Saturday, 28 January 2017

We're going to ruin your party Frank!

What Mundy said.

Times ten!


Anonymous said...

I wonder who the eye of Sauron will fall on next.

Ana Milan said...

Thank God for the internet & the Traditional bloggers & commenters. If we had no recourse to such a source for information & support the outcome could, indeed, be different. As diabolical as PF's legacy has become there can only be a short time remaining to him to continue his rabid thrashing of the Word of God, which will be turned back to Tradition at the next conclave.

These predators are closing watching all Catholic blogspots & taking note of its comm boxes resulting in many of us being blacklisted. Priests & Prelates alike are being persecuted in different guises but all coming from the same source - Satan. This year is reputed to be his 'last stand' according to Pope Leo XIII's reported hearing of a conversation between Satan & God so things are heating up now to a great crescendo. Nothing to be feared, as Our Lady will triumph in the end. She has stipulated that Russia will be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart by the pope (probably the next one after PF) & order restored, but probably only for a relatively short time before the Anti-Christ arrives. That would mean that PF is most likely the False Prophet.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

My comment is sincere, not intended to be an exaggeration or an ad hominem attack.

I was getting some education, watching a you tube video, one on psychopathy. This is not amateurish material, though presented in a very accessible manner. I was not thinking about Bergoglio at all, only focusing to understand psychopathy.

When the video began to discuss a psychopath's modus operandi, it hit me - It is Bergoglio! I was right! Bergoglio and his clique ARE psychopaths.

Back to the modus operandi - the stage of heartless charming and seducing us is over. We have progressed into full-blown tyranny.

Even observing the vocabulary used by many Catholic bloggers and reporters, previously determined not to criticize who they thought of as the Holy Father, shows us the tragic reality. They now talk about fear and tyranny in the Vatican. No longer able to see him as the Holy Father, they are increasingly calling him Bergoglio.

Kathleen1031 said...

What's the point of lamenting all this anymore. At the very least, we can see it plainly enough now. No need for arduous explanations of it, at least, we know. Malta finishes it. I am disgusted by the Former Military Order of Malta. Feh. Military order, that once beat the Saracens! They couldn't beat a team of grannies now. All it took was a word with a man he knew would fold under "obedience". All he had to do was tell Fessing not to let anybody know they were meeting, and get the resignation right there. Easy enough. Ah, let them all go to blazes! If that's how weak they all are, let them go.
The Cardinals are afraid of a Council? So stand by and let him thoroughly decimate the faith and the hearts of true Catholics. I don't believe it. They're afraid, for themselves and their careers and their comforts.

Johnno said...

It is likely the Knights of Malta's leader was blackmailed over dome negligence with regards to some abuse case. This is classic espionage, the homosexual mafia send fags to infiltrate everywhere, either learn of some skeletons or cause the problem itself which will then be used by the saboteurs as leverage against someone who becomes a controllable asset. It's the devil's own tactic to inevitably use our sins against us. Which is why the Church demands from us the highest standard of morality to serve her. Sin makes you vulnerable to the enemy. It was Sybil Edmonds who revealed that the only people chosen for politics and judges were people with dirt that coukd be used against them by U.S. Intelligence. The worse, the better. Good, honest men were denied. The same has occurred for the priesthood.