Monday, 30 January 2017

Was there a Soros/Democratic party conspiracy to elect Bergoglio?

As you may be aware, (so much to comment on so this has been delayed), The Remnant has published an Open Letter requesting that President Donald J. Trump conduct an investigation on potential American involvement in the undermining of Pope Benedict XVI and the election of Jorge Bergoglio to the papacy.

While this would be considered a "conspiracy theory" and cause heads to pop amongst most Catholic commentators, the evidence is there that there was a conspiracy as far back as 2005. How hard would it be to link this all together given the desires of the globalists, lead by George Soros, to destroy the Catholic faith and what is left of Christian Europe to say nothing, of our grossly secular, North America. 

Now, the secular media has noticed.


Ana Milan said...

I have no doubt that George Soros (Schwartz) has links to the St. Gallen Group (Mafia) who in turn pulled out all the stops to have Jorge Bergoglio elected to the Papal Office. Their interference by politicising the conclave & ignoring JPII's rules governing such an election must surely give rise to serious doubts about its outcome. Whoever was in charge of the voting should have made sure these rules were adhered to, but does anyone know who conducted the proceedings? It is strange that our fears about the intimidation & electioneering that preceded the conclave has never been fully addressed by Cardinal Burke or others that were witnesses to it.

TLM said...

If you remember, there were a few 'emails' back and forth from John Podesta (one of Clinton's right hand men) and one of Soros' men published in some of the Wiki leaks during the recent campaign in the U.S. Podesta was adament about creating a 'NEW CATHOLIC SPRINGTIME', and it sounded as if it was clearly already under way to CHANGE THE VIEWS OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. THANK GOD FOR WIKI LEAKS, I don't really care if it WAS THE RUSSIANS who leaked them!

Johnno said...

It'd be better to address this to Julian Assange.

If the U.S. Intelligence knows anything, the deep state would most likely use it themselves for blackmail purposes.

Plus given the woeful state of affairs that is the U.S. phony accusations against Russia, the credibility of U.S. Intelligence is shot.

Anonymous said...

Good show, TLM!

Kathleen1031 said...

I hope this request is taken up by the Trump administration.
As for us, we refuse to give one penny more to Francis-Church. We can no longer in good conscience continue to support any aspect of this organization. The Church Christ founded has been taken over. We need no more evidence than what we have already seen. They are going to need more money now that Donald Trump has cut off the millions of dollars Catholic Charities has been getting to bring in hordes of immigrants to the US. Now what, Catholic church? Panic, that's what. No wonder the USCCB and the pope promoted Clinton.

It is obvious the pope is anti-Catholic, anti-Christian. No one who sees his actions and words can seriously consider anything else reasonable. The globalist elites want a One World church and government. Given the situation just since Donald Trump has been elected, the evil people in power are using what they call a "scorched earth" policy to create a Civil War. These people don't care about the gullible rabble they rile up over fake issues like "immigration". This is about MONEY and POWER. If people die, so be it. We are being attacked by sodomites and Muslims, and the useful idiots who support them both. Our church is currently helping both of those groups. May God help US.

Anonymous said...

There was a meeting in Switzerland two weeks prior to the Conclave by Cardinal Kasper to lobby for Bergoglio. Bergoglio said, he did not know about this lobbying for him in Conclave. I do not believe him. I believe he did know. Bergoglio's payback to Cardinal Kasper for lobbying for Bergoglio's winning the election in the Conclave is to make Kasper the head of a Synod on the Family to push Kaspers giving Adulterers Holy Eucharist. This was the politicing around the Conclave. Both Pope Francis and Kasper are Marxists who are a part of the Communist Global agenda. So yes I believe there was interference from Obama's marxist CIA operatives at the time of the Conclave.