Monday, 16 January 2017

Gender "identity" and the diabolical reality behind Pope Bergoglio's Tweets

What you see above, is a picture of the Twitter page of Pope Francis from earlier today. At the time, over 15,000 people "loved" this Tweet and another 6,000 shared it. They were terribly deceived by its content. They were misled of the Truth. 

What is wrong then with this "Tweet" of the Vicar of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis?

The statement may be someones opinion, it may be his, but it is a lie.

It should have read.

There can never be true peace as long as a single human being is violated by not being preached the Truth of salvation by Our Lord Jesus Christ and baptism by water into the Catholic Church.

Let us put aside then, the truth of my statement, above, and deal with what the Pope has Tweeted, and then, let us discuss his Tweets in general.

This statement, that only there can "never be true peace" if someone has been "violated in his or her personal identity," is so bizarre and so embracing of a radical, secular narrative and mindset as to be diabolical. 

"There can never be true peace as long as a single human being is violated in his or her own personal identity."

In this day and age, "violated in his or her personal identity" can only be interpreted in one way, and that is radical gender theory and ideology. It is not good enough that this Bergoglio in some speech condemns genderism and then Tweets out such misleading and diabolical statements such as this which support genderist ideology. 

Are we to think now that this Pope supports the mental disorder that is personal identification of some kind of gender identity outside of biology? It is a mental disorder, notwithstanding what sociologists and politicians and Marxists demand, it is not, nor can it ever be, based upon science. It is a lie. The question here is, why is the Pope promoting it on Twitter when he has previously condemned gender ideology?

The photo above is from "All Inclusive Ministries" a group of homosexuals and lesbians operating out of Our Lady of Lourdes parish in Toronto, administered of course, by Jesuits. So distorted are they and so mislead, they can actually pen a post called "Lord, I Am Worthy." This is what Bergoglio has done and not only here in Toronto with this group, these types of suffering and misguided souls are everywhere, but this is what he has done. He speaks of "peripheries" of meeting people where they are. Well, it is one thing to meet them in the "dunghill" but at some point, as the Psalmist says, they need to "lifted out of the mire."

How long now until some group uses this evil Tweet for their own purpose, even if it is not what he meant?

Now, is there something which I am missing? If so, then what does the Pope mean, exactly? Frankly, I don't think I am missing anything. I think this is connected deeply to the next Synod and setting the scene for the "youth" who will corrupt the Synod and be corrupted by it. This Tweet was intentional. The Vatican offices, of both clerics and lay, are overrun with people who have no faith, ill-formed faith and are on a diabolical mission to change the faith and therefore, destroy the institutional Church and its unity under Peter. They hate you, they hate me, they hate your children and your grandchildren. They hate the Church and at the very root of all of this is their hatred for Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Mother. 

Let us look at this more broadly.

First, the Pope has no business on Twitter. Not this one, not Benedict XVI. It is a belittling of the office of the Pope, it causes confusion and reduces the papacy and the teaching authority of the pope to trivial. 

Second, who wrote this? Did Jorge Bergoglio sit down this morning and write this out and the Communication office just translated it and Tweeted it out to the various language accounts under Pontifex? Or rather, did the communication office, as I've been told, put various possibilities together and then present the list to him to approve? Or, is there a possibility that he knows nothing about what these people in communications are doing in his name? If that is the case, then this matter is even more serious than the Tweet itself. 

While this writer is under no illusions that Jorge Bergoglio is unfit for the papacy, that his theological underpinnings are poisoned by modernism, false oecumenism and indifferentism, positivism and Marxism and that he is a danger to the Faith, there can be no doubt, that the people around him are sycophantic, manipulative, opportunists, who will stop at nothing to preserve their positions and their power by manipulating a man who on top of those underpinnings already mentioned, is at best, intellectually a simpleton, and at worst and actual enemy of Christ.

Frankly, every one of them, including the bishop in white, have been engaging in a little too much coprophagia.


Ana Milan said...

Satan has been so active since PF came to the Papal Office. This year is his last stand & it is also the centenary year of Fatima. May it not be that Our Lady is also active in revealing those prelates who have been quietly & relentlessly plotting against Her Son's Church on Earth in order for the great purge to be effective?

Jaybee said...

Who wrote the tweet!? Vox, let us not overlook Abp. Kissy-face. I eagerly await a tweet counseling the faithful to "heal me with your mouth, no peace until we learn the art of kissing"!

Dan said...

Hey at least he used "his" and "her" pronouns.

susan said...

and not just the text, but the visual aspect of the tweet....look at the multicolored feathers and the unidentified object beside it that gives the appearance of rainbow colors next to the papal pectoral cross....they hit it on 2 levels; the obvious in the text, and the more subliminal in the picture....diabolical indeed. I think this is all coming to an ugly head in the near can't, simply CANNOT continue as it has been.

Kathleen1031 said...

No. Three and a half years in, it's nobody else but him. I cannot stand any more benefits of the doubt. He surely knows about it by now, unless tomorrow there is a great glaring press release by him redacting it, it's HIS.

