Sunday, 6 December 2015

Madness: Pope and Vatican officials to disgrace Our Lord's Church and the Blessed Mother in league with the world - Bishops and Cardinals, the time has come to end this insanity!

What a disgrace upon our Church. 

This papacy must be called out for what it is. An abomination on Catholicism. 

You dare do this on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Have you no fear of God to mock His Mother and Our Mother the Church in this envelope of darkness. This is not light, this is evil, pure unadulterated evil. This is satanic manipulated by Heresiarch Fischella under the watchful eye of Bergoglio. Is it not enough that the Catholic divorce motu proprio was signed on Her Assumption, announced on Her Nativity and comes into force on the day of Her Immaculate Conception? Now, you malefactors in Rome mock Her with the dark light of the world and technology?


Bishops and Cardinals of the world. Enough of this mockery of the Church. Enough of this slander of the Blessed Mother. Enough of this diabolical disorientation. Call out the Jorge Bergoglio for this embarrassment. Call out him and Fischella for this scandalous fornication with the world. 

Stop this mockery! Challenge this peronist regime. If you can't fight for Christ and his people then you are no better than these malefactors that would do such a thing.

I can barely contain my rage. Call me Jorge? There are other names to call him.

Nota bene:

Please see Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness:
Welcome back my modernist friends to the blasphemous show that never ends

Vatican, World Bank partner to launch Year of Mercy with St. Peter’s ‘climate change’ light show

ROME, December 4, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- The Catholic Church, founded to shed the light of Christ on the world, has quite literally invited the world to shed its light on her. On December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception as well as the opening of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, Pope Francis has invited climate-change partisans and population-control advocates to project a light show onto the façade and cupola of Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome — the most important church in the Catholic world — so as to “inspire change around the climate crisis.”
The show titled “Illuminating Our Common Home” will project onto St. Peter’s “images of our shared natural world” in order to “educate and inspire change around the climate crisis across generations, cultures, languages, religions and class,” states a press release about the event put out by one of the sponsors.
The Vatican’s spokesperson for the event, Archbishop Rino Fisichella, the president of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization, called the event “unique…for its genre and for the fact that it is being displayed for the first time on such a significant backdrop.”
“These illuminations will present images inspired of Mercy, of humanity, of the natural world, and of climate changes,” Fisichella said.
Fisichella said that the light show on the Vatican is meant to link Pope Francis’ environment encyclical Laudato si’ with the United Nations Climate Change Conference (Cop21) currently underway in Paris. The Vatican has shown strong support for the conference.  Having the show conclude the opening Year of Mercy celebrations also links the pope’s message about “mercy” to fighting “climate change.”  
Life and family leaders around the world remain skeptical about the Paris conference’s alleged agenda of fighting so-called “anthropogenic” global warming, with some warning that “saving the Planet” in climate-speak translates to an anti-human enterprise that targets nations, societies, and families.
The event, billed as “contemporary public art,” is sponsored by organizations named after Greek and Roman pagan gods that push the climate change agenda and by an organization that directly funds abortions in developing countries.

Behind the show

The main financial backer behind the event is the US-led World Bank Group via its Connect4Climate initiative. The World Bank, created in 1945 to rebuild a war-torn Europe, has a long history (here, here, or here) of relentlessly funding abortion and contraception programs in developing nations under the banner of “ending extreme poverty” and “boosting shared prosperity.” Pro-life leaders have denounced the programs time and again as thinly veiled population control programs aimed at reducing populations considered by Western elites to be undesirable. The organization, through its World Bank Spiritual Unfoldment Society (SUS), also has ties to non-Christian religious practices where employees engage in transhumanistic “meditation sessions” that aim at “personal transformation through self-knowledge, understanding, and awakening higher consciousness.”
Vulcan Inc., founded in 1986 by investor and philanthropist Paul G. Allen, is a private company based out of Seattle, Washington, that “strives to create a new kind of future” by “upend[ing] conventional thinking.” The company was deliberately named after the Roman god Vulcan, the deity of destructive fire, whose earliest known shrine existed in Rome at the foot of the Capitoline Hill, close by the Vatican.
Vulcan’s website states that its founder thought the name seemed fitting for a company “whose mission was to find smart solutions for some of the world’s biggest challenges.”
Another partner of the event is Okeanos, an environmentalist foundation begun in 2007 by Dieter Paulmann with the purpose of raising awareness “concerning the various threats our oceans are facing.” The foundation focuses on “planning, financing and implementation of projects that encompass positive change and make a difference.” It rails against what it calls the “sins against climate committed by…the present generation in particular,” which include “man-made environmental pollution (oil slicks, sewage, chemicals, CO2 production)” as well as “noise pollution (overly loud ships’ engines, sonar experiments).”
The foundation is named after the Greek and Roman Titan god “Okeanos” who was held to be the divine personification of the sea whose fish in one hand and serpent in the other signified his gifts of bounty and prophecy.
Obscura Digital, the San Francisco-based organization putting on the actual show, has its name derived from the Latin root meaning “dark.” The company specializes in creating “immersive experiences that will change the way you think about the world around you” using holographic projections, 3D animation, and dynamic visualization.
Obscura’s team of artists, coders, builders, and technologists are masters of manipulation through light and sound. The organization has in the past (here and here) worked on climate change projects with the UN to show the “effect of human enterprise on the environment” and to issue a “call for global solutions.” The organization’s clients include Apple, Google, Disney, Vulcan Productions, Nike, Nasa, Facebook, and UNESCO.

