Tuesday, 22 December 2015

These men will dialogue straight into Hell

A few weeks ago, the Vatican issued a non-magisterial document on our relationship with the Jewish people in commemoration of the Second Vatican Council's document Nostra Aetate. It was a disgrace to the Church and its mission to "go into the world" and convert it. 

It is a betrayal of the Jewish people and the Truth and it is, as I wrote then, I believe it to be fundamentally, anti-Semitic.

Jews must come to Jesus Christ to be saved. He is their Messiah every much as He is ours. He came as the WORD MADE FLESH on Christmas 2,015 or so years ago depending on the calendric accuracy. Yet, we have under the current Bishop of Rome, Jorge Bergoglio, a renunciation of the mission to convert the Jews, that they are already saved under the Old Covenant.

There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. No Protestants. No Jews. No Muslims, No Hindus. No Buddhists. No Mormans. No Jehovah's Witnesses. No animists, no atheists, no pagans. None will get to Heaven. All will go to Hell for all eternity and no puerile little videos by James Martin, EssJay will change that. 

Now, can these Protestants, Jews and Muslims and others be saved by God? That is up to Him. God is not bound by His Sacraments, we are. If one of these is saved, it is not because of their false religion, it is in spite of it and because of the grace that flows from the Catholic Church and Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We cannot know who these are, who are saved or if in fact they will be. We can only give them to God in his Divine Mercy and the rest is up to Him.

How sad then with Jews for Jesus and Christianity Today seem to understand this more than our own Catholic leaders.They continue to report on the disgraceful document from Rome. Catholics have either ignored it or forgotten about it quickly enough.

When one puts into a search engine "Pope Francis dialogue" it is amazing how many times he has used that word. There is a blog called "Shaping the future with "dialogue" where they endorse the Vatican's latest.

They will dialogue themselves straight into Hell for this betrayal. It is a disgrace that a Catholic Pope betray the Church's mission with so much disregard for the Truth. We, as Catholics, must call him out and the bishops and cardinals who have put this document together. They are wrong. It is not breaking communion with the Church to state this. It is they who have broken communion with us. 

I once asked an erudite religious superior and author about Paul VI, the greatest disaster on the Church in 500 years only eclipsed by Francis, how was it possible that a Pope could issue Humanae Vitae and the Credo of the People of God and then do so much other damage to the Faith which in every other aspect of his Papacy is clear and unequivocal? He replied that "Humanae Vitae and the Credo were issued by Paul VI, the rest was Giovanni Montini." How interesting that these Modernists waited until Father Luigi Villa died before announcing the "Beatification" of Paul VI. Perhaps, they knew he was right and would have rained on their parade.

I think that this is a good comparison to what we are experiencing now and a good explanation of what I intend when I refer to Pope Francis as Jorge Bergoglio, Bishop of Rome. When he is in communion with his predecessors and the Magisterium of two-thousand years, then he is Pope Francis, When he allows documents such as the one discussed here which is a  profound betrayal and an embarrassment, a Modernist, Masonic diabolical betrayal, then he is Jorge Bergoglio.

On this document about Jews, just as the nonsense that he can bind us to believe junk-science at worst and scientific theory at best, I dissent. 
The Old Covenant to the Jews no longer applies. it is fulfilled in the New and in Christ. Jorge Bergoglio is wrong; and so are the Jews.


Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

But, does 'CHRIST' stand for 'contradiction, heresy, revolution, indifference, syncretism, treachery'?

Of course it never will. It is a testing thing being a person of faith. But it is only truly testing for those who have the true faith. 

Aqua said...

Catholics have an unbelievably powerful evangelistic message to Jews. Their Covenant pointed directly toward a promised Messiah, who would fulfill their Covenant. The Jewish Religious Leaders of the time of Annunciation all knew that the time was at hand. Then the time came and went. No Messiah. But, Jesus is now a fact of history. Though they reject Him, He is an undeniable fact and His unique claims.. Still, the Jews wait. Their Temple is destroyed. The prophecies are all dried up. The Covenant meaningless. Yet, Jesus still remains as a fact.

We have nothing to offer the Jews except a sorrowful, commiserating, patronizing pat in the head; UNLESS we bring them the Messiah that fulfills their deepest longing, their aspiration .... And their Covenant.

If we can't bring this Message to God's own chosen people, how can we possibly take it to the rest of the world? We have nothing to offer ANYONE, if we have nothing to offer the Jews.

George Brenner said...


Your one paragraph defining 'Extra ecclesiam nulla Salus' (no salvation outside the Catholic Church) is the most concise, accurate and absolutely clear explanation that I have ever seen. It is totally and completely spot on. This has been the faithful teaching and understanding for Centuries of our one, holy, Catholic and Apostolic faith. It is our right and duty to obey this teaching if we are to be truly Catholics. Vox, this is no small feat in what you wrote. The the words flowed from grace and wisdom that is given to you from God.

A Blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones,

George Brenner

Mark Thomas said...

Vox, you have every reason and right to reject the non-Catholic contents of the document in question. But let us recall that the document acknowledged the following: "The text is not a magisterial document or doctrinal teaching of the Catholic Church."

The authors of the document are aware that their nonsense is not Catholic teaching. The nonsense that they promoted has z-e-r-o authority within the Church.
The document will never trump the True Church's teachings in regard to Jesus Christ and salvation.


Mark Thomas

Vox Cantoris said...

Catholic Mission, I am not going to post any further comments given your propensity to accuse me of heresy.

Francisco Vilaça Lopes said...


Dorota said...

The decision to deny the necessity of belief in Jesus for salvation is denial of Truth, according to Church teaching.
If I can trust the opinions of theologians, who expressed disapproval of this human revelation after 2000 years of God's Word to the contrary, the team who brought it about consisted of third-rate Catholic scholars and some rabbis, and they birthed this lie for political reasons.

It is all excused with the holocaust, of course. Forget the genocide orchestrated by Stalin or chairman Mao (a great admirer of the Mao is no other than Heinz Kissinger), never cease to make exceptions for one group of people. It is antisemitic, I agree.

I should be careful, because stating this truth could be construed as phobia and/or considered hate. In Canada some judges believe while delivering their justice, that after the Holocaust claiming that one makes a truthful statement is no defence.

Anonymous said...


Catholic Mission said...

Vox, this post supports you.

Vox Cantoris : There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. None will get to Heaven. All will go to Hell for all eternity

You are saying what I have been repeating for the last few years i.e all need to enter the Church for salvation in the present times and there are no known exceptions.

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Sedentary Death Syndrome is REAL said...

Oh happy fault that the Jewish leadership did not recognize their Savior. Their blindness is how we Gentiles got grafted in. Have you forgotten when the little boy Jesus was lost and later found in the temple? Had He not been found by his mother and gone obediently back to her home, He would surely have been the best Teacher of all Israel and would have easily avoided the cross. The reason He did not stay in the temple was out of mercy for the lost. Jesus confimed salvation was possible through the law when He met up with the rich man who refused to give up his wealth for the Gospel. Maybe it can be best understood that any Catholic who has been exposed to the tremendous graces within the Catholic Faith, cannot find salvation in any other religions since he/she knows they are lacking and don't have the fullness?

Anonymous said...

Do you know these blogs?

Anonymous said...

must tried to get "de la cábala al progresismo" en inglés del Padre Julio Meinvielle.


the jews heute zu tage sind cabalistishes und talmudics, perdón lo dije auf deutsch. Se me mezcla el inglés el español y el alemán... jaja