Sunday, 6 December 2015

A blessed Punch a Heretic Day to you, a.k.a. The Feast of St. Nicholas

 I can think of a few I'd like to slap.

"As Arius vigorously continued, Nicholas became more and more agitated. Finally, he could no longer bear what he believed was essential being attacked. The outraged Nicholas got up, crossed the room, and slapped Arius across the face! The bishops were shocked. It was unbelievable that a bishop would lose control and be so hotheaded in such a solemn assembly. They brought Nicholas to Constantine. Constantine said even though it was illegal for anyone to strike another in his presence, in this case, the bishops themselves must determine the punishment. The bishops stripped Nicholas of his bishop's garments, chained him, and threw him into jail. That would keep Nicholas away from the meeting. When the Council ended a final decision would be made about his future.
Nicholas was ashamed and prayed for forgiveness, though he did not waver in his belief. During the night, Jesus and Mary his Mother, appeared,* asking, "Why are you in jail?" "Because of my love for you," Nicholas replied. Jesus then gave the Book of the Gospels to Nicholas. Mary gave him an omophorion, so Nicholas would again be dressed as a bishop. Now at peace, Nicholas studied the Scriptures for the rest of the night."

I saw Santa punching Arius

I saw Santa punching Arius
in the council chambers at Nicaea.

He just couldn’t stand
to hear the heretic expand
his theory how Our Blessed Lord
was not much more than just a man.

Then I saw Santa grabbing Arius
by the beard to pull him off his chair.
The other bishops were justified,
in assuming this was undignified
throwing Santa in a cell for the night.

I saw Jesus and His Mother
come to Santa praying in his chains.

Christ asked, “Why are you here?”
“All for my love of You.”
Off fell the chains and to him was given
the pallium and the Gospels.

St. Nick went back up to the chamber
amazing everyone at the sight.
They said, “It must have been righteous anger!”
“It is Arius we must excommunicate.”
"The Son is consubstantial with the Father."


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I share your sentiments. However, so many of them are priests and it is sacrilege to strike a priest. While they may not appreciate their sacerdotal offices, I do. Of course we may, and must, publicly rebuke them for heresies and blasphemies and profanations, even if they be the pope.

Anonymous said...

It seems we are entering a time when lovers of Christ and what His Church teaches are going to be called "haters". As Christ's beloved, let us stay in love and not be afraid to declare this love when asked. This will be our deepest joy and salvation. - Anthony C

Anonymous said...

An heretic is not a priest but an apostata.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

If the heretic was ordained, he's a priest. If the heretic is subsequently laicized that's another matter. But the Sacrament of Holy Orders that he received isn't automatically invalidated by his error.

Barona said...

Where was he when we needed him at the Synod? The poor man: he would have bruised his knuckles!