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Heresiarch Priest Ronald Victor of St. Isadore Parish in Macomb, Michigan - another sacerdotal homosexualist

Detroit Priest Calls Gay Marriage ‘Sacramental’No Father Victor. There is no such thing as "gay holiness" but there is such a thing as deception and that is what you are doing. You are a liar Father Victor. You are a deceiver Father Victor. You are a traitor to Our Lord Jesus Christ and your priesthood.  So, Father, please tell us.

What is holy about rimming, felching, anal sodomy, fellatio, mutual masturbation? 

Do you think these "holy guys" deserve to have you confirm them in their debauchery and sin or to they deserve, as children of God, to have you speak to them of Truth and repentance?

You actually defended a priest convicted of rape and sodomy of a boy and possessing child pornography - how the heck are you still a priest?  You blaspheme God. You commit sacrilege at every Mass.

Where is Archbishop Vigneron in all this?

Father Victor, are you a sodomite?

God help you.

May St. Joseph open your eyes before heaven closes them.

Mundabor's perspective
by Christine Niles  •  •  December 16, 2015    80 Comments

Father Ronald Victor says Church "needs more examples of gay holiness"

DETROIT ( - A priest in the Detroit archdiocese is calling gay marriage "sacred and sacramental," and insists the Church "needs more examples of gay holiness."
Father Ronald Victor, pastor of St. Isidore Catholic Church in Macomb, Michigan, made the remarks while attending the wedding of his gay nephew Bryan Victor earlier this summer. As reported Tuesday by the Detroit Free Press, he said of the couple, "They are two very holy guys. I do see their union as being sacred and sacramental, in the sense that it reflects God's love. ... While it's not necessarily life-giving in a biological way, it's life-giving in other ways."
A longtime priest in the Detroit archdiocese, Fr. Victor has been involved in controversy before. In July, he testified on behalf of a fellow priest convicted of possession of child porn and accused of sex abuse. The priest, Fr. Timothy Murray, no longer in active ministry, was discovered in possession of 685 videos of child porn on seven computers in his home in 2012. He was sentenced to 16 years. The sentencing judge said the crimes were "stomach-churning." 


Lynda said...

There is no such thing as "gay" - period. There are persons who choose, sinfully, to identify themselves according to a depraved sodomitical desire or activity and who try to force others to accept and honour their evil-doing as natural and good. The whole concept underpinning, the premises preceding the use of the novel, contrived term, "gay" is false and egregiously evil. It is objectively wrong to use this "term" because of the evil it implies.

Mark Thomas said...

If the newspaper article in question is accurate, then Archbishop Vigernon of Detroit must address the horrific situation in question.

Vox-permitting, here are some excerpts from the Detroit Free Press article in question:

How a married gay Catholic couple live their faith

-- "Because their Catholic faith is against same-sex marriage, Bryan Victor and Thomas Molina-Duarte made their wedding vows this summer before a Protestant minister in a Detroit Episcopal church.

"Those in attendance included many family members, including Victor’s uncle, who is a Catholic priest and Macomb County pastor. The Rev. Ronald Victor did not officiate but was there because, he told his nephew, the Catholic Church “needs more examples of gay holiness.”

-- "Ron Victor said he was moved by the wedding ceremony, and at the same time, “a little angry and a little disappointed that we couldn’t do it in a church where I could have officiated.” He said he believes many priests would be open to blessing same-sex unions, although “they can’t be real public with that.”

-- "When Victor and Molina-Duarte attend mass every Sunday, the couple go to an east side Detroit Catholic church, where Bryan Victor’s mom and dad join them in the pew. In their shared Catholic faith, Victor and Molina-Duarte find spiritual sustenance. And at their parish, they’ve also found acceptance."

-- "The congregation is integrated and the point in the mass where Catholics exchange the Sign of Peace handshake, there’s a five-minute interlude where folks leave the pews to hug familiar faces and strangers alike."

-- Retired Detroit Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, a longtime advocate for liberal Catholic causes, often describes how he came to be an outspoken supporter of gay rights in the years after his brother came out as a gay man.

When Gumbleton’s elderly mother asked him if her gay son, in a committed relationship with another man the family had come to know and love, was “going to hell,” Gumbleton assured her otherwise.

“That’s how God wanted him to be. That’s who he is,” Gumbleton said he told her, as he spoke Saturday at a meeting of the Fortunate Families support group for Catholic families with gay family members. The group is not officially recognized by the Catholic Church.

Gumbleton said Catholic teaching has long allowed Catholics to let their consciences, in part, be their guide in participating in the church's rituals and sacraments, even when they may be at odds with church teachings. Gumbleton predicted Catholic teaching against same-sex unions eventually will change, as he noted did its onetime support of slavery and capital punishment.

“It’s clear the movement is there," said Gumbleton, "but it takes a long time for the teaching to permeate the whole church, and people will fight it."


Mark Thomas

Barona said...

