A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Thursday 17 December 2015

Houston Methodist Hospital planning to murder patient Christopher Dunn

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Chris Dunn is a very sick man; he is not unconscious, he is not "dying." Houston Methodist Hospital plans on murdering him. Have Methodists ceased to be Christians?

America, what are you doing about this?

What's with the names of Saints associated with "Houston Methodist" - are these former Catholic hospitals?

Perhaps my many Texas readers may be able to comment.

Governor of Texas Greg Abbot's Twitter

Hospital contact

Vido showing a conscious and praying to live, Christ Dunn


Michael Voris reports

Terri Shiavo Life and Hope Network

Houston Chronicle


Anonymous said...

This man does not want his life ended therefore those wishing to end his life should be charged with murder if they go ahead ,hospitals are fast becoming the the killing fields where all the perceived "burdens "on society will be dispatched.

Anonymous said...

So this is possible because of a law in Texas that allows hospital management to have the last word and essentially call the shots on whether a patient should be killed.

I wonder if that law has (or will be) challenged, because it seems it cannot stand on constitutional or ethical grounds. (?) What about our right to life and liberty as our most BASIC of all rights?

How can what is given only by God be taken away by any person - be it parent, spouse, children, hospital, agency, bishop, government or (coming soon) the UN?

How did this law get passed? Was this one of those death-cult statutes disguised as acting in a patient's best interest? Leave life decisions in the hands of "experts" - doctor, administrator, ethicist, judge, etc?

The law was specifically written to allow a hospital to "override" the patient's OWN legal "advanced directive" or that of a legal next-of-kin. How could such a disrespectful and open-to-exploitation law ever have passed?

And we know what is at the very heart of it all. Since the patient's wishes and that of his own mother are being ignored, the obvious motivation for this decision is financial. The medical plan does not want to pay, the staff does not want to be bothered, the hospital does not want this drain on resources, etc.

Vox, I knew nothing about this story and thank you so much for alerting us and giving the links!

Anonymous said...

We have entered the Age of Mercy ,show compassion for the poor by preventing them from reproducing and making abortion available,show compassion for the chronically sick by killing them ,its Nazi eugenics all over again masked as Mercy .But even the Nazi's never enshrined it into their law .

Lynda said...

Even if he were unconcious, or purported to agree to his murder - it would still be murder! Lord, protect this man from these demonic people!