Thursday, 10 December 2015

Former Muslim "Christians" terrorise Catholics at Mass!

There is a disturbing report from a television station, KTNV in Las Vegas, Nevada

Parishioners are terrified after protesters have disturbed Mass at several Catholic churches across the valley.
The group, Koosha Las Vegas, includes members who clearly identify themselves as former Muslims turned Christians. They’ve been entering churches during services, shouting at Catholics that they need to repent now or else, and filming the acts and posting them on the internet.
The videos make clear the group has been active on the Las Vegas Strip and several other places around the valley; they’re often seen with large signs and megaphones. The difference now is that they’re going into houses of worship and causing disturbances. Parishioners tell Action News it’s made them fear for their lives.
“Repent, and turn to Jesus Christ. Pope is a Satan! Pope is a Satan! Mary statue is a Satan!” the man behind the camera can be heard shouting.
The videos are taken by the very people passing out the pamphlets and shouting during mass in at least 3 incidents confirmed by police. The Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas confirmed to Action News “multiple disturbances at several of their properties”.

First, it is great that these Muslims have determined that they've been following a false religion. The fact is, they are still not following the true Religion and have not been baptised and are still in the clutches of Satan.

Catholicism is the only choice for conversion, redemption and salvation.

The bigger question is this. What is it in the mind of these young men beyond the still spiritual darkness that causes this kind of anti-social behaviour? 

My Muslim brothers and sisters. You cannot stay within the death cult of Islam and find salvation. You will go to Hell. Come to Christ, come to Jesus, Son of God, Son of Man. He is the only Way. Come to Him, but come to Him in the fullness of the Truth, the Catholic faith.


Anonymous said...

They're not Muslims. They're just iconoclasts, probably Protestants.

Dorota said...

I wonder if these new Christians have not been reading or experiencing the abominations happening in today's churches called Catholic, which have largely departed from the Church's teaching and Tradition. If so, as disruptive to the usual ways of these "churches" as these men are, they have a valid point. We should repent. If they cause some (or a lot) of inconvenience and consternation, and if that in turn causes repentance, what they do is good. John the Baptist did it. Many thought he was mad.

Jonah said...

I'm not surprised at this convergence, given the common fascist root of modern fundamentalism - Christian and Islamic:

And, I wouldn't be surprised to see neo-Catholics, with their many crypto-Protestant colonists, join in the mayhem.

Osusanna said...

Well, it's Las Vegas after all.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they came out of a muslim closet.

Fundamentalist Victor said...

And what missionary work are Catholics doing to convert Muslims? I know the evangelicals are as these probably are the results. But then today we get a serious suggestion from the Vatican for Catholics to even stop converting the Jews. So I can reject Jesus Christ, may His name be praised, become a Jew, and still be saved. What scandal. The Church is in a shutdown spiral mode, and the current pope ain't gonna make things any better.

DJR said...

The "missionaries" stated that Catholics need to repent.

Unfortunately, the way things are presently, it may have been the first time any of the Catholics in the pews have heard that.

There were men in the congregation. Not one of them had the fortitude to confront those guys? They just sat there?

Mark Thomas said...

The scene the men in question who disrupted the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has promoted me to discuss something that has bothered me for some time. Has the feminization of the Mass compromised physical security at parishes?

I realize that the following isn't universal within the Western Church: At the majority parishes (Novus Ordo) near me, almost every aspect of Mass has been feminized.

At the parishes and Masses in question, more and more women and teenage girls serve as ushers...sorry, Ministers of Hospitality... Women stand outside the churches to greet and open doors as people enter for Mass. Women usher people to pews. Women take up the collections.

There are signs at nearby parishes in my area..."ushers needed".

From the time of my earliest Church memories until recently, men served as ushers. Parishes had an abundance of ushers. Now, at least in my diocese, many parishes are short of ushers.

Has the presence of women dominating "hospitality ministries" led to the disinterest among men to serve their parishes as ushers? Is it the same principle that, at least in some places, led to the boys rejecting service at the altar due to the presence of altar girls?

At Mass, women abound as readers and EMS. Sanctuaries are dominated by women. Now, at least in my diocese, women greet people at Mass, open doors, usher people about, take up collections...

