Tuesday, 8 December 2015

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

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Written by  The Remnant
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An Urgent Appeal to Pope Francis to Either Change Course or Renounce the Petrine Office 
December 8, 2015
Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Your Holiness:
Pope Celestine V (r. 1294), recognizing his incapacity for the office to which he had so unexpectedly been elected as the hermit Peter of Morrone, and seeing the grave harm his bad governance had caused, resigned the papacy after a reign of only five months. He was canonized in 1313 by Pope Clement V. Pope Boniface VIII, removing any doubt about the validity of such an extraordinary papal act,
confirmed in perpetuity (ad perpetuam rei memoriam) that “the Roman Pontiff may freely resign.”
A growing number of Catholics, including cardinals and bishops, are coming to recognize that your pontificate, also the result of an unexpected election, is likewise causing grave harm to the Church. It has become impossible to deny that you lack either the capacity or the will to do what your predecessor rightly observed a pope must do: “constantly bind himself and the Church to obedience to God’s Word, in the face of every attempt to adapt it or water it downand every form of opportunism.”


Eirene said...

It is night-time here in Australia. About 30 mins. ago I read this open letter to Francis and signed the petition. Then I phoned two very good friends of mine (one young, one old - both devout Roman Catholics) and asked them to read the letter (which I had copied to them) immediately. They will do so and then forward to all their lists. AT LAST we see Courage and Decisiveness NOT from the fence sitting Cardinals and Church Leaders, but from the Catholic Internet (with the outstanding exception of Church Militant) which has constantly and faithfully shown the last two and a half years up for what they have been - a train wreck for the Roman Catholic Traditional Church and a heartbreak for the faithful within that
organisation. May this letter bear fruit - even if it means a pruning so that more fruit may be borne. (And a dodging of excommunication - bring it on!). God bless The Remnant and Vox Cantoris for their steadfast perseverance in the face of stringent demonic opposition. Thank you. So much.

Ana Milan said...

Was delighted to wake up this morning to find this exhortation to Pope Francis to resign on the Remnant website which I signed. I also commend Vox Cantoris for down-loading it on his website so that it is brought to the attention of more Catholics. The exhortation covers the endless grievances which have concerned Traditional Catholics since the start of this Pontificate and is like lancing a festering wound. I feel sure it will carry a special blessing on this the feast-day of Our Lady's Immaculate Conception and I pray for its complete success.

It has to be said that Traditional Catholic bloggers/websites have done more that the vast majority of our Catholic Hierarchy in exposing the heresies & apostasy emanating from the Vatican since the start of this Pontificate and have certainly earned our prayerful thanks for so doing. Without their total dedication to this cause we, the Catholic laity, would not be as knowledgable about the true state of Christ's Church on earth and the wilful determination of Freemason/Secularist/Sodomite priests, Bishops & Cardinals to undermine it.

Many thanks to all involved for your faith, courage & tenacity and God's blessing on your work.

Dorota said...

Signed as soon as I read it. I suspect a lot of fasting and praying preceded this step. I am very grateful for their thoughtfulness and courage.
God have mercy on us all.

Anonymous said...

I have already signed it together with my husband! I am appalled with these pictures of PURE ABOMINATION and PAGANISM...

What he did today totally disqualifies him from the position of the head of Christ Church... http://blog.messainlatino.it/2015/12/un-tocco-pagano-mondano-e-cnsumistico.html


George Brenner said...

God Bless you, Vox for posting the appeal and petition. If it be the will of God this pleading will prove beneficial in the cure.

Anonymous said...

I was hesitant to sign, but When I read the part about the alter boy, that did it for me.

TLM said...

I signed it IMMEDIATELY! This charade of a Papacy has to stop. Bishops and Cardinals will most likely keep silent and ignore it, may God have MERCY on them for their cowardice, the laity will be the stalwarts in trying to preserve the Church of Christ in the face of this abomination that is taking place. Let them 'excommunicate' me.....BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!