Monday, 30 January 2017

A timely Office Hymn

Overnight, there was a terrorist attack at a mosque in Quebec resulting in the death of at least six people. The victims were all Muslims.

One man, a young Quebecois, has been arrested and charged.

May God, in his infinite mercy, grant peace to those who sincerely tried, in spite of the falsity of the corrupted belief system that they followed, to seek Him.

Of course, leftists in Canada and elsewhere are blaming the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump for the attack. One person, a Quebecois, has been arrested. His motives, at this point, are undetermined, but of course, he liked Donald Trump on Facebook.

We also hear the usual bleating from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the very pretty Father Edward Beck, James Martin, Daniel Horan and the usual crows of Marxist Priests on who evil the President's actions are and how it is our Christian duty to bring every one of the world's suffering in to our lands.

Not true. They are Marxists and globalists, they are not Catholic.

And nobody has right to enter another country. People have a right to dwell in safety and security in their lands.

Today, in Lauds of the Divine Office we find the following hymn.

Tu natale solum protege, tu bonae
Da pacis requiem Christiadum plagis
Armorum strepitus, et fera praelia
In fines age Thracios.

Et regum socians agmina sub crucis
Vexillo, Solymas nexibus exime,
Vindexque innocui sanguinis hosticum
Robur funditus erue.

Tu nostrum columen, tu decus inclytum,
Nostrarum obsequium respice mentium;
Romae vota libens excipe, quae pio
Te ritu canit, et colit.

A nobis abigas lubrica gaudia
Tu, qui Martyribus dexter ades, Deus
Une et Trine: tuis da famulis jubar,
Quo clemens animos beas.

Be thou the guardian of thy native land,
And to all Christian nations grant repose
From din of arms, and every hostile band—
From all our borders drive away our foes.

Bid Christian princes marshal all their force
Beneath the sacred standard of the Rood,
To avenge sweet Salem's sacrilegious loss,
And crush the Paynim red with guiltless blood.

On thee our hopes are built, as on a tower;
Receive the homage we now humbly pay,
The vows which Rome accomplishes this hour,
With pious rites, and canticles' sweet lay.

Keep far from us all dangerous delight,
O God, who comfortest thy Martyrs' pain;
One God in Persons Three, bestow thy light
Wherewith Thou makest strong thy Martyrs slain.


You can sing it to the tune, "Woodlands," (Tell Out My Soul)

Oh, in case you are wondering what "Paynim" means, click here.


S D said...

One of them is being reported by UK news as of 'moroccan' origin.

mike said...

I cannot believe in the hubris that thinks we Canadians can tell the president of another country what to do. Unless of course some one is paying the freight to stir up hateful emotions. Can not the US vet their immigrants especially those who should really be called refugees? Do we want those who will not defend their own homelands. Can we expect then to defend our widows and orphans? I read that in New Brunswick young girls wearing a crucifix around their necks have them torn of, by immigrant boys much older than the girls in the same school. The RCMP let it slip that the Canadian Government said do not harm or charge the boys. By the way I read in the US they are up in arms that Trump is using Obama's List of & Arab nations that will receive special vetting and tha Americans wonder why Saudi Arabia was not on the List. They should go back to the Youtube video that shows Obama bowing down before the Saudi King and kissing his hand.

Anonymous said...

All we citizens have the right of "freedom" here in Canada and in the USA. We can pretty much do whatever we like as we like ... BUT we cannot use our freedom to take away the rights and freedoms of others. That's why we have laws, and laws keep us orderly.

Having said that, I am sick of hearing the leftest lies that Trump is a racist, a fascist, and an anti-Semite. I am tired of hearing that he needs to build "bridges and not walls". What he needs to do is keep his borders and his citizens safe. He has every right and in fact was elected for the purpose of defending his country from enemies within and with out, foreign and domestic. It is actually in the oath that he swore on January 20th 2017.

When the bleeding heart liberals compline about the wall Trump wants to build at the southern border and use the lame argument that he will be splitting up families with his immigration policies I wonder???

Does anyone think Kate Steinle's (US) family was split up when she was murdered by an illegal immigrant who was supposedly deported 5 times.

Will we have freedom when our illustrious leader here in Canada lets in all the muslim immigrants that will now apply for visas to Canada rather than the US since obviously Canada is more welcoming?

I suppose none of this matters to most people, as secular as they are. When their time comes before the sword, or being threatened with torture, these cream puffs will cave and bow to "allah".

St. Marina, Virgin and Martyr, Pray for us.

Eirene said...

Re. the perps who shot up people at the Mosque in Quebec. Gates of Vienna has the story but no-one has bothered to follow it on.
GofV has a vid clip showing two of the imams of the Mosque discussing the shooting and saying it was disgruntled members (Muslims, no less!) of the Mosque who were upset by the more "moderate" tone the Mosque was following. It is the right of all believers to put to death anyone who attempts to change or adulterate the teaching of the prophet! Check it out for yourselves - And then, PLEASE VOX, spread the word! The Canadian police have "sanitised" the report and reduced it to one only perp (with a French name which makes it all so much better!!!)and one witness, whom they originally arrested but then let go.(Looks better for the "lone wolf" theory, doesn't it?!) Meantime, the Toy Boy par excellence, Justin, is chirruping about "terrorism" and mouthing inanities about Canada being such an open house to all etc. He must make the Canadians sick - he does me!

Greg K. said...

There is an excellent piece on Breitbart today on St. Thomas Aquinas's teaching on a nation's right to control the flow of people into its lands and become citizens.

Anonymous said...

You mean that anti-Catholic site actually has an article on St. Thomas? Miracles never cease.