Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Bergoglio, Schönborn and Spadaro - the Fascist-Masonic Junta that demand you submit!

Image result for spadaro schonborn popeSome make the mistake, often intentionally, that Islam means "peace." It does not. It means submission. The same false religion that spawns such submission is now dominant in our the Church of Christ under the Peronist thug now sitting in the Chair of Peter. Aided and abetted by his mathematically and theologically deficient Jesuitical sycophant. Antonio Spadaro, who is so tough, he blocks people on Twitter, these three amigos, which include the official interpreter of Amoris Laetitia,  Cardinal Schönborn, are ramping up the demand that Catholics submit to their pathetical and filthy heresies.


They want you to believe that the God who created the precise mathematical clock of the universe has lied to you for 2000 years. These men are traitors of Jesus Christ and His Church. Jorge Bergoglio must be resisted and confronted to his face that faithful Catholics will not accept the heretical teachings articulated in Amoris Laetitia and have had enough of his pathetic and near daily insults to the Faith and the faithful.

It is incumbent upon faithful Catholics to resist these men, including Bergoglio. It is absolutely necessary that we do not become silent but in fact, ensure that each of these men know that we resist, that we will continue to resist, we will do it in our lives and families, we will do it our conversations with other Catholics and we will do it on blogs and social media. We will make it abundantly clear to each of them that they will not succeed in this attempt to undermine the Faith. They may betray Christ and His Church, we will not. 

Note that this will make them very, very, very angry and they will come at you and at me. Let them, let them expose themselves for what they are. 

I direct you to this essay by Hilary White on OnePeterFive. It is a must read and deadly accurate assessment of that which we face and must face up to.

Oh, and a message for Tony Spadaro,Tommy Rosica, Kevin Farrell and the rest of you; you can block on Twitter but it's very easy to take out a second account to follow you and as long as one does not comment or link to those you might have blocked, we can still see your Tweets and PrintScreen them. You're not that smart.


Ana Milan said...

I wish there were more REAL men like you Vox both within the CC & in Society as a whole to stand up against the tyranny we are being subjected to at our every turn to-day. There are relatively few Orthodox Catholics striving to counter these attacks which are grinding us into the earth. Those Catholics not fully in communion with Rome love to screech about our support for heresy & demand that we take day long journeys (even by plane) to get to one of their approved parishes, which in my own case would be over a thousand miles away. Even when Bishop Schneider requests them to accept the Personal Prelature offered by PF (of all people) in order to be regularised they seem to think he is misdirecting them, although he knows more about the background to why they should be regularised than anyone else. By their continuing obstinance they are withholding the Old Rite from the vast majority of Catholics & when the older generation die out they may find themselves stuck in the corner they have embedded themselves in.

This attitude is diabolical as is the stance taken by the Sedes who have completely lost Apostolic Succession by their insistence that, without any evidence, they know that God has withdrawn from the valid NO Mass & Sacraments & that the True Faith resides solely with them. Their priests are laetae sententiae so haven't the authority, infallibility or indefectibility to do anything, let alone licence or ordain priests. They fall into the Protestant error of the unscriptural invisible church. All their priests came from the SSPX fallout & they still cannot agree amongst themselves. These also must adjoin themselves once again with Christ's Church on earth which we are striving to regain (without their assistance) in order to restore it to Tradition. It is highly unlikely at this stage that even a Traditional Pope or ecumenical council will denounce VII & all its documents. If we get AL rescinded (or at least the bad bits extracted) & those VII documents that were ignored & that led to the 'spirit' of VII being implemented, also made public & acted upon, that is about as much as we can rationally expect.

It is bad enough having the Marxist/Masonic/Modernist monsters in the Vatican & NWO atheistic secularists in world governments & institutions demanding we submit to their satanic commands without our own whipping us from behind. Time is running out to evangelise all nations as the First Apostles were instructed to do. Christ did not stipulate they must only preach to an elite company but that His Word was to be heard by all. Those that would follow him & persevered to the end would be saved. We put our trust in Him & Our Blessed Lady whose Triumph will come just when all seems lost.

Dan said...

It would be nice to win the lottery or something. I would stage a "sit-in" at St. Peter's Square in protest of Bergoglio.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Observing this papacy, I wonder, how much do we really know about likely machinations over two thousand years of Catholic Tradition. I ask: Do these heretics in Rome know things we don't know, which emboldens them? What do they really think about the dogma of papal infallibility? Is it only a tool for the unprincipled to use the pope's authority for the final destruction of the Church of Rome?

