Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Is there an "absolute truth" and if so, who or what is it?

I want to address once again the disgraceful words of the Pope whilst on his way back from Africa, for they are so deeply upsetting. Never have we heard a Pope speak so ill of the Catholic faithful. Sadly, it is not the first time that his words have been cruel and vicious.

Forced to defend himself and the good name of LifeSiteNews being accused of using a "faulty translation" or not putting the Pope's words "in context" John-Henry Westen is one step ahead, as usual. Visiting this link will take you to the Pope's words with the Vatican's official translation and words translated by LifeSiteNews not put in the "official" translation but clearly said by the Pope. He seems agitated in the video.


To you in the Vatican whomever you all are, because I know you come here and some days multiple times. Do you hate the Pope that you do not bring to him these concerns so that he will continue to disgrace himself and the Church? Do you not want him to know how he hurts people and secretly hope he will not change? Is it totally out of control that there is nothing you can do? Are you as disturbed by the words of this man as us? 

Will no bishop or cardinal there have the courage to tell him to his face what he is doing? At what point do we, the faithful, demand to the bishops and cardinals that they intervene directly and decisively? I suspect it will come soon, with his apostolic exhortation on the recent Synod. Expect the worst, he has already hinted at it. Bishops and Cardinal be forewarned. if you fail to act, you will be judged by God and man and held accountable in history and eternity.

Let us look again at what he said:

"Fundamentalism is a sickness that is in all religions. We Catholics have some -- and not some, many -- who believe in the absolute truth and go ahead dirtying the other with calumny, with disinformation, and doing evil. They do evil. I say this because it is my church."

Does he mean that some who believe in "absolute truth" are sinners and sometimes calumniate? I'll give him that, we're all sinners and notwithstanding the fact we believe, we sin.

Is he questioning whether or not there is "absolute truth?"

If a Muslim is a fundamentalist he cuts off peoples heads and blows up marketplaces. If a Catholic is a fundamentalist, she prays the rosary and wears a scapular, goes to Mass at least once a week and Confession frequently. 

What is Pope Francis trying to say?

We can only shake our heads and pray for him; but I tell you, I thought it was bad enough to invite a follower of the pervert, thief, warlord and liar Mahomet in to the Vatican gardens to pray to his false god, but to bow down and pray to the Kabaa is beyond an abomination. I would not want to be him after praying to the Kabaa by facing Mecca; nor would I want to be anywhere near him. God will not be mocked.

There is "absolute truth" and his name is Jesus Christ, for He said:

"I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father, except by Me."

Sounds pretty absolute to me.


Unknown said...

The truth. Either it is true .. or it isn't 'the truth'. That is an absolute and utterly fundamental truth .. even for passing popes (fond of an ex tempore, stream-of-consciousness style in communication).

How do I know? Because a) it is self-evident from the very proposition, b) it is so because it is irreducible beyond itself, c) because reason accepts this spiral (not circular) force of argument (having no other choices). This has related factors, also rationally demonstrable, chiefly, does not preclude the distinction to be made between the universal assertion of 'The Truth' and the variable application of 'truth' to particular circumstances (e.g. a scientifically demonstrable postulate, a poetical turn of phrase, a dogma of the Faith, a doctrine of some Marxian-Socialist ideology).

Either they are true, or they aren't: the truth. The personal and holy Name for such Truth is, as you say: Jesus, the Anointed. How do I know this, well, because the Faith tells me the Truth says so of Himself: the Word made flesh. And how do I know the Faith .. etc ..

GBOP etc

Anonymous said...

It goes on and on, and will not stop until the spiritual culture of the Church changes or until we get a Catholic Pope who actually takes the Gospel and the teaching of the Church seriously and is willing to fight to defend the faith.

Sodomites and sodomite supporters have permeated the Church. The most base of sins as the Scripture tells us are now those that define who must be "respected" and whose "dignity" must be upheld! The Pope encourages this evil and he encourages sacrilege of the Mass. He encourages adultery, all of this thru the support he gives to heretics. Instead of driving them out of their positions of power, he coddles them. He supports worldwide abortion by supporting UN Agenda 2030. I cannot imagine that he personally WANTS it, but does he not understand that the UN will never withdraw support for abortion and that in affirming policy like Agenda 2030 he is supporting its goals? On and on it goes, with many Catholics pretending all's well and "normal" while others who are not Catholic want nothing to do with an "Italian Branch of the Anglican Church" for good reason! All of this is putrefying! God help us.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some Cardinals and Bishops have already told him to his face privately that he is wrong. This episode on the plane is him lashing out at them without naming names. It is a psychological tactic used to shun ones opponent. Very Saul Alinsky like.
I don't want a schism but at some point it will have to formally happen. The heretical promoting and apostate Cardinals and bishops from Germany and other western countries have been pushing it for many years. They have mental disorders and are very unstable due to certain sins they most likely partake in. It is best not to engage them when they are in their manic stage which seems to be perpetual. However there is a breaking point! There is going to have to be a public condemnation of pope Francis and these dissenting prelates by faithful Cardinals. It will not be easy and I'm sure it will be ugly and painful. Probably in many dioceses faithful Catholics will be persecuted by apostate bishops and will not have a church building to worship in. Who knows what will happen in Europe especially in Rome? However it will be healthier for the Church its faithful members us fundamentalists. A smaller and holier Church with us starting fresh but with 2000 years of experienced. This is probably what is in store for us. I believe Pope BenedictXVI mentioned something like this before he was made the pope.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life". I'd say that statement of Jesus Christ as recorded in John's Gospel is quite explicit.

Anonymous said...

It is *NOT* his Church, he places himself above Christ and his teachings. God will not be mocked, pray for Cardinal George and those who conspired to elect him.

Anonymous said...

Dear me he just called all the great saints and saints to be who were Catholic fundamentalist such as Mother Teresa...dirty.Lord please deliver us from this clown.

Anonymous said...

An example of a non fundamental Catholic ,take note always ensure you can tuck your Crucifix away out of sight when you are dialoguing .

Unknown said...

It is appalling. The best interpretation is that the man is losing his mind and going senile. Imagine the ignorance of someone who puts Catholic faithful on the same level as head-chopping Muslim terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Here I am at 75, just a couple of years younger than the Pope. He is the 7th pope in my life time and, for the first time, a most frightening pope. Sometimes I give him the benefit of the doubt by telling myself he is suffering from dementia - but no, he is now being deliberately nasty and hurtful to the ordinary faithful members of the, with all our warts and faults, who love Christ and desire to please Him with our pathetic efforts. His deliberate gestures of honour towards Islam and various Protestant faiths goes beyond being merely polite. Should I write to the Pope and tell him how much he disturbs me or would it be a waste of time and postage stamp? Yes, I will use the stamp instead to send a Christmas card to Pope Benedict, as I have done for some years. I used to always receive a holy card from him...which I still treasure. Dear Lord stay by our side and protect us. (Tess)

TLM said...

This Pontiff wears the old black shoes not the red. Why? Because he will NEVER fight let alone DIE for Christ in His Church. Simple and obvious.

Eirene said...

Dear Vox - Yes, it IS time for a group of faithful, high-ranking clergy to challenge the Bishop of Rome if they could find the courage and spirit so to do. Isaiah 59:19 says:
"When the enemy comes like a flood, the Spirit of God will lift up a standard against him." and that's just what is needed - a strong,
unswerving Standard Bearer, whose face is set like flint towards Heaven and the Truth and who will gather the elect around him and lead them back to the Lord Jesus and the Church!