Tuesday, 8 December 2015

St. Peter's Basilica burns - invaded by Arabians on camels

Oh sorry, it was a desert sunset projected on to the Temple of God with the approval of Jorge Bergoglio, the Pope of Rome.

What an abomination and disgrace. People died today at the hands of Islamists. Babies murdered in the womb. This is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary and our Pope and his minions have disgraced Her feast and the Church. 

The Pope should be ashamed of this joke.

I guess I'll be excommunicated for this.

So let it be written.

So let it be done.

So mote it be, eh?



Anonymous said...

Holy cow, Vox! At first glance I thought you were promoting the opera Aida on steroids.

My next thought was you were unleashing your scathing wit on the U.S. Postal Service for their orange Christmas stamp of meandering wise men.

Then I absorbed your headline and realized - this is just the usual kitsch solidarity and pandering to the philistines that now mark the current Vatican reign of terror.

I do hope the Muppets were featured somewhere in this magnificent pyrotechnical prayer; it would not be complete without them.

Laramie Hirsch said...

What...the...hell? And I mean that literally. Hell!?!?

Is this serious? Is this for real?

Anonymous said...

Oh, the Saints who died fighting Islam and their false prophet are turning in their graves. This pope is disgraceful.

Eirene said...

Dear Vox - One has to say it - there is not a "peep" from Church Militant on this whole matter - neither the "Light Show", nor the petition from The Remnant authors, nor indeed was there any report whatsoever on the Lutheran fiasco recently. I have given up on them because they are filling their website with irrelevancies and consequences of the disastrous reign of this Pope without ever naming him as where the buck should stop. This is an insult to logic and intelligence and a classic example of the ostrich with his head in the sand as the hunter draws closer and closer - then it's curtains!
I thank Almighty God that bloggers such as yourself and others have the guts to speak the truth - without fear or favour!

Vox Cantoris said...


Michael Voris and the people at Church Militant are solid, orthodox Catholics. Michael is a friend of mine and I know a few of the others there. Everyone has their own style and priorities and mission with blogs and new media. Church Militant's main focus is on evangelisation and catechesis. They do tremendous work in teaching the faith where bishops have failed. They have woken up many Catholics. I wonder if they took the same approach that I do or the Remnant does how the more "fragile" Catholics might react? They are searching for the lost sheep, that lost sheep has been abused and lied to and scandalised. Perhaps we need to consider how much more scandalised they might be. There is room in this fight for Christ and His Church for the approach of Michael Voris/Church Militant and the Remnant. We are all on the same side.

God bless you and thank you for reading and commenting here. I am always happy to read your views. Please don't be offended by my comments above, but I know Michael, he is my friend and he is the real thing.


Anonymous said...

I have never seen a sunset with billowing black clouds of smoke... must be much hotter than our North American sunsets...Or is it GLOBAL WARMING? that must be it...

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

What other leader on Earth (other than Obama) has such hatred for his own institution?

Try to imagine, say, McDonald's beaming images and messages from PETA or Commercials of Cows asking that more chicken be eaten on a McDonald's structure.

See, you can't even imagine such a thing because the leader of McDonald's believes in its mission.

Unknown said...

This Pope is a heretic. His goal is to secularize the Church and destroy hope for those seeking the rock if Faith.

He has camped down on earth and forgotten heaven. The process for the heretics removal should commence.This clown should be removed as Pope.

Lynda said...

And the diabolic, eugenicist Clumate Change NWO totalitarian regime used the same company to do the sacrilegious ritual at St Peter's as the diabolic show featuring even more explicit pagan idols at the Empire State Building, a couple of months earlier. And they have succeeded in duping, intimidating or controlling most people - it is totalitarianism and invades every aspect of ones life, and that of one's children. 1984 is here and now.