Thursday, 3 December 2015

Dominican Cardinal slams U.S. Ambassador for interfering in the nation's affairs

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I wonder what Francis will do?


by Joseph Pelletier  •  •  December 3, 2015    30 Comments

Cardinal and ambassador have history of public feuding

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic ( - A cardinal from the Dominican Republic, engaged in a public quarrel with the country's U.S. ambassador, called the openly gay official a "wife" and told him to "focus on housework."
Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez, the archbishop of Santo Domingo, made the remarks Tuesday in response to comments from U.S. ambassador James Brewster alleging corruption within the Dominican Republic. 
"That man needs to go back to his embassy," the cardinal said. "Let him focus on housework, since he's the wife to a man." 


Anonymous said...

LOL! Without too much effort, this could be polished up into a nice little SNL skit... if they dared!

Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...

Two pints. First I was confused by the headline. Not sure if the Cardinal was a Hound of God or not! LOL!

Secondly, good on the Most Eminent Lord Cardinal for speaking the plain truth!!!

Mark Thomas said...

If Cardinal Rodriguez offered the remarks in question, he has opened himself to attacks by the homosexual mafia. He will be accused of being insulting, intolerant, and "homophobic".

The Cardinal should have simply presented the Church's teachings on homosexuality and homosexual unions. Yes, the homosexual mafia would have attacked him just the same. But any attacks on him by the homosexual mafia would have been attacks against the Church.

Now, the homosexual mafia has the opportunity to paint the Cardinal as an insulting "homophobe". They could respond by demanding that Pope Francis pressure the Cardinal to apologize to the homosexual mafia. They could call for Pope Francis to retire Cardinal Lopez Rodriguez.


Mark Thomas

Dorota said...

My kind of humour. Whenever I make a similar observation about relationships based in sodomy, always proper PC company embedded in the Catholic Church leaves the room. It upsets me (sometimes for more than a day), but the price is worth paying.

Vox Cantoris said...

Actually Mark, given the interference in Dominican affairs, as Americans have done in Uganda and other countries on the issue of LGBTQRSTUVWXY AND ZED, I think the Cardinal's statement was quite appropriate.

There is no such thing as sodomitical marriage. These two men suffer from severe sin and mental illness. The Cardinal is dressing him down.

Alas, however; you are probably right that the LGBTQRSTUVWXY and ZED mafia will probably smear this man and Pope Francis may even strip him of his Cardinaliate red.

I'm sure he would consider it an honour.

Maudie N Mandeville said...

Well? I guess the only question is, does the ambassador do the cleaning in the household. We know the good Cardinal is correct on who the wife is:

'U.S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic James “Wally” Brewster, left, and his husband, Bob Satawake, at their official residence in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on June 19, 2015. (Washington Blade photo by Michael K. Lavers) - See more at:'

Aged parent said...

It is so refreshing to see a Cardinal give one of these creeps a shot right between the eyes. More power to him.

Eirene said...

This Cardinal has a strong, fine face and is more than able to shrug off the barbs of the homofacists - rather like a dog shakes off fleas.
I would put his comments in the same basket as Pope Francis' remarks
about fundamentalists - who made them without fear or favour. Surely we can grant that same indulgence to the Cardinal. Good on him! The Cardinal, that is. We can't always be looking over our shoulder, can we, just in case we upset someone!