Saturday, 12 December 2015


Mary Wagner has been arrested. The Canadian pro-life missionary entered an abortuary this morning in Toronto's west end at Jane Street and Bloor Street to pass out roses to the women there and to speak to them about their baby and letting it live.

There is no law in Canada against abortion. Under the current government, there is no hope for there to be one as it is aggressively pro-abortion, notwithstanding the Prime Minister being a baptised Catholic. Mary was arrested last December at the same clinic for the same action on behalf of the unborn. 

BREAKING NEWS: Mary Wagner was arrested this morning at a Toronto abortion facility

A killing factory in an innocuous looking medical building

This morning, on December 12th, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, our dear sister in Christ, Mary Wagner, was arrested by Toronto Police for entering the Bloor West Village Women's Clinic - an abortion facility -and gently suggesting to expectant mothers to opt for life, rather than go through with killing their baby.


Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...

Vox, the link to the 'full report' seems to broken.

Anonymous said...

She should remain outside ,once she steps into their property ,she's at their mercy .To enter the building is to play into their hands.

Anonymous said...

Article has more information missing than given.

Arrested on what grounds? Merely arrested and released? Or cited? Or charged, and with what crime? Trespassing, assault, etc? What is "gently suggesting"? Whispering, talking, touching her arm, handing out literature, carrying a sign, interrupting or interfering with the woman's movement or access, or an employee's access to her... etc?

If she had the same thing happen last year, why is she doing it again? She is dedicated, or she wants to make a scene, or she is making a statement, or she was part of a group visiting the clinic to support women... or what? Also note laws regarding private property, freedom of speech, are different in every place or country.

I am totally pro-life and that is why I feel we must be just as detailed and honest and trustworthy as possible - if we want to be taken seriously by the rulers (as they now are) and the public and the abortionists. Otherwise they will just state the old refrain that we are extremists violating others' rights.

Lynda said...

Mary Wagner is doing what all Catholics ought to be doing, what all people who comply with the natural law and justice ought to be doing. Thank you, Miss Wagner. And forgive the Church in general, especially the pope and bishops, for not doing their duty in respect of the mass slaughter of babies and the defence of those such as yourself who strive to defend those babies from systematic, commercialised, murder. The blood is on all of us. You put us to shame, Miss Wagner. In so many countries including my own, the bishops work against the efforts of Prolife organisation's while working with those responsible for legalising and providing for the carrying out of the murder of innocent babies in what ought to be the sanctuary of their mothers' wombs.

Lynda said...

She's doing the same thing again because it is the right thing to do - everything in her moral power to prevent the murders of innocent babies. The fact that the mass commercialised, murder has been legalised under a false "medical" format, and may involve private property is irrelevant to the moral issue. If it were babies already born, such excuses would not be brought up (well for the moment - of course, legalised murder of babies after birth is promoted by many and that is the direction things are movin in). There is a moral duty on all of us, and on the state, to protect and defend the lives of innocent babies under imminent attack. It is the state and the corrupt society along with the murderers themselves that are guilty - not the few fighting against it. Miss Wagner stands out for he goodness only because she is surrounded by evil people, from those who legalise such atrocities and carry them out, to those who support the continuation of this evil that cries out to heaven for vengeance. The truth remains the truth even when most people have come to deny it; what is extremely evil remains extremely evil even when most people no longer accept that it is evil. The great apostasy has led to a great moral corruption.