Monday, 14 December 2015

Stonewall Dolan - What are you hiding? Why did you let the sadomasochistic sodomite priest to defame Our Lord?


Cardinal Dolan, you deserve wherever this leads and may it lead to your downfall and a cleansing.

How dare you, after all that has gone on with homosexuals in the priesthood raping and sodomising young boys and men, yes, HOMOSEXUALS DID IT, -- how dare ignore the faithful and allow this filthy pervert who paid to have someone urinate in his mouth, offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

What sacrilege.

What filth. Trading the Precious Blood for urine! Did you felch him too?

And a thief on top of all the perversion.

I truly hope this brings you down and all those sodomites with you.





Ana Milan said...

The moral corruption within the clergy at all levels of the Catholic Church is now so complete that the Great Chastisement must be very close to hand. Is there no prelate worthy of the name going to speak out about this abomination or are they all complicit in their acceptance of the LGBT agenda which has gone viral? Do their vows of ordination not mean anything to them? How can this daily profanation of the Holy Eucharist be allowed to continue? This worldwide depravity in the priesthood has brought us all into the gutter. The Year of Mercy will not be successful if this cancer is not wiped out immediately and it is extremely concerning to Catholics that no-one in authority has yet made a definite move in this direction.

Sandpiper said...

Keep pounding away. May Cardinal Dolan come clean this Advent.

Mark Thomas said...

In fairness to Timothy Cardinal Dolan, as the New York Daily News reported, Archdiocese of New York spokesman Joseph Zwilling declared that the allegations in question against Father Miqueli have been unsubstantiated.

"Zwilling said a woman in the parish says she has photos and emails that prove Miqueli was stealing money and was giving it to Crist, but after asking her multiple times to show them the documents she refused."

“We don’t have any documentation,” Zwilling said. “We don’t have any proof.” All we have are allegations,” he continued. “We’ve asked for documentation and we don’t have any.”

Perhaps we will learn more about the controversy in question.


Mark Thomas

Maudie N Mandeville said...

It could only lead to an appointment at the Vatican.

Anonymous said...

I learned a new word.
Heard about things some do, but not yet this.

Good anti-rainbow work.

Anonymous said...

Abomination of desolation has entered the Holy Place the Sanctuary is been defiled

Lynda said...

Blessed Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle . . .

Anonymous said...

Let's hope this will either have Dolan willfully resign or resign by going to Prison for allowing millions of dollars to be stolen and for these crimes to go on for so long after they were brought to Dolan's attention. Either way it's the end for Dolan.

Anonymous said...

he gave children and old ladies communion with those hands.

Anonymous said...

Ah, all these little priestly love nests! The situation is not unsimilar at Our Saviour, but with less public perversions:

At this parish of Dolan's in Manhattan, the 'out' gay pastor lives with his homosexual-lover, the parish music director, together in the rectory.

Yes, Dolan knows, of course! Several parishioners, groups and top donors have elevated the matter to the archbishop, who is, ahem... looking into it.

Our Savior is the 'remove-Rutler's-icons' church that recently hosted a Hindu ceremony in the sanctuary.

Colin D. Corcoran, Jr. said...

So nice of you to try to see the good side. But this is because of a lawsuit filed by Parishioners of the parish over the stolen money. They have all the documentation, including the emails that went to Dolan. She is likely gagged from releasing anything with the lawsuit pending because it would prejudice the jury pool. Read about it here -

patrick said...

The Great Tribulation/Chastisement is the Anti-Christ. The Minor Tribulation/Chastisement must occur first. That hasn't happened. There is at least a 35 year stretch prophesied between the two. We got a while to wait.

Glenn Petrone said...

Dolan has enough criminal history to be burned at the stake. This is just what you are going to get when good men do nothing.

Mark Thomas said...

Certain folks have given the impression that it's a fact that Father Migueli had stolen money from his parish. The reality is that the claim in question is an allegation. More than that, the New York Archdiocese has denounced that allegation.

Joseph Zwilling, Director of the Office of Communications for the New York Archdiocese, has said that "to date we have found nothing to substantiate the allegations that have been raised, and, in fact, with regard to the parish finances, we know that the allegation that Father Miqueli stole $1 million from each parish, as was alleged by the plantiffs’ attorney, is completely false."

