Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Freemasonic "third-eye" part of Vatican light show

Pete Baklinski at LifeSiteNews has a follow-up article to the disgraceful and abominable light show which used the facade and dome of St. Peter's Tomb as a movie screen.

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Look at the picture, Does it send chills? It should. It is evil, it is Masonic. 

The National Catholic Reporter, long ordered to remove "Catholic" from its name, called LifeSiteNews, "deranged" for their coverage of the event in Rome. The only derangement is amongst those Catholics who refuse to see exactly what this is and those malefactors in the Vatican that permitted and advocated this abomination.

It is the "third eye" the "eye of Horus" the "all-seeing eye of providence."

It is diabolical and it is not out of keeping with the vile depiction of Our Lord Jesus Christ for the Year of Mercy.

They can call LifeSiteNews or Vox "deranged," - the people that allowed this are Satanic.


Ana Milan said...

These evil people are prostrating themselves before Satan. It can't be long now before the Great Chastisement. Our Lady's hour is coming soon, Thank God.

Osusanna said...

The eye is on our US dollar, and of course the CBS eye. I'm pretty much done with the mainstream Catholic Church.

Barona said...

NCR, the same trash that gives token opposition to abortion and other great evils.

Barona said...

The Roman authorities that "supported it" are from the best possible interpretation: fools; to the more realistic and sobering possibility: evil modernists, non-believers, heavily imbued with pantheism all the way over to various degrees of Freemasonry.

Anonymous said...

The last Dominican Bishop in the World died today.

Anonymous said...