Is this Judas priest involved in some way with active sodomite "priests". Did he withhold anything from his testimony regarding the porno priest? Is he a porno priest? He'd have to be - given, he believes homosexual acts are "holy". And what of Vigneron? How many other sodomites are there under his watch? Is Vigernon being blackmailed? How is it possible that this analphiliac Judas priest has not been removed? Had he said a rapist was "holy", or a defrauder of widows, would Vigneron have kept him on? Yet, according to God, sodomy is a far worse sin than rape, and this apostate, Judas; this reporbate and evil deceiver is retained as a "priest" by the Archbishop. We know this "priest" is serving Satan: the question now becomes, is Vigneron a servant of Satan as well?

Anonymous said...

See, dear Vox? Catholicism is a very funny religion.

The Church said:

“God loves you!” (He really does), so intensely “He’ll torture you like no one in Inquisition ever did!”

“Sodomy is sin!” (it’s), and she has more gays per inch than a sauna!

“The Roman Peter is the Rock!”, and Bergoglio is a beast!

I agree with the Brazilian Friar Beto, my countryman. Maybe would be better to the Church that she approve a gay clergy. Most of the Catholic clergy is gay whatsoever. The laity is all adulterous. The Church could unite herself with the Anglicans.

Keep the good work, my friend. It’s funnier than to watch a comedy’s stand up.

Dorota said...

Lynda,I made a similar point on Church Militant. Christine Niles disagreed. Glad to find your comment here, you hater you.

Eirene said...

What an extraordinary comment from "Anonymous"! I don't really understand it and I did not like the tone of it at all. Vox, do we have to read such incomprehensible comments when we check your combox on horrific stories like this one? Are they moderated? If so, could they be done so with an EXPLANATION as to what they MEAN?

Incidentally, I take exception to Mark Thomas's stating "IF" ... the story about this priest is true. Are we, your readers, supposed to believe that you continually publish lies? Because that is the tone of many of the Mark Thomas comments and I am getting tired of him and his lengthy discourses about nothing.

Anonymous said...

We have to endure our effeminate floater priests anonymous 1. We make nice but secretly despise them like you despise the Church.

Mark Thomas said...

Eireen said..."Incidentally, I take exception to Mark Thomas's stating "IF" ... the story about this priest is true. Are we, your readers, supposed to believe that you continually publish lies?"

Eireen, you did not render precisely that which I had written. I began my post as follows: "If the newspaper article in question is accurate..."

I employed the word ****** "accurate." ******* Accurate is defined as "correct in all details"..."free from mistakes or errors".

Eireen, I would hope that you are very aware that the news media often misquote people and/or pepper their stories with inaccuracies. Had you read my initial sentence as written, rather than having projected your dislike of my opinions onto your reply, then you would have noted that I did not say that the story in question was false.

The Detroit Free Press reported upon a true event...the union between two homosexuals. However, whether all the details and quotes in that story were accurate is a different matter.

Eireen, again, I hope that you are aware that while the news media report upon true events, all details and quotes in a given report may not be accurate. Or do you assume that the news media are never inaccurate?

Eireen, here is the classic problem at hand. You dislike my comments. That is fine. That doesn't bother me. However, you don't pay close attention to my comments. In your displeasure, you read into my comments that which you wish to believe that I said. Should you wish to attack/argue against me, then please attack/argue against that which I said. Please don't pin upon me something that I did not say.

Thank you, Eireen.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Vox-permitting, to follow up on Eireen's attack against me...

Eireen said..."Incidentally, I take exception to Mark Thomas's stating "IF" ... the story about this priest is true. Are we, your readers, supposed to believe that you continually publish lies? Because that is the tone of many of the Mark Thomas comments and I am getting tired of him and his lengthy discourses about nothing."

Eireen, please produce anything that I have posted to Vox's blog that supports your claim. Well, allow me please to save you time. There isn't anything that I have posted to Vox's blog that would support your claim.

Eireen, should you desire to argue against my opinions...fine. I am happy to discuss my opinions. But please do not post false charges against me. Thank you.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Dear Anonymous at 4:19 pm, December 17,

From Her beginning, the Catholic Church has been packed with sinners. Fortunately, alongside the sinner are Saints. But from Her earliest days, She had a bishop, Judas, who betrayed Jesus Christ. Her first Pope, Saint Peter, acted holy at times...and was despicable at times.

If we had lived during his time, there would be 24/7 calls among Catholics for Saint Peter's resignation. They would proclaim daily that Saint Peter..."is a disgrace. He denied Jesus Christ three times. Did you hear the latest news? Saint Paul just challenged Saint Peter...right to Saint Peter's face! Saint Peter has to go. He is finished. He is evil. He is the antichrist. He has wrecked the Church!"

You think that there is dissension and filth in the Church! Just go back to Her very beginning.

You stated that maybe it "would be better to the Church that she approve a gay clergy. Most of the Catholic clergy is gay whatsoever. The laity is all adulterous". That notion doesn't hold water.