What may result from the lawsuit in question is one thing. But for now, the New York Archdiocese insisted that "the allegation that Father Miqueli stole $1 million from each parish, as was alleged by the plantiffs’ attorney, is completely false."

I plan to keep the following in mind: The "mainstream" news media hate the Holy Catholic Church. The news media may view Timothy Cardinal Dolan as sodomy-friendly and, therefore, useful generally to their pro-homosexual agenda. But what trumps that is the reality that the news media hate the Church to such an extent that they would not hesitate to destroy Cardinal Dolan.

The news media would gloat over that. Their hatred of and desire to "prove" that the True Church is "evil" would trump any use that they had for Cardinal Dolan.

Therefore, I will exercise caution whenever I encounter sensationalistic news media articles about Cardinal Dolan's alleged connection to claims that certain folks have levelled against Father Miqueli.

For that matter, I will exercise caution whenever I encounter sensationalistic claims that anybody, for any reason, may launch against Cardinal Dolan.

Let us exercise charity in regard to Cardinal Dolan. Let us await the results of any investigations that may be conducted in regard to the Father Miqueli controversy. Gather facts...please don't rush to judgment.


Mark Thomas

Ana Milan said...

This headline appears in to-day's Catholic Herald.

Fr Peter Miqueli of St Frances de Chantal Parish told parishioners he was 'not guilty of the charges' brought against him. And
“We have asked the people who are making these charges to please provide us with documentation, but they have thus far failed to do so,” he said.

Can you provide us with more information on this alleged scandal please, as I am sure your sources have fully investigated this matter?

Mark Thomas said...

The following article should be of interest to anybody who isn't interested in rushing to judgment in regard to the sensationalistic lawsuit and claims in question against Timothy Cardinal Dolan and the New York Archdiocese:

Vox-permitting, here are a few points from the above article:

-- The plaintiffs claimed that they've suffered permanent psychological injuries, including "confusion, humiliation, fright, anxiety, [and] mental anguish." They also claim that the "very fabric of [their] faith" has been destroyed, an allegation that calls into question just how firm that faith was in the first place.

For this, their complaint seeks both compensatory and punitive damages. In other words, instead of merely seeking restitution of parish funds, they want tons of money for themselves.

-- Why is the lawsuit peppered with sensationalistic, vile descriptions of Father Miqueli's alleged sexual life? Why do the plaintiffs crave media attention? Are they unaware that the Catholic-hating news media will use the vile claims found within the lawsuit to attack Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church?

Well, the news media have picked up on the sensationalistic claims to turn the story into a filthy, sex-driven theme to sell newspapers.

-- The people behind the lawsuit are "proud of themselves. In fact, as soon as the sensational media coverage began, a website entitled "Free St. Frances de Chantal from Fr. Peter Miqueli" started listing links to the stories, and encouraging people to "enjoy" reading them.

The same website also declared — and this is really off-the-wall crazy — that Father Miqueli, Cardinal Dolan, and the Archdiocese of New York "made this into the media circus that is (sic) has become."

-- Lack of evidence: "What the plaintiffs have done here would be shameful enough if the allegations they've made were true. But there are several reasons to be highly suspicious of their lawsuit. For example, if, as they claim, Father Miqueli stole over $1 million from two parishes, why haven't they produced documentation establishing it?

"More important, why, if such proof exists, haven't they turned it over to the Bronx District Attorney, something the Archdiocese has actually encouraged them to do?

"Consider, too, that an audit of St. Frances de Chantal's finances, conducted for the Archdiocese by John Feerick, a full professor at Fordham Law School, has uncovered no irregularities whatsoever."

Time will tell as to validity of the plaintiffs' claims in question. I don't plan to rush to judgment. For now, I have several reservations as to the conduct of the people who initiated the lawsuit.

I find it disturbing that the plaintiffs seek "tons of money." I find it preposterous that the plaintiffs have claimed that they've suffered permanent psychological injuries, including "confusion, humiliation, fright, anxiety, [and] mental anguish."