Dark and forbidding symbolism

There is much dark and forbidding symbolism behind the event and the organizations sponsoring it that is bizarrely connected to pagan occult practices, the worship of nature, and human sacrifice through abortion and population control.
The show is titled “Fiat Lux: Illuminating Our Common Home.” “Fiat Lux” is the first command issued by God at the beginning of creation: “Let there be light.” Instead of the Church presenting Jesus Christ as the light of the world, secular organizations named after pagan gods are literally “obscuring” the Church through their own dazzling light show. St. Paul warns the Corinthians to be on guard about Satan who he says “masquerades as an angel of light.” It’s as if through this phrase the organizers are symbolically taking the place of God and creating the world anew according to their own image and likeness.
The light show takes place on the most important Marian feast day for Catholics, the Immaculate Conception, in which Catholics celebrate Mary being conceived in the womb of her mother Anne without the stain of original sin. Mary has always been viewed by Catholics as an archetype of the Church since she carried Christ within her as the first tabernacle and then bore him into the world. The light show will project onto St. Peter’s, a building representative of Mary, images of earth and animals on her most important feast day. It is amounts to a crude dishonoring of Our Lady.
The World Bank with its hands bloodied by abortion and population control has no place working with the Vatican on a show that allegedly will reveal to the world images of what Archbishop Fisichella called “mercy, of humanity.” This is simply sick and twisted.
The show will certainly contain many “signs and wonders,” but Catholics must decide for themselves how to interpret them. 


Anonymous said...

Don says

Dear Vox
Read (again) Saint Pope Pius X Encyclical on the 50th anniversary of the declaration of the Dogma Immaculate Conception.
Here is a small selection

22. But lest it be thought that We have lost sight of Our subject, which is the Immaculate Conception, what great and effectual succour will be found in it for the preservation and right development of those same virtues. What truly is the point of departure of the enemies of religion for the sowing of the great and serious errors by which the faith of so many is shaken? They begin by denying that man has fallen by sin and been cast down from his former position. Hence they regard as mere fables original sin and the evils that were its consequence. Humanity vitiated in its source vitiated in its turn the whole race of man; and thus was evil introduced amongst men and the necessity for a Redeemer involved. All this rejected it is easy to understand that no place is left for Christ, for the Church, for grace or for anything that is above and beyond nature; in one word the whole edifice of faith is shaken from top to bottom. But let people believe and confess that the Virgin Mary has been from the first moment of her conception preserved from all stain; and it is straightway necessary that they should admit both original sin and the rehabilitation of the human race by Jesus Christ, the Gospel, and the Church and the law of suffering. By virtue of this Rationalism and Materialism is torn up by the roots and destroyed, and there remains to Christian wisdom the glory of having to guard and protect the truth.

The Immaculate Conception:
Come to our aid.
Pray for us Holy Mother of God
Our Lady, Queen of Heaven
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus: Pray for us

Barona said...

Horrible, horrible blasphemy that is calling down God's wrath. It has already arrived: it is far, far worse than a war, even a thermonuclear world war. It is the autodestruction of the Church. God withdrawing His grace. We see happening before our eyes. This abomination has happened because these men are blind; God's grace has been withdrawn. Why? Ultimately, because they refuse Him. The grace of Office is there for the Pope: he is refusing them. God has not so much as cut him off, as he is refusing - along with his assistants - to accept the graces that God is offering. Thus, they are cut off. What greater punishment for the Church and the world for this - yes, Vox you are right - a horrible act of fornication - on the very day of Our Blessed Lady and Her holy purity. They fornicate with the world, the flesh and the devil. How horrible.

TLM said...

The enormous charade of this Papacy is maddening. The Bishops who fail to ask for his resignation are just as guilty as the Diabolically influenced that are in the Vatican. The Pope and his cohorts bless each other with their diabolical plan. The blood of Holy Mother Church is on the hands of silent Bishops. May God have Mercy on them, as I have said before, they will need every molecule.

Lynda said...

Yes, it's well past time for orthodox bishops to act, to proceed to determine formal heresy (which ought to be straightforward - demand retractions regarding any number of his material heresies, and upon refusal find formal heresy as a matter of fact and law) and thus the Chair of Peter vacant. Lord, have mercy! Reparation!!!

