Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Pagan satanic worshippers take over St. Peter's Basilica


Barona said...

"Let those who serve idols be ashamed" (Psalm 97), from today's Breviary. Do these churchmen believe the Gospels? We can truly doubt it.

There are three groups in Rome: one, small, but Catholic; another much, much larger - liberal Catholic (today modernist, tomorrow Catholics, two-faced, confused;a third group overlaps with the second: it is masonic, pantheistic, agnostic even satanic.

This latter group is firmly in the ascendency in Rome. It is there as a punishment by Almighty God for decades of infidelity of churchmen and the faithful.

How many faithful have had abortions, use contraception? Almighty God is furiously angry with his unfaithful Church and He is punishing Her with mad and evil churchmen.

Felix M said...

And what's surprising about this? Pope Frank said he wanted his "Year of Mercy" to involve encounters with non-Christian religions. (See his bull, Misericordiae Vultis, n23)

Almost certainly "Year of Mercy" will produce even worse stunts. I suggest seeking sanity and salvation by reading as little as possible about the pontiff's antics, and instead praying the Rosary every day.

Mark Thomas said...

As usual within the Church, Catholics will agree to disagree about this or that. That has been the way of the Church for 2,000 years. The reality is that there are few things, speaking relatively, about which Catholics agree...unity in essentials, but for the most part, disagreements and tensions are widespread throughout the Church. That has been our history. That is the simple reality of the Church.

In regard to the light show controversy, certain Catholics will be convinced that Saint Peter's Basilica was profaned...they will insist that they are 100 percent correct. Saint Peter's Basilica was ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVLEY profaned and nobody could possibly believe otherwise. His Holiness Pope Francis proved that he is a "heretic" for having permitted the light show in question to have occurred.
Those folks are TOTALLY correct and that is that. They know best.

Conversely, certain Catholics will insist that the light show in question was ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY valid. Saint Peter's Basilica was ABSOLUTELY NOT profaned. They are 100 percent CORRECT and that is that. They know best.

Each group is equally fierce in its opinion. Each group's opinion is set in concrete. Each group insists that they are 100 PERCENT CORRECT.

Here is what I believe...and I know that I am 100 percent CORRECT...nobody can possibly tell me otherwise. Only I am COREECT. Everybody else is WRONG.

-- I don't have a clue as to whether the light show profaned Saint Peter's Basilica. Many people on various blogs have pointed out that light shows projected onto Catholic churches, including Cathedrals (such as Chartes) have occurred for some time. It was even noted that light shows in Europe on December 8 have occurred at least since the 19th Century.

-- I imagine that 99 percent of Catholics were disinterested (if they were even aware) in yesterday's light show.

-- I fast-forward through the video of the light show. After about two minutes, I had lost interest and moved to other things.

-- During the couple of minutes in question, I saw several scenes of people on hand watching the light show. Why would I wish to spend time watching people who were watching the light show? That is interesting TV (or video)...watching people who are watching something?

-- The light show bored me. The light show was utter nonsense to me. I wasted two minutes of my life watching a boring event.

Now, my take on the light show is 100 percent CORRECT. I cannot possibly be wrong.

Except....I am old enough and possess half a brain to know the following: I may be wrong. All that I know for certain is that I...I...found the light show boring. The next person may have enjoyed the light show.

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, please let's calm down in regard to the light least in the following respect: Please let us accept the fact that as Catholics, we are a people who agree to disagree with each other. Unity in essentials...and in regard to certain difficult questions, let us exercise charity.

Let us not brand as "heretics" His Holiness Pope Francis and additional Churchmen within the Holy See associated with the light show. Let us exercise charity as we allow that they acted in good will in regard to the light show.

I agree that the light show was absurd, ridiculous, boring...questionable. But need we brand as "heretics" those who gave us the light show? Must we denounce those folks who may have appreciated the light show in question?

Fret not, brothers and sisters in Christ. This too shall pass. Given today's attention spans, yesterday's light show is ancient history.


Mark Thomas

Sandpiper said...

Surreal. Diabolical.

Francisco Vilaça Lopes said...


Anonymous said...

God created and controls nature is it not written in the Gospel that at some point the seasons will change the turbulence in the weather has been described as punishment for sin ,you can't slaughter millions of infants in the womb and millions more in unjust wars for financial gains and expect to get away with it .A price will have to paid if the blood of Abel cried out to God from the ground ,how many cries from the millions slaughtered in these times .

Anonymous said...

Can. 1211: Sacred places are violated by gravely injurious actions done in them with scandal to the faithful, actions which, in the judgment of the local ordinary, are so grave and contrary to the holiness of the place that it is not permitted to carry on worship in them until the damage is repaired by a penitential rite according to the norm of the liturgical books.

Anonymous said...