By the way there will be no such press release.
Sodomites fill our church, bottom to top. It doesn't matter he denounced gender ideology, that's all part of the shell game! The rules work thus, SAY something that indicates you are a faithful son of the church, but DO the things that prove you are the exact opposite. See how clever that is? Well, it may not be clever, but it's kept us hopping and wondering for almost four years now, so it's not bad anyway.
Sodomite malefactors, having their picnic, healing each other with the art of kissing.
I don't know if anything but the sweet meteor of death will clear these rats out of the Vatican.

Osusanna said...

I wonder how much ghost writers do.
Satan certainly employs his writers for movies, tv etc.

Obama foreign advisor had only a degree in creative writing -

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

What does "being violated in one's personal identity" mean?

Let's say: I am a German woman, who is told to breed with Muslims. I had no choice but to have my neighbourhood overrun by Muslims. When I complain about the drastic changes in my community, I am being told - If you don't like, leave!? My elected representatives claim that it is a good thing that there will be no more Germans in a few short decades. Those who say it, support their claim with the teaching of the pope! Is the deliberate destruction of my nation and my community not a violation of my identity?

Maybe I am a Catholic who is being told in church that denying Communion to unrepentant adulterers is un-catholic, or that sharing the Gospel with unbelievers is un-catholic, a grave sin of proselytism. Is this not a denial of my identity?

I am a mother forced to sign my name on my child's school forms as parent B. Is this not a violation of my rights and denial of my identity?

A 5 year old girl is being told by a trusted teacher (or a pope) that she is a boy, if she so chooses. Is this not a criminal manipulation, obvious denial of identity?

Bergoglio is correct. There can be no peace, as long as he plays pope. He denies and violates his true identity, his anti-Christ nature.

Osusanna said...

scratch that "only"

Osusanna said...

scratch that "only" sorry

Eirene said...

It is perfectly obvious to this poster what Francis means and that is why he received such adulation following this immoral tweet! I completely agree with Vox that Francis has no business whatsoever being on Twitter! He has cheapened the Papacy to the level of the gutter! He has denounced the faithful and built up the evil doers and thinkers during his reign as Pope. Almighty God is not mocked - these are stupid games being played out on the stage of the Final Act! Our Holy, Righteous and Just God laughs at these antics and then comes down in furious and terrifying Judgement upon mankind ! No-one, neither in or outside the Church, is being prepared for this Day of Wrath because they have all forgotten about it or have contempt about what once was seriously taught and feared! I pray - I hope not presumptuously - Marantha Lord Jesus - come soon and deliver us from the Evil One and his cohorts! Through the Intercession of the Holy Mother of God, the pure and immaculate Virgin Mary and the Holy Archangel St. Michael! Kyrie Eleison!

Anonymous said...

O my what heretical tweets come out of this demon and his demonic clowns... One cannot help but feel the evil that is coming out of these un-Godly evil mere specks of dust.
There is a battle going on between good and evil, although having evil sit at the very top it seems all is lost, but the lord will never abandon his church, he is rising up his soldier’s to fight this ugly battle.
The Knights of Malta will now setup their own commission investigating the five-member team appointed by that demon “Jorge” to investigate the knights of Malta over the dismissal of that condom clown Albrecht Boeselager.
The Battle is increasing, the demon working through Jorge, seems triumphant, but Mary, the woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars" (12:1). Will crush his head…

Anonymous said...

A boy in a local Catholic school has been permitted by the parish priest and the headteacher to attend school dressed as a girl. Apparently all the children were taught how appropriate this was. A faithful man has been protesting this visibly and perseveringly, but is ignored. Silence from the bishop. He sent a letter to the vatican, and was told that Pope Francis promises him his prayers.

Christoph Rebner said...

I am so glad the Pope wants to foster my identity in CHRIST and that of my brethren in Sudan, Irak, Iran, Saudi Arabia ...

Anonymous said...

"..why is the Pope promoting it on Twitter when he has previously condemned gender ideology?"

We all know why. Because he is a deceiver.

(and Jorge darling, those rainbow feathers are soooo subversive! You're punking those hetero-normative Catholics - and they don't even realise! They're sending you rosaries! You sure can speak out of both sides of your mouth...Hilarious.)

Anonymous said...

Bergoglio does not worship God. Bergoglio worships man in his sinfulness. Bergoglio admires sinfulness and does not point to Jesus Christ or the Catholic Church for man's only road to achieve Sanctity. Bergoglio gives excuses for man's sinfulness and manipulates the Scriptures in the Gospels to fit those narratives which is a War against God and His Church. Bergoglio is Judas Iscariot sitting in the Chair of Peter leading souls into Hell and Perdition.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have friends/family/contacts at McKinsey & Co.?

I know this consulting firm started collaborating with the Vatican after Bergoglio assumed his post.

I know that McKinsey & Co. had a LGBT friendly environment and gays were a strong force inside the firm.