Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Jorge Bergoglio, why are you using Protestant Heretical terminology to describe the Catholic Church?

Allow me to refer to two paragraphs from a post one below which will explain the reason that in this title, I have called the Bishop of Rome by his name, Jorge Bergoglio:
I once asked an erudite religious superior and author about Paul VI, the greatest disaster on the Church in 500 years only eclipsed by Francis, how was it possible that a Pope could issue Humanae Vitae and the Credo of the People of God and then do so much other damage to the Faith which in every other aspect of his Papacy is clear and unequivocal? He replied that "Humanae Vitae and the Credo were issued by Paul VI, the rest was Giovanni Montini." How interesting that these Modernists waited until Father Luigi Villa died before announcing the "Beatification" of Paul VI. Perhaps, they knew he was right and would have rained on their parade.
I think that this is a good comparison to what we are experiencing now and a good explanation of what I intend when I refer to Pope Francis as Jorge Bergoglio, Bishop of Rome. When he is in communion with his predecessors and the Magisterium of two-thousand years, then he is Pope Francis, When he is not, then he is Jorge Bergoglio.
Presumably, you've heard him say the Latin phrase, as he did a month ago in Milan and just yesterday before the Curia, "ecclesia semper reformanda" - the church is always to be reformed.

Have you heard this term before? Do you know from whence it originates?

I didn't, at least not until a few minutes ago as I read the comment box at Southern Orders

It seems that this is a Protestant, heretical term used quite often by that infamous Catholic heretic, Hans Kung.

Why is Jorge Bergoglio quoting Protestant theologians and heretical Catholics in describing the Church? What exactly is this man's ecclesiology? -- because from what this simple man can determine, it is not Catholic? Which Cardinal or Bishop will call out Jorge Bergoglio on the use of this phrase or is it up to fundamentalist laity and seminarians that bite?

Hey, Jorge; you want "dialogue" well, let's say that you and I jaw-jaw a little. what do you say?  Now, when you can act like a Pope, then I will humbly call you and submit to you as Pope Francis. but when you talk like a Protestant, then you're just old George.

To think, how far we've drifted in three years from that great address ten years ago on the hermeneutic of continuity, makes one want to weep. 

God help us.




Lone Star PLU said...
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like reformation another word for the protestant revolt. Its not the Church that needs to be reformed ,its the people in charge of it.

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear LonestarPLU at https://www.blogger.com/profile/07698621299004358380,

I apologise for accidentally deleting your comment which I recall was:

"Lumen Gentium 8".

By this do you mean, "the Church, embracing in its bosom sinners, at the same time holy and always in need of being purified, ..." If so, is it not inappropriate to use "Protestant" language? If this is what he is referring to than why not quote Lumen Gentium 8?

Could you clarify, Father?

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

The birthday-boy of the VII revelation is using words that belong to that post-Catholic revelation.

Anonymous said...

Ann Barnhardt had an interesting bit of info on the writing of Humanae Vitae...seems Cardinal Ottaviani wrote the Key parts...which according to Barnhardt are easily recognizable due to the Fact that they are Thomistic.

Remnant Clergy said...

You are correct that he is Jorge, because he is an antipope, the second beast of Revelation chapter 13. Benedict is the real pope. You will see continued degradation until some prelates stand up thus causing the greatest schism ever.

Mary said...

Because the Protestant reformation was a rejection of Christ's teaching and God's law. It was achieved by those who sought their petulant whims to reign supreme. It's established and an easy reach for these monsters to employ and it has reached it's desired outcome, it's adherents roiling in the gutter, and demanding others be frog marched down into it

Maudie N Mandeville said...

Jorge "call me Jorge' Bergoglio, also seems to know some sodomitical terminology. In an open letter to the popester, Randy Engel writes:
"And you, Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio, replied: 'Journalists sometimes risk becoming ill from coprophilia and thus fomenting coprophagia...'
Now the term "coprophilia" which you used spontaneously in the interview refers to a sexual perversion by which a person derives sexual excitement from the presence of feces. The term "coprophagia" pertains to the actual act of eating excrement. Both paraphilias are commonly associated with homosexual behavior and are a regular feature of homosexual pornography.

That a bishop should so glibly refer to such disgusting and perverted practices in a public interview clearly indicates to me that you are not unschooled in the ways and dangers of sexual perversion, and hence, have no real need for me to instruct you on the perversity of homosexual behaviors..."

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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