Do they attack the faithful with such venom, and promote sin under the cover of mercy with such shamelessness, because they never believed the teachings of the Church? Are these teachings just tools of oppression of the sheeple, as so many enemies of the Church have always claimed? They are discarded now, because the new stage in the plan of of Christ's enemies demands it?

It is so devilish - to moralize about the primacy of the internal forum for the unrepentant sinners, while relentlessly enforcing unconditional obedience from those, whose sincere obedience to the Word of God will not permit it!

More and more I believe that Christ's Church has always been all the faithful, those who heard our Lord's voice and followed it, in and outside of the Catholic Church. I can not be part of it, when it is led by a liar and and his cowardly, dishonest minions.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Dorota pleeese don't go down that road: "More and more I believe that Christ's Church has always been all the faithful, those who heard our Lord's voice and followed it, in and outside of the Catholic Church." That statement is rank heresy. Outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation. Extra ecclesiam nulla salus est. That is Catholic dogma. You are talking Frankenchurch. Don't get discouraged. The Catholic Church hasn't gone anywhere. The masonic NWO church is getting you down. Listen to St. Paul and get out of it. Only those who can suck and blow stay there.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Ana, sedevacantism is the only logical conclusion that follows from the initial judgment every traditionalist makes — that the new mass is evil and the new doctrines are errors. Evil and error can come only from non-Catholics — not from true Successors of Peter who possess authority from Jesus Christ. Not from the Catholic Church which is infallible and cannot teach error, by the power of the Holy Ghost. All traditionalists, therefore, are really sedevacantists — it’s just that they haven’t all figured it out yet.

Elizabeth said...

Dorota, for all of them, including Bergoglio (the child of prosperous Italian immigrants to Argentina, whise first language was Italian and did not speak Spanish except a few words with the housekeeper until he started school at age 6), this was nothing but a route to power.

Read The Red and the Black. It's very anti-catholic and anti-clerical, but the type that Stendahl draws there - which I'm sure existed even prior to Vatican II as the "whatsoever king may reign, sir, I'll still be th Vicar of Bray, sir," crowd - is now reincarnated in these horrible Vatican II leftists who have finally gotten the ultimate power hungry leftist himself into the papacy.

Elizabeth said...

Peter, that's a ridiculous charge. Also, you don't even have to be a "Traddy" with long untended hair, wearing a long floppy skirt and her husband's cast-off t-shirt (hopefully covering her elbows) to wonder about the validity of Francis.

Any putative "Pope" who would laugh about the possiblilty that he would would be the pope who "split the Chirch," as Francis did a couple of weeks ago, has already revealed himself more than abundantly.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Elizabeth, ROFL. What charge did I make? Sorry I don't get your drift. :)

Anonymous said...

Peter, please! There are plenty of sede-sites where you can peddle your silly wares. Please go there and leave us faithful, though hurting, Catholic folk be. We understand what's happening and, against all of our visceral inclinations, we continue to believe that God is in charge and that He will act when He sees fit. Meanwhile, we keep ours weapons sharp - we study, pray, go to Holy Mass, exhort and encourage each other. It is well proven that though the Pope may be a traitor, the Holy Church is True, protected, and guaranteed against failure. The Pope can do anything EXCEPT teach error INFALLIBLY. This he will be prevented from doing by the Holy Spirit. That is why we remain in the Holy Catholic Church. TIM

Anonymous said...

NO it is not, Peter. Stop caricaturing TCs. Archbishop Lefebvre was NOT a sedevacantist. Michael Davies was NOT a sedevacantist. Walter Matt was NOT a sedevacantist.

You really need to bone up on Church history. Pope Liberius, Honorius, and John XXII were all Pope's who taught error but NOT infallibly. (John XXII repented on his deathbed.)

I'm going to stop now because I'm so angry that I can't think straight.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ana,

I just posted a reply to Peter. I beg you, in the name of Our Lady of Sorrows, PLEASE do not give in to sedevacantism.

The Remnant posted this:

I'm praying for you.

In Christ the King,


Anonymous said...

Please, I have a serious question.

Is it immoral to attend a church that supports abortion?

