Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Pope expresses concern over "populism" while Tom Rosica praises "anarchists"

francis-and-fidel-iNot a few days ago, Pope Francis expressed his concern over Donald J. Trump and "populism" which, after all, elected Adolf Hitler. 

It was a rather curious considering he has spent so much time playing up to real tyrants such as the late Fidel Castro and spends so much time not being judgmental, except of course when it comes to faithful Catholics and Donald Trump.

Only a few days later, our boy Father Thomas Rosica issued a Tweet that we should listen to anarchists.

We should be concerned about populism, the populism that is concerned about unemployment, rusting factories, unsecured borders, debt and taxes and embrace anarchy?

In other news, Donald John Trump, the 45th President of the United States has today restored the Mexico City Policy reversing the very first executive order of Barack Hussein Obama which funded the torture, dismemberment and murder of millions of babies in the wombs of their mothers throughout the Africa, Asia, Central and South America.


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May God pour forth His abundant grace upon Donald J. Trump and Michael Pence to enlighten them to do what is His will for America and to bring them to the fullness of truth!

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It kind of makes you wonder, who are the real racists?


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

He can't get enough of the smell of the sheep, and yet - he bashes populism. The unscrupulous dictator posturing as Mercy Inc. The populace must know its place, when elitists, eugenicists and abortionist are speaking down to it through papal encyclicals.

He praises war-mongers with Nobel Peace prizes, who were at war ever single day of their administration, yet he singles out as Hitler's reincarnation a man who would prefer no to war.

And the populace loves him.

We have really been dumbed down. One must give it to the elites - they know how to socio-engineer the populace... and the popes. He is a madman.

Eirene said...

I was so happy today to read about the abolishment of the TPP and the reinstatement of the New Mexico policy! I was amazed to read also that as a parting gesture former President Obama had given (minutes before he officially became "former") $221 million dollars of American taxpayers money to the Palestinians for the Families of the Martyrs! I'm sure Francis et al will definitely approve of this!

Anonymous said...

More rotten garbage of the V2 cult of man. The best priests I ever knew stayed out of the public eye. They prayed their office, reverently offered the Mass, gave wise and logical counsel in line with Church teachings, and understood that the Church and "the world" were opposed to one another. Now all we have are these facebook and twitter priests spouting off about social justice and political issues with a warped, liberal stance at best. Let's see how this man feels when these anarchists who are anti-institution and most likely anti-Christian burn down his rectory, church, or residence. Oh, thats right. He probably won't even realize it happened. He'll probably be on the street campaining for lbgtqxxx gay alphabet soup rights or massaging the souls of murderous would-be mothers with his talks of infinite Francis made mercy. God help us!

Johnno said...

The Remnant has an open letter to Trump to investigate what really occurred behind the scenes with regards to possible collusion between the Democrats and the Catholic heirarchy, including decisions to pull the plug on the Vatican's access to the monetary system, then only suddenly reinstated upon Benedict XVI's abdication. With speculation going about that Wikileaks may have many surprises in store that might implicate the Vatican, the God of Surprises just might turn up after all! Who wants to bet that Rosica too might be involved as a deliberate Leftist plant?

TLM said...

The left have always been the ones who are the real RACISTS. It would be wonderful if the minorities would ALL figure that out already, and realize they have been buying the LIE from the left. I think some are beginning to wake up to this as evidenced by the last U.S. election. There were more minorities that voted for Trump than ANY ONE of our Republican conservative Presidents. He certainly didn't get the majority, but the needle moved in the right direction. I feel badly for some of them because they pinned their hopes on our 'first black President' and then he through them all under the bus.

The MOST BEAUTIFUL sight in the WORLD to me was watching that helicopter with the Obamas in it pull away from Washington D.C. on Inauguration Day. In a way, it was kind of bitter sweet because we KNOW he will be back to Washington to terrorize Trump and the nation at large. I didn't care for George Bush either, but at least he stepped down from the Presidency GRACEFULLY. He said that he would not infringe on the goings on with Obama or Washington in general, and he kept his word. He was asked during an interview some time later why he decided to keep his nose out of things, and he said: 'Because I don't think it's good for the country for an ex President to stay involved.' Bush had more class, in that regard, in his little finger than Obama has in his entire body.

Michael Dowd said...

Trump is about helping and protecting the working man and working poor better themselves. He is also about protecting the unborn, protecting our borders, empowering the people, and protecting us against Islamic terrorism.

Pope Francis and his henchmen are about protecting the psychologically disturbed (sodomites, transgenderites, feminists, etc), supporting the climate change hoax, hating on orthodox Catholics, advocating the New World Order which impoverishes the working class, and supporting totalitarian dictators.

Now who is more like Hitler?

Kathleen1031 said...

If Catholics and all Christians can't look at the man already and see by his words and actions HE MEANS IT, then Catholics and all Christians are also confused and lost. President Donald Trump is as good as his word, and the TPP action alone puts him in an entirely new category in terms of presidents. True to his demonstrated character, he has wasted no time in getting to the heart of things. I was stunned when listening to a press conference and hear it said "The President has made no secret he is pro-life...". To hear that at a presidential press conference, after 8 years of this godless regime, I don't know I can describe how surreal it is. God bless him!
The Left can't see the irony of denouncing him for racism and hate when he is the one who has just helped save the lives of how many people in foreign lands? He doesn't have to care about those children! He could say, as the Left does, the world would be better off without them. The Left is committed to death, and anarchy, and violence, and vulgarity, and sheer hatred, all things Satan. We can't get a better demonstration than at the "Women's March". What an ugly display.
The silence of the Vatican on the cancelling of the TPP is just another indicator of where these sodomite Communists are. They fit right in with the current culture.

Eirene said...

And has there been any reaction from the Vatican on the reinstating of the Mexico City Policy?

Michael Dowd said...

Eirene has a good question. The fact she has to ask is a statement in itself.