Why should the Church overthrow God's teachings on account of Her sinful children? Again, sin among clergy and laity has existed from the Church's beginning. But that doesn't not mean that we should accept sin.

To follow your notion to its logical conclusion, Truth, within and without the Church, will give way to evil. If we can overthrow one of God's truths, then we can overthrow all truth.

If we can transform sodomy and adultery into acceptable practices, then we can "legitimize" murder, rape, child molestation, the evil. Sorry, but the human element within the Church does not have the right to overthrow God's Truth.

Anyway, I am certain that you will continue to enjoy the "comedy" associated with Catholicism. From the dawn of the True Church, alongside Her Saints have been sinners...sinners (such as I) who, unfortunately, have daily provided "comedy" to the world.

If anything, the show has just begun. Just wait until you see the condition of the Church upon the arrival of the Great Apostasy. You think that the Church is awash in sin, filth, and confusion now...ha!


Mark Thomas

Maudie N Mandeville said...

An open letter to Pope Francis
By Randy Engel

Now the term "coprophilia" which you used spontaneously in the interview refers to a sexual perversion (fetish) by which a person derives sexual excitement from the presence of feces. The term "coprophagia" pertains to the actual act of eating excrement. Both paraphilias are commonly associated with homosexual behavior and are a regular feature of homosexual pornography.

That a bishop should so glibly refer to such disgusting and perverted practices in a public interview clearly indicates to me that you are not unschooled in the ways and dangers of sexual perversion, and hence, have no real need for me to instruct you on the perversity of homosexual behaviors, nor on the grave necessity of combating the Homosexual Collective and other forces of organized perversion.

And so it is with great sorrow that I bring this Open Letter to a close.

Mark Thomas said... said that they "contacted Fr. Victor for clarification on his remarks but has not received a response."

I am on the same page as in that regard. I wish to obtain a clarification from Father Victor to determine the accuracy of that which had been reported by the Detroit Free Press. also stated that they "reached out to the Detroit archdiocese for comment, but as of press time have also heard nothing." I just checked the Archdiocese's Web site for information about the news story in question. The Archdiocese has not offered anything on it's Web site about Father Victor and the news story in question. I didn't find a clarification in regard to Father's remarks when I visited his parish's Web site.

I don't imagine that this story will go away. The Archdiocese of Detroit must address publicly the quotes that the Detroit Free Press attributed to Father Victor.

Does anybody have additional information on this story?


Mark Thomas

Vox Cantoris said...

Mark, I always appreciate your commentary here; I have much to learn from you. Please feel free to always post here.

Eireen, I also appreciate your loyalty and your commentary.

Please do not go after each other.

Thank you to you both.


Mark Thomas said...

Thank you, Vox, for being a peacemaker. Blessed are you and all peacemakers. I also thank you for having permitted me to post to your blog.

I hope to continue to post my opinions here. I realize that discussions can turn contentious. I don't wish to apologize for my opinions. I don't mean that in anyway that is arrogant. What I mean is that post comments. I offer them in honest fashion. I recognize that I may be wrong. I have made countless mistakes/errors throughout my life. I have to stand by that which I believe...which I hope is informed always by Holy Mother Church's teachings.

But while I stand by my opinions, I realize that my tone and conduct very well may be improper. I hope that that hasn't been the case...but as I'm a sinner, I expect that that has been the case. I hope not very often...but I'm not sure.

Therefore, I apologize, Eireen, for any offensive way in which I acted toward you. Eireen, I am sorry and apologize to you...and to anybody else I have mistreated.

I also apologize to Vox for having burdened he and his blog with the above.

Peace to all...and to your families.


Mark Thomas

Lynda said...

I think there has been in recent years an infiltration of secular, political and modernist philosophical ideas at Church Militant. God bless.

Lynda said...

I had never even come across those terms or the evil things they stand for - until the Pope brought them into my knowledge. That he would have mentioned such depraved acts in any context other than to denounce the evil that leads to or permits such, is just horrific. Lord, have mercy.

Lynda said...

And - always hate evil and falsehood, that which hurts and destroys souls, not to mention offends God. To love another, one must always oppose that which is bad for him, especially his eternal soul.

Kathleen1031 said...

I think, in these bizarre and unnerving days, we all ought to try to keep in mind our Christian brother and sister are not our enemy. We have an enemy, the Great One and the lesser ones, but they are not likely here in this blog combox. It is not a time to picking each other to pieces. Frustration can do that. We have cause to be frustrated. When we feel it though, we would do well to step away from the computer and contemplate the beauty of God. We can do the Kingdom no good at all by sniping at each other, however deserved at times. It steals our peace, raises our blood pressure and does not give glory to God. Christmas blessings and peace to all here, and may God send us the remedy for the diabolical times in which we find ourselves. He is the only answer.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing holy about homosexual sex. While God can pull from the depths of sin some glimmers of repentance, it is incredibly difficult to find holiness while you are mired in sexual sin.

Unknown said...