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A corporal work of mercy.
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Friday 4 December 2015

The Sodomy Synod of Shame

The adulterous and sodomitical synod of shame was called by this writer on more than one occasion, "a sham."

Who is Father Pio Pace? We do not know, Is this true or is it conjecture? Time will tell. 

As for me, I tend to believe it. I think the die was cast long ago. Yes, I believe the Apostolic Exhortation if not completed was certainly well-along, long before the Synod every began in October. 

I don't believe that any of these should operate in the shadows. They should declare their name and go full force if this is true and challenge the malefactors in the Church who would conspire to do such things. If this, and some of the others we've heard about recently, are this concerned then they must link up and declare what is going on. Operating in the shadows is not credible. Yes, they fear for their friends and others who will be punished but this corruption must be outed. What can they do, send them back to parish life? 

If these are careerists then they are no better than those who Pope Francis rages at. 

Put it out into the light and be not afraid.



Mark Thomas said...


Time will tell as to whether the claim that Rorate Caeli presented is accurate.

However, as I have demonstrated on your blog and elsewhere, Rorate Caeli's "expert" analysis and "BREAKING" and "EXCLUSIVE" information has often proved inaccurate.
I documented yesterday on your blog that Rorate Caeli's "expert" analysis of Pope Francis' "God is Father and Mother" comment was way, way off base.

Had Rorate Caeli simply read CCC #239, they would have understood that Pope Francis' allusion to God's maternal dimension is 100 percent Catholic. Pope Francis simply referenced CCC #239. How on earth did Rorate Caeli make such a mistake in not recognizing that?

Sorry, but I'm leery of Rorate Caeli's latest "EXCULSIVE". They have been wrong too many times for me to simply accept at face value their reports.


Mark Thomas

Maudie N Mandeville said...

Re: "as the letter to the Pope of the 13 dissatisfied Cardinals proves..." It was shocking to see Cdl Timmy Dolan's name among the 13 'dissatisfied'. A few days later, he 'clarified' how he came to be involved. To paraphrase, "We were sittin' around with Cardinal Pell (It's his fault!!) and he said, "we love the Holy Father, we trust him, he’s urged us to be honest so let's write him a letter." And lo and behold, his Holiness responded the first day of the synod, "hey everybody, I’ve heard from some of you that you’ve got some concerns.” And then “he (the Holy Father) listed the exact concerns that I’ve just mentioned... and he said, ‘let me try to respond to that.’”

and Dolan responded, “I said, here you go, Holy Father, you told us to be honest and we were. You’ve answered right to these [concerns]. I’m grateful you paid attention. So let’s get on with the work.”

And that's that. The very first day of the synod, the Holy Father had assuaged the 'dissatisfied' Cardinal Dolan. Proof that there were, at most, 12 'dissatisfied' Cardinals and one gutless brown noser.

Maudie N Mandeville said...

CCC 239: By calling God "Father", ..... God's parental tenderness can also be expressed by the image of motherhood,
239 does not "call God, 'Mother', nor 'Motherlike'. In the image of motherhood can God's parental tenderness be expressed, not by calling Him, mother.

Eirene said...

Actually, Mark Thomas, there are some of us who like Rorate Caeli and will prioritise access to it over and above "learned" tracts as to why they are "so often wrong". In fact, your latest trilogy of
how right you (always) are and how wrong they are left me cold. I couldn't even finish reading it. Sorry and all. Pax.