There are Protestant churches, such as some Presbyterian sects and others, that openly have "pro-choice" positions. It would seem that to attend such a "church" would not only be an error, but also immoral.

But then . . . is it also immoral to attend a catholic church that supports abortion?

My catholic parish is required to give some of its money to the bishop, and the bishop gives some of this money to Catholic Relief Services, which has been repeatedly exposed as an abortion supporting charity -- maybe not directly, but "indirectly" by giving money to abortion charities and by having members sitting on the boards of pro-choice and pro-gay marriage groups.

I used to think this activity of Catholic Relief Services -- which is the official charity of the bishops in the United States -- was "merely" the result of certain bad individuals.

But after the recent Presidential election, when my bishop -- and most of the bishops in the United States -- made it clear that they were supporting the 100 % pro-abortion candidate Hillary Clinton, I came to the conviction that these donations to pro abortion groups aren't the result of a "few" individuals, but are the result of an institutional decision.

That is, the bishops, by supporting Clinton, show me that they really don't disapprove of their official charity giving money to pro abortion and pro homosexual marriage causes. And this is why this support hasn't been stopped.

Now that I know this, I have stopped giving money to the church. My priest confessor has told me that this is permitted, due to this serious concern.

But now I'm thinking: even by attending this church, my mere presence is encouraging others to contribute. My presence is encouraging this evil.

I now believe that the "catholic church" in the United States has been perverted by the State, perverted by government grants and government money, and that to attend this "facade of a church" may be immoral, due to this church's support of abortion through its official charity.

Am I wrong? Is there some obvious mistake in my thinking?

-- Joe

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I appreciate you all, and this blog, very much.

Our rational minds and our conscience can clearly perceive the deceptive ways of current Church hierarchy.

Yet, do we at the same time perceive our own cognitive dissonance? How can it be, that these are the people Jesus addressed with the following words? -

"Whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on Earth shall be loosed in heaven."

How am I, a rational and honest person (I aspire to be one), to believe that Jorge Bergoglio, the duplicitous Humblebrag (thank you, Hilary White, for this perfect name) is the Vicar of Christ? How can I sit in church under his portrait? He is the enemy, one leading souls to hell - if I am to believe Church teaching.

Is there an offence more grave, than to lead souls to hell as an alleged Vicar of Christ? I can't imagine one. Murder of the body seems a small crime in comparison.

God forgive me,if I am unjust.
I can't pretend that the person I am obligated to respect and obey (according to Church teaching), the Vicar of Christ, and his many bishops and priests, are not abusing their position of authority and knowingly misleading my brothers and sisters in Christ. My conscience won't let me. I am devoted to Truth, to Jesus Christ.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Anonymous @ 6:48, You are perfectly correct - a Pope cannot teach error to the universal Church, because the Holy Ghost will prevent him. That is dogma. You don't seem to have got the point. bergoglio DOES teach error, THEREFORE he cannot be a true Pope. He MUST be an anti-pope, a false pope.
I don't peddle "silly wares". I do my best to propose Catholic doctrine. If you don't agree with what I say, then please correct me in terms of Catholic doctrine. Name calling is pointless.

Eirene said...

I agree with Peter Lamb that name-calling is pointless.
Also, this is Vox's Blog and until he asks Peter to stop posting then the rest of us should have the courtesy to refrain also. At least Peter does not write endlessly and forever on each post like a certain other individual who has now decided it was pointless. Maybe Peter will come to that conclusion himself - or not. Until then, let's seriously consider taking the advice of St. Paul in his Epistle to the Ephesians
(4:1-5) "I therefore the prisoner of the Lord beseech you to lead a life worthy of the calling with which you were called, with all lowliness and gentleness, with long-suffering, bearing with one another in love, endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace . . ." Read the rest for yourselves !
God be with you Peter and your Family.

Vox Cantoris said...

I'm clearly not a Sedevacantist. As stated earlier, the evil and heretical popes we have had in the past are still considered, popes. Antipopes can only really be determined after the fact and by a competent authority, a future pope or a council.

Many sedevacantists have been banned from other blogs. I have chosen, and with Dr. Peter Lamb in particular, not to do this. Specifically for Dr. Lamb, I have kind feelings and respect for him; he came here during Rosicagate and wrote me privately, he prayed for Fox and I, and was very supportive.