Lynda said...


Francisco Vilaça Lopes said...


Anonymous said...

"Christ will conquer through her (Mary), because He wants the Church's victories now and in the future to be linked to her."

-- Pope John Paul II, 'Crossing The Threshold of Hope.'

Ave Maria.

Anonymous said...

Let´s adress the essence of the problem for more than 50 years:

"Fiat Lux" is a motto within Freemasonry.


“Freemasonry is the Talmud puppet religion to control the Goyim”. (...) I have stated before that if someone uses the word Talmud on Yahoo, the Telegraph or the Mail sites – probably many more, the comment is deleted. The Talmud is censored. The Jewish elite do not want people to know about Talmudic ideology.

BTW, the Christ-rejecting Jews think that they bring "light unto the nations":

Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz, whom Newsweek called one of the most influential rabbis in America, wrote in the Florida Jewish Journal: “While Israel remains the destiny of the Jewish people, we also must not abandon the Diaspora.
Firstly, the Torah demands that we, as a nation, commit to pursuing justice; to be warriors against injustice, it behooves us to be stationed everywhere around the globe.
This work as an ohr l’goyim, a light unto the nations, is our raison d’être.”

The Jewish concept of „justice“ is not at all comparable to the Catholic concept.

Anonymous said...

More "light unto the nations":

Chabad Lubavitcher Rabbis:
"Chanukah Lights Will Illuminate Paris After All"

Once again this year, the large menorah at the Eiffel Tower that has lit up the French capital for the past 25 years, will be kindled against the Parisian skyline.

Brian said...


This Tuesday, December 8th, marks the fiftieth anniversary of the closing of Vatican II, in reality, the great Modernist "coming out" party. I shall be assisting at a reverently offered Tridentine Sung Mass for the great feast of the Immaculate Conception. The lex credendi from the pulpit, will brim with doctrinal clarity and conviction. What a contrast, to the "dissent-a-palooza" playbook offered by Jorge and his coven of novelty intoxicated puppies.

Anonymous said...

What climate change and environmentalism is really leading to is depopulation , not just stopping people been born through contraception and abortion but euthanasia ,to support the UN mandate one must support abortion and euthanasia ,obviously the Vatican has no problem with these policies.

Anonymous said...

Very well. I pray our Lord Jesus Christ and the Army of Heaven to throw these devils back down to hell. Catholics..stand strong..we are seeing the Destroyer and his smoke in broad daylight. We have our Swords..Swing them well.

Anonymous said...

In Genesis 2:15 we are given clear instructions: “The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” We haven’t been taking care of it and Pope Francis reminds us of our duty to the world.

Anonymous said...

Of course, we are to take care of the earth, this goes without saying. This is a globalist ideology and THAT, is the problem. The Church has been disgraced by her leadership who have bought into a political and economic agenda. There are scientists who oppose the belief that "climate change" has anything to do with mankind. Weather changes. Climate changes. There are palm leaf fossils in Greenland and northern Alberta.

What you have failed to mention is that these malefactors are superimposing on the most glorious Feast of Our Lady, Her Immaculate Conception, something else. Something worldly, technological and pagan.

It is no different than Francis washing the feet of non-Catholics and non-clerics on Holy Thursday. Wash the feet of the poor? Sure, on 364 other nights of the year, but not on that night!

"The poor will always be with you" said the LORD. Did you or the Pope wash someone's feet today?

How much pollution was made getting everyone to Paris? How much to get the Pope to Africa?


TLM said...

Anonymous @ 9:44am.

Yes, we are to care for the world. We are to care for the environment in practical terms.....clean air, clean water etc. Pope Benedict was on board with this, as we all should be. But, what Pope Francis is calling for are DRASTIC measures because he is in lock step with the U.N. Among other destructive measures, the U.N. is calling for population control, which includes abortion and euthanasia which Francis has done little if anything to protest, not to speak of measures that will not only not help the poor but will advance their poverty.

Unknown said...

This is hysteria over nothing. It's a silly light show with pictures of nature. all done in the name of a questionable environmental cause. It shows poor judgment but its not diabolical.

Kathleen1031 said...

This papacy is a scandal.
The silence of Bishops and Cardinals is a greater scandal. Unless they call him out directly and speak the word "heresy", they have failed to defend the faith.

Anonymous said...

Karl, you may be right that this is not diabolical in the true meaning of the word. But the people are certainly disconcerted and demoralized when the top tiers of the Catholic hierarchy start gleefully and determinedly switching the sacred to the profane. Maybe not diabolic per se, but certainly several steps along the way on a slippery slope. Thanks!

Ana Milan said...

Maybe lightening will strike again and extinguish this climate change light show. Isn't it PF's job to inspire mankind to turn to Jesus Christ and away from modernism in all its guises?

The threat to excommunicate us all is farcical and goes to show that our Hierarchy is beginning to feel the heat of its laity's displeasure.