I take to heart the comments of Mark Thomas (comment above). He has very good points. Trouble is, they are not all the points. The propriety, morality or heretical nature of a "light show" (per se!) is not the whole story.

If it all was pretty lights using the latest technology, with perhaps an advent or Marian theme, mixed with nature scenes or "visuals" from Catholic history, then the only objection would be the vulgarity and crassness of doing in on the walls over the tomb of St. Peter, or using mega-lights in general.

However, the reality is this is not about nature, or even global warming. It is not educative nor inspiring. It is not helpful. It is not even clear. What the heck are these 2 creatures Vox has posted for us? Animal? No. Human? No. Heavenly? No. Demonic? Maybe?

There are anti-Christian messages, visual and subliminal, as well as the "overall" message of something plainly secular and bizarre being shown on this feast day at this sacred location.

Even the 'other' people who will say,
"Hey, the Church needs to appeal to the young," or "It's important the Church help ecological efforts," or "We have to keep up with the times"... even those folks would have to admit this has nothing whatsoever to do with the Immaculate Conception, Mercy, Faith or Love. To find a way it might would require great mental convolutions.

I do NOT know if it's evil, masonic, totalitarian, Disney-esque, NWO, anti-life, UN-endorsed, just a fancy cartoon, or what-not.

I do know that when I first read about it I thought I was reading an EOT article. I do know that the more images I see, the more revulsion and hurt (almost like a physical twinge in my heart) I feel.

It's not an emotional reaction, it's a sense of incongruity and inconsistency from not only what is Catholic, but what is decent.

Is this "just" a light show? Is it really morally neutral and everyone can "live and let live"? And what about next year? Oh! I've an idea: naked earth worshippers waving green scarves over the crypt of St. Peter while singing Schutte songs! I mean, it's not specifically banned, after all, who can judge?

Unknown said...

Be ready for Pope Cardinal Turkson.

Anonymous said...

Desolating sacrilege

Canons 1211-1112 touch upon the violation of sacred places.

“A church, therefore, is desecrated by actions that are gravely injurious in themselves and a cause of scandal to the faithful. Reparation for the desecration is to be carried out with a penitential rite celebrated as soon as possible. Until that time, no sacred rite may be celebrated in the church.”

Mark Thomas said...

Anonymous at 7:15 pm, December 09, 2015...

I thank you for your comments. I respect what you said. I am also uneasy about the light show. My main complaint a out the light show was that it was ridiculous and boring. That said, I recognize that other folks found the light show beautiful and inspirational.

I appreciate your uneasiness about the light show. I believe that the light show was, at the least, questionable.

However, in fairness to the Holy See, I must disagree with one point that you made. You said that the light who did not have anything "whatsoever to do with the Immaculate Conception, Mercy, Faith or Love."

The Holy See insisted that the light show was linked absolutely to Mercy, Faith, the protection and cultivation of life. The Holy See insisted that the light show was linked to the Culture of Life.

People may dismiss (they have dismissed) the light show. They may have found the light show in poor taste. They may have found the light show inappropriate. I understand that. Again, I found the light show, ridiculous, boring, and even questionable.

However, regardless as to what "we" may insist, in fairness to the Apostolic See, Rome insisted that the light show pertained to the protection and promotion of the Culture of God's Creation.

I wish that the light show, if there had to have been a light show, would have focused upon the Blessed Virgin Mary and images associated with Our Lady. If we wish to spur people to cherish and protect God's Creation, His earth and, cultivate Mercy...then promote devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

That would prove far more effective than the projection of images of monkeys and various animals onto Saint Peter's Basilica. However, again in fairness to the Holy See, Rome insisted that the light show was related to Mercy and the Culture of Life.

Thank you again for your comments.


Mark Thomas

TLM said...

Whatever the 'Holy See' insisted, if one could not see the paganism portrayed in the 'sights and sounds' of this 'event' then I guess maybe they are naive to paganism. The producer of this thing said (I believe in an interview) that he conjures up 'other world deities' by meditating while taking mind altering drugs as part of his 'work'. Now, that said, maybe the 'Holy See' was unaware of this, but I'm afraid if I believed THAT I would be the one that is NAIVE......and maybe the Holy See knew of this guy but it didn't really matter what method he needed to complete his 'work'.


Lynda said...

It was a flagrant, egregious, diabolical sacrilege of a holy site - planned in detail as part of the promotion of the diabolical, eugenicist, atheistic and tyrannical, "Climate Change" NWO totalitarian regime - and its murderous and oppressive programmes to which we are all being med subject.

Lynda said...

The organisations responsible for putting this together and putting it on are atheistic, eugenicist, population-control organisation's who are behind the whole agenda being forced through, most recently in Paris, to control and restrict normal human activity, family, procreation, business, travel, etc., whilst taxing people to fund their globalist tyranny, Agenda 21, reduction of population by 90%, etc. It is wholesale inversion and perversion of God's laws and the natural law.