I think we can all agree, that notwithstanding that one position, we have more in common with Dr. Lamb, as Catholics, than we do many or most Catholics in our families and in our own territorial parishes. That is certainly my case.

All of us are pained and distressed about what is happening to our Holy Mother, the Church. Yet, we know that "the gates of Hell will not prevail."

Gosh, I hate to sound like some kind of wuss, but let's support one another in these times, even if we disagree on some of these things.

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Joe,

You raise important questions; we have this problem also in Canada. It was clear here during the last election too. Give no money to the CRS or to any other of these. We have similar outfits in Canada proven to support abortion in the other countries, Development and Peace is the big one. Our Toronto Cardinal, Thomas Collins, suspended all funds to D&P a few years ago until they cleaned up their act. I have my doubt whether they have or not. In the United States, Michael Hichborn of The Lepanto Institute has done a lot of research into this matter; you can look him up on the web.

Hold back your money. Give it instead directly to The Little Sisters of the Poor or the closest convent of the Missionaries of Charity or something like that. Find the most faithful Catholic parish you can, even if you have to drive an hour.

Ana Milan said...


Thanks for your prayers. I have no intention of joining the Sedes. The True Church resides in Rome where St. Peter laid its actual foundations. God's Word is for all peoples & for all time. No-one can claim to know better than the Almighty Himself. The deviant occupying the Papal Office & his minions must be removed. Those who have left because they cannot carry the burden placed on our shoulders are to be pitied but not listened to. I do not read any of their input on Catholic websites. Their 'preiests' have (like the Protestants) lost Apostolic Succession so cannot give witness to Christ as the properly ordained are called to do.

We just have to continue to sit out this disaster that has been with us for a very long time but has the appearance of coming to an end though not, perhaps, before a very grave manifestation of God's power brings the world to its senses. The centenary year of Fatima is with us. We trust in Our Lord's promise to be with us until the end of time & Our Lady's assurance that when all seems lost She will triumph.

God Bless.

TLM said...


I totally agree with you. We must support each other, as these are very very troubling times for those faithful in the Church of Christ. We are trying desperately to search out faithful traditional parishes, and it is becoming increasingly more difficult. Has anyone thought that just maybe there will come a day soon that we will not be able to find such Parishes that we didn't have to get on a plane to get to? That we will look for Christ in vain and not be able to find him in any of our Parishes? I see this as a possibility, and thus calling for desperate measures. Where will we find the Mass in these times? Unless the Blessed Mother steps in and steps in SOON, this is EXACTLY where we are headed. Does anyone really think that the MAFIA tactics of Bergoglio and his minions......this 'climate of fear' will not soon trickle down to Parishes all over the world? They are forcing us back into the Catacombs and this time the persecution is coming, and will come from WITHIN!

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Joe

I find your thinking correct.

Ironically, Jorge Bergoglio, who has been known to reject the holy and clear Word of God for the sake of his own false sense of righteousness and mercy, and who is openly proclaiming enmity against catholic tradition, is using one single element of this tradition to destroy the Church - the teaching of his being in place of Jesus Christ.

He is right in accusing faithful Catholic of rigidity. He knows that we know what a phony he is, he knows we know how false and dangerous his claims and machinations are for the true Church of Jesus Christ, and yet he can be secure in the knowledge that we will desperately continue to insist on rules and procedures in handling the obvious heretic, as though he were still a member of the Church.

He skilfully uses our greatest weakness against us, laughing all the way... Calling him the Vicar of Christ is an abomination.

Labels such as sedevacantism should mean nothing in face of this abomination. Jesus Christ is everything, and tradition is nothing, if it is used against Him.

Anonymous said...

We must understand that this is a well-deserved chastisement from Almighty God.

Where was such outcry and rebellion for the last 50+ years when it came to the suppression of the TRUE and HOLY Mass but also ALL of the insidious HERESIES of Vatican II?

Most people just "did their thing", going along with the novel Mass while quietly integrating these heresies (myself included) which have led to the loss of MILLIONS of souls.

ALL of the other heresies of Vatican II are JUST as deadly and have ultimately paved the way for this situation.

Is it not time now to wake up and address them ALL, not just AL?? Is it not time to speak up and CONDEMN Vatican II with a loud voice?

