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The blasphemy of Charles Scicluna and Bishop Mario Grech and the outing of Grech as a "bully." Now, a plea from the People of God

Correction: The headline was unclear, that Catholics in Malta organised and paid for a notice in the newspaper there. The effort was undertaken by Veri Catolici which is an international association of Catholics. With apologies for the confusion. Vox.

There is some important information on the matter of the two bishops from the nation-state of Malta, -- the Island of Malta itself and of Gozo. Much more is revealed about Mario Grech of Gozo, in particular.

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Charles Scicluna of Malta and Mario Grech of Gozo

As you are no doubt aware, these two bishops have declared that as long as someone in grievous mortal sin, such as adultery, is at "peace with God," then they are free to receive Holy Communion. It's a position praised by the perverted alphabet community of Malta, so we can imagine that sodomy is the next to be declared a non-sin.

Further, it has been reported that Grech has threatened his priests with suspension, should they not go along with his demand that they commit sacrilege and error, and the people, greater mortal sin. As I wrote a few days ago, why should he be believed now given the fact that Grech, along with Scicluna, are advocating sacrilege and mortal sin?

Grechdenied the report on "Facebook," and as reported in the press from Malta. 

  • Priests pleaded with Rome and Cardinal Marx of the Bishops Conference in Europe not to see Grech appointed as Archbishop of Malta due to "reprehensible behaviour."
  • Grech failed to carry out the Vatican's order to defrock perverted priests who allegedly threatened to expose other cases of sexual abuse by priests.
  • He possessed the "grin of a Cheshire Cat" and was the "embodiment of a heady combination of spiritual authority and power with the lack of human accountability," in addition to a "manifest attachment to material wealth."
  • He was also accused in no uncertain term of being a "bully," creating a "bullying culture" in the local Church and being obsessed with of thriving in a "media spin culture."
  • Gozo continued, at least in 2015, to live at "home with his parents," and was accused of nepotism!

This man accused of being a "bully" is now telling us he did not threaten his priests. He is now using Facebook and other sources working within a "media spin culture?"

I direct you now to two important posts.

The first is a thoughtful, assessment from a blog which I have just discovered and have linked at the left called, Dominus mihi adjutor. It is written by Dom Hugh Somerville-Knapman, OSB.

The second is the parsing by Mark Lambert at De Omnibus of a podcast by Grech who states:
 "I appreciate the trust which the great majority have in us bishops, but at the same time it pains me when I notice that, among the flock, there are those who are not only rigid (strict) towards themselves, but would also be rigid towards others, and so are confusing you. Indeed, they would say that it is us, the bishops, who are confusing you! If you want a guarantee that our teaching is that of the Church, I assure you that myself and the Archbishop are in complete unity with Pope Francis."
Grech declares that the Bishop of Rome agrees with him and Scicluna and that it matters not what sin one has committed, but if one is at peace with God, then sacramental confession, absolution and a firm purpose of amendment is no longer necessary. That is what the implication is of what they said and wrote.

Pope Bergoglio is now well in to a corner. He has placed himself there and the light is being shone upon his error and confirmed, even mostly by his own minions.

As of the morning of January 25, on this Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, so familiar as he was with Malta, the Catholic faithful of Malta have gone so far as to take out a newspaper advertisement exhorting that their bishops be faithful. 

How bad has it become? 

How evil can these two men be along with hundreds, maybe a few thousand other bishops and cardinals and tens of thousands of priests and maybe even the Pope himself, that it has come to this. 

The faithful begging their shepherds to be Catholic. The picture is below and a readable and printable PDF can be found at this link organised by Veri Catholici at: 

God save us from these evil and deceitful wolves.


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

These words of yours are a perfect and brilliantly succinct summary of this pontificate:

"The faithful begging their shepherds to be Catholic."

No way, no turning back to the way of Christ, when we have Kasper and Bergoglio - responds Mercy Inc. to the beggars.

Anonymous said...

January 25 is the Feast of St. Gregory the Theologian. Excerpt from Vespers:

Faithful, let us assemble!
Let us celebrate in spiritual songs the prince of bishops and the glory of patriarchs,
the interpreter of the words and thoughts of Christ.
Let us honour him whom God exalted with a heavenly mind:
rejoice, fountain of theology and river of wisdom;
the abyss of divine contemplation!
Rejoice, brilliant star, enlightening the world with true doctrine!
Rejoice, fearless opponent of error and powerful defender of truth!
Most wise Gregory the theologian, never cease to pray to Christ our God
for those who celebrate your God-pleasing and honorable memory
with faith and love!

Quite a contrast, don't you think?


Osusanna said...

You post the best photos Vox. There they are with their backs to Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Msgr. Charles Judas Scicluna,& Msgr. Mario Grech, Alla se jikkastigaw it-tnejn minnkom. ilpup fil-ħwejjeġ tan-nagħaġ.. (Matthew 07:15)

Anonymous said...

There really is something evil going on with Bergolio and his evil henchmen. Personally i believed the third secret of Fatima was over,done and dusted, but in the last few years i have certainly changed my mind. Cardinal Burke is the real target here. I pray he does not surrender to the forces of evil.