When the former Moslems disrupted the Mass in question, why did we not see a group of male ushers supported by additional men at least stand to make their collective presence known to the disrupters?

Why didn't 10, 15, 20, 25 men...every man present, stand to at show that the women and elderly people present would have somebody there to defend them if necessary?

Why didn't the men, beginning with male ushers, at least form a human wall in front of Father to signal that Holy Mother Church and everybody present would be defended?

I realize that the congregation thought..."oh, no...terrorism." Precisely. That is why the men should have stood immediately to have made their presence have signaled that they were ready to defend each Catholic present.

Have men become so beaten down at Mass via feminization that they don't even stand to at least attempt to shield women, children, and the elderly from potential harm?

Perhaps during these times, which will grow even more dangerous, we need a new approach to the ancient Doorkeeper ministry. That is, at Mass, the very obvious presence of men guarding doors...serving as ushers...making it know that the parish is protected.

For a very practical prefer to see men serve as "Ministers of Hospality" open doors at have a very visible presence.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Eirene said...

Dear Mark Thomas - I never thought I would write this under the Vox umbrella - but I agree with your latest post 100%. At the parish church in our diocese women abound - literally -and wear the pants from the Liturgy Committee to the "Church Manager" (female) to the choir to the altar girls to the plethora of "communion ministers" who swarm up to the altar to handle the Cup and the Holy Communion for distribution amongst the faithful. Of course, the natural progression will be that women deacons are recommended in the Church in the fullness of time - or sooner. There are very few men between 20 and 35 who attend the Holy Mass and no sign of altar boys. Heaps of people (male and female) come for Baptism and then you never see them again. I've painted the picture here in Australia. It must be so elsewhere. Sadly so. Bring back the men, I say!

George Brenner said...

Eirene, not only did the bishops vote down altar girls at VCII, no one had the courage and moral conviction to reverse the practice of altar girls.

google, you tube/Cardinal Arinze altar girls

The Bride said...

God bless them for being so passionate about the Truth & trying, even if in a not-so-appropriate-way, to shake the RCC out of its apostate stupor & put the focus on repentance & faith in Jesus Christ, the ONLY way to salvation. May God keep them safe & may they wake the sleeping masses who have no idea the Age of Grace is almost over. Maranatha!

The Bride said...

We are to be wise as a serpent yet as gentle as a dove; I greatly admire their passion but perhaps they need to dial it back a bit......then again, John the Baptist proclaimed the Truth w/ boldness & fervor & many came to know the Lord.

Praying God keeps these brothers & sisters safe & that they shake the apostate RC faith out of its stupor before the Age of Grace ends. Repentance & faith in Jesus Christ ONLY is the means of salvation. If one is saved, one will easily bear good fruit that demonstrates it.

The Bride said...

God bless them for being so passionate about the Truth & trying, even if in a not-so-appropriate-way, to shake the RCC out of its apostate stupor & put the focus on repentance & faith in Jesus Christ, the ONLY way to salvation. May God keep them safe & may they wake the sleeping masses who have no idea the Age of Grace is almost over. Maranatha!

Mark Thomas said...

Dear Eirene,

I appreciate your comments and sympathize with you. Within the Church and, most definitely, outside the Church, many people have overthrown God's roles for men and women. They have turned women into men. They have turned men into women.

The women who have feminized the Mass (and Churchmen who have permitted that) believe that they have done a good thing. However, they are wrong. They have helped to wreck the Mass (Novus Ordo). They have confused many Catholics in regard to the roles that are proper to men and women.

Catholics cannot be expected to promote outside the Church the roles that God has established for men and women. How can they when within the Church, at Mass, they observe each week roles that are improper to men and women?

Not surprisingly, the Traditional Roman Mass displays it's superiority to the Novus Ordo in teaching the Faith to Catholics (and non-Catholics in attendance). The TLM delineates perfectly and serenely the roles that God has established for men and women.

From there, outside of Mass, men and women can continue that which they observed at to embrace with joy the holy and serene roles that God has established for men and women.

Anyway...I guess that I shouldn't have been surprised that at a Novus Ordo Mass, the men sat as disrupters milled about the Church. The men did not even bother to stand alongside their women. They did not even signal that they were prepared to defend their ladies.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

A society of TV watchers always just sits and stares.

Lynda said...

Well said.