Tuesday, 8 December 2015

In reparation for the blasphemous display in Rome - Eia, mea labia

In reparation for the blasphemous display at St. Peter's Basilica and in honour of the glorious and ever Virgin Mary's Immaculate Conception, I am honoured to present here for your peace and edification and mediation a hymn with original music composed by my good friend Jon Parr Vijinski and sung by Marie Parr.

It shows the beauty of our great God and Lord's creation interspersed with artwork of the Blessed Mother with the text selected from the "Little Office of the Immaculate Conception" (Officium parvum Conceptionis Immaculatae). 

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Aqua said...

This strange earthy nature worship reminds me of my RCIA class 8 years ago. The class was asked to go outside on a cold night, under a full moon; pick an animal, become the animal, speak to the moon AS the animal. An ANIMAL for goodness' sakes! Who does this?!

I will not go into details about the aftermath of that experiment, though I WILL say we left the program and darned near left the Catholc Church. That, and this, seems more New-Age Wiccan earth worship, than the Faith of our Fathers. This has the distinct taint of Satan tempting Jesus in the wilderness to turn His eyes earthward; solve the earth's problems to gain fame and fortune. Now it is our turn.

Satan rules earth. Christian crosses are carried for the distinct purpose of rejecting the "pomps of Satan", and gaining Someone and some thing much better. I choose Heaven. I choose Jesus.