible is blasphemy. 

He is guided by his "god of surprises."


Johnno said...

The alternative non-Catholic media had long ago suspected Bergolio...

“Washington’s Pope”? Who is Pope Francis?
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Pope Francis and the Dirty War - Michel Chossudovsky on GRTV

It's time to reopen these files.

CJ said...

Mickey Mouse is more Catholic than the pope.

Johnno said...

I recommend everyone read and watch the links I provided earlier by Prof. Chossudovsky, even if he was s a bit of a left-leaner.

If the data he paints is true, and Pope Francis had a hand in certain political atrocities then this explains A LOT!

It would paint Bergolio as a man saddled with a guilty conscience so painful that he would be likely to fall prey to that unforgiveable sin against the Holy Spirit that would make one unwilling to believe in or accept forgiveness from God. Either that or to the alternative error that also took hold of Martin Luther. A gravely false understanding of God's salvation and mercy. A soul so scared that Confession becomes impossible, as if in a torture chamber and being unable to confess such sins, make excuses that the circumstances were too much. Assume God is at fault for one's sins and presume His mercy without need for confession or repentance.

Bergolio likely has a guilty conscience. He projects this upon others, those pious hiding something behind their traditions. Who are they to judge? Who are they to stand in the way of his theology that absolves all from guilt? Or if not be annihilated rather than Hell!

How can such guilt allow one to confect or receive the Eucharist, much less genuflect before it, without confession, or if confessed, believing it not enough or invalid, or preferably that it was never God in the flesh at all?

This may very well be at the heart of things and Francis' motives and anger. The thing that as prophecies might recall would cause the Holy Father to suffer much and find stones and insults hurled at him, until finally execution by proverbial arrows and bullets. But the source is from within him itself!

This bears looking into, maybe all Francis needs is true humility and penitence and a good Confessor. He might be the one in search of true mercy all this time. But mercy has a cost...

Johnno said...

I should also doubly add that if Bergolio does feel guilty about atrocities against left leaning groups, that it would also make sense of his actions as Pope to kiss up yo them, champion socialist causes and even provide them cover. One might aslo venture to guess that he himself could be liable to blackmail as a last resort by intelligence agencies.

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Johnno for the references on the machinations of Bergoglio. Pope Francis sounds and acts much more like a political operator than a Pope. Hopefully, more folks will come to know the truth about him and the untold amount of damage he is doing to souls and the Catholic Church.

Anonymous said...

Are you seriously questioning whether a twice divorced man who is now "married" to a woman who was a porn model could be considered in any way "Catholic?" We all have our doubts and theories on Bergoglio, but let's not let the pendulum swing to the opposite end and start thinking Trump is any type of "Savior."

Vox Cantoris said...

I never said Donald Trump was a "Saviour" The title was for effect.

Who the heck are you to place yourself in such a judgementalist position? Who are you to judge?

And that's a real nice slandering of his wife.

God can use anyone to carry out His work, go look up Cyrus.

As for Jorge Bergoglio, the evidence is there.

Trump is far from perfect, but Bergoglio has no excuse.

Get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

I did not slander Donald Trump's current concubine. For it to be slander, it would have to be false. Go ahead and get into high dudgeon about those of us who refuse to refer to Trump in reverential terms. Yes, he's been a pleasant surprise on major issues, and he's a vast improvement over the Hildebeast, but he is still doing things like continuing Obama's "protections" of LGBT federal workers. So pardon me for not getting on the Trump bandwagon and recognizing he's still just a politician.