I find it disturbing that they have also claimed that the "very fabric of [their] faith" has been destroyed. Really? Catholics would permit a Cardinal and/or a priest to destroy the "very fabric" of their Catholic faith? Perhaps they will be happy and upbeat should they win their lawsuit and acquire the "ton of money" that they hope to receive from the Catholic Church.

Oh, well. It always comes down to money. Money, money, money.


Mark Thomas

Eirene said...

I hope this is not derogatory or insulting but whenever I see Mark Thomas' endless justifications of matters which are as plain as the nose on your face, I simply scroll down until I read the final Pax.
Only once, in reams and reams of similar material, have I been in accord with him (the feminist take-over of the Church) - but for the main part I find his comments beyond unreadable. Pax again. Eirene.

Mark Thomas said...

Eirene, your comment did not insult me. It is fine that you find my comments "beyond unreadable". I offer my opinions, Vox-permitting, as this is his blog to regulate. I respect that fact.

Should anybody find my comments "beyond unreadable"...well, that is fine with me as everybody is entitled to his or her opinions. I move on in the spirit of peace...the other person moves on in the spirit of peace.

As to your comment that I offer supposedly "endless justifications of matters which are as plain as the nose on your face"... You failed to offer even one example to support your claim. Therefore, there isn't anything to discuss in that regard. But I thank you for your time and depart in the spirit of peace.

Eirene, I wish blessed Advent and Christmas Seasons for you and your family.


Mark Thomas

Kathleen1031 said...

Mark Thomas, just for the record, I find your comments interesting and I have no trouble reading them. I don't understand people, especially those who are supposed to be on the same journey of faith we are on. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Dolan’s behavior is probably the worst among the Cardinals involved in the horrendous catholic homosexual scandals. He ignored the parishioners of St Frances de Chantal when they begged, begged! the chancery to investigate the sexual, financial misbehavior of Father Miqueli. Cardinal O’Brien of Maryland, Miqueli and miqueli’s lover Keith Christ were an item sexually. Other clerics were involved, possibly bishop Gerald Walsh. And, again, Dolan paid no attention to the antics of bishop Hubbard of Albany and his minions. Father Minkler who developed a dossier in re bishop Hubbard’s antics conveniently committed suicide. a tragedy (crime?) ignored by Dolan. Phew! Problem solved! Dolan in Milwaukee paid up to $20,000 dollars to homosexual abuser priests to be laicized. He then utilized a financial technicality to hide Milwaukee dioscese funds in the Vatican, declaring bankruptcy, so that victims of abusers could not be paid off. Clever duck. Did he ever report priests to authorities. Don’t know. It is a crime if one does not do that. Ah, then Father Mead, arrested for soliciting homosexual sex in a diner bathroom was promoted to director of archdiocese catholic ITV network It appears he never served time for the crime. Powerful connections. Hubbard, Mead, Miqueli all clerics in good standing, Hubbard retired with honors. Mead head of ITV which gives eddy awards to young people who will certainly have contact with Mead. Mead, who has the power to decide who will get awards. Hmm. Father miqueli still gets a pay check from the archdiocese because he was never was laicized. And finally, Dolan, chief backslapper in charge is still respected, honored, HIS EMMINENCE. THE MAN OF THE HOUR. It’s demonic.

Anonymous said...

Is blog approval a minion of Cardinal Dolan?

Anonymous said...

Dolan is guilty as sin. Senor backslapper sold his soul to the devil a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Are you people aware that we are talking about things like murder. As a cleric, if you go against the homosexual network, you may die. These people are satanic. Dolan is the leader of the pack. I am a conservative, traditionalist. I am also no fool. These guys are no good.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kathleen who finds Mark Thomas implausible. You want to ask him,”what color is the sky in your world?” Dolan Is innocent?! I present to you the only evidence that closes the case against him. He was the Grand Marshall in the first St. Patrick’s day parade that allowed gays to march under their gay banner. Anyone who doesn’t grasp the powerful significance of that is, well, dimwitted. It says either I Give in or I am one of you. My conclusion is I am one of you. Either way it’s lions 4, christians 0.

Vox Cantoris said...

It’s called sleep!

Get a life or go pray a rosary for him.