Fake Church. That's what we've had since Vatican II, yet we are surprised? It's well past the time to follow the example of SAINT ATHANASIUS.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tim,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your post. You put into words what I wanted to say but didn't know how to do it. I could hug you right now.

Yours in Christ the King,


Anonymous said...

Dear Joe,

In the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, one of the rules gives 6 signs of the action of the Enemy and one of them is false reasoning.

Because part of the parish revenue goes to CRS, your donation may or may not be supporting abortion. If there's a dedicated collection (e.g. second collection) or envelope that states "Catholic Relief Services" you can abstain from giving to that particular collection.

If it's a certain percentage of the parish revenue (e.g. 1% or $ 1000), then you can respectfully let the pastor or parish secretary about your concerns.

If you feel that you can't support your parish in good conscience, then find a FSSP/SSPX/ICK church near you.

I hope this helps you.

St. Joseph, head of the Holy Family, pray for Joe!

Yours in Christ the King,


P.S. Protestant "churches" are NOT an option.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, Peter, but exactly who constituted you his judge, jury and executioner??? You have false reasoning. If you actually READ True or False Pope? A Refutation of Sedevacantism and Other Errors by John Salza and Robert Siscoe, you'd see that they refute your false reasoning in the beginning of the book.

You say you quote Catholic doctrine, but true Catholic doctrine refutes sedevacantism.

Btw, did you take a look at the link I posted for you?


Anonymous said...


I was with you until your last sentence. Disagreeing on things like politics is one thing; it's different when one is talking about matters of Faith.

I understand that you are grateful for the support of Peter Lamb and his family in your time of need, and I respect that.

However, Peter is leading souls into error. I had 2 male friends. One I was formerly engaged to, and the other was a die-hard NO Catholic. Both are now die-hard sedevacantists. (I think I posted the story of my engagement before, but if you like I will email it to you.)

This is your blog, Vox. Or to be more accurate, it's the blog that God wants you to use for His glory and the salvation of souls.

A man (or woman) is generally known by the company they keep. In the name of Our Lady of Sorrows, I beg you not to give in to sedevacantism.

May your saintly and royal namesake intercede for you. He was too a man after God's own heart.

In Christ the King,


Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Margaret,

Worry not, I am not a sedevacantist. I do not agree with Peter. I allow him to comment here because I don't bar anyone. Even Mark Thomas is free to come back. Yes, Peter did well by me, and that is why I do not throw him under the bus.

While I cannot agree, I do understand the scandal that would cause people to fall in to sedevacantism. It is important to do one thing Francis says at least, "dialogue," at least in the case of our fellow suffering Catholics.

We just have a bad pope, but he is still pope. The big mistake that is made by sedevacantism is the same by papal positivists and novus ordo artificers of papolatry undertake and it confirms that which many hard line protestants believe, that, we, ascribe a power to the Bishop of Rome that he simply does, not, have!

Let us, at this time, keep Peter Lamb and his son, Michael in our prayers. Michael is failing fast.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

It is a worry that folks consider the now debunked Salza and Siscoe fiasco, their golden ticket to 'correct' Catholicism. S&S, as do the SSPX (who excluded the former fiasco from their latest catalogue) continue to accuse, if indirectly, the Third Person of the Holy Trinity of failing in His task.

The R&R 'logic' in and of itself, directly attacks Church teaching on the Charism of the Vicar of Christ, and the plain doctrine concerning the reach of his authority.

Sedevacantism makes no such error; it remains firmly in the Barque of Peter - in a place of patient Faith, without compromising the Faith. God bless and strengthen the true Catholics who do not make such deals with the devil (wittingly or unwittingly) to keep their place in the New Church.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but it's not charitable to be insulting Mr. Salza and Mr. Siscoe, who are two fino Catholic gentlemen.

Second, the R&R movement does NOT attack the teaching of the Church; rather, it IS the teaching of the Church. St. Paul publicly rebuked St. Peter (cf. Galatians 2, and Holy Scripture isthe infallible Word of God); also, St. Catherine of Siena, the Dominicans who resisted Pope John XXII etc.

Finally, sedevacantism places one outside of the Church. The Fourth Council of Constantinople excommunicated anyone who deliberately separated himself from his patriarch of bishop. (That's an infallible Ecumenical Council. And NO, I'm not a concilarist.)

These are for you:,

Please read them. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

P.S. Btw, they DO have it in their catalog: