Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Dave Armstrong, - stop your hypocritical name-calling! Your lack of charity has exposed you!

There is an American self-appointed lay "apologist" now writing beyond his own blog, at Patheos. His name is Dave Armstrong. It seems Patheos picks up all of these sorts. I will not link to him or give him a hit. I will not direct you to his page, lest it feed the beast. If you wish to find him, you will have no trouble. 

His claims to be an "apologist," yet he takes relish in bashing other Catholics. He can go on about how he has no "objection" to the traditional Mass, but what he objects to, as do many others, is the faith that goes along with it. He is typical of this neo-catholicism that is as destructive to the faith as modernism and the heresies that stem from it. For these people such as Armstrong, it goes far beyond the Mass. How generous it is of Armstrong to let me and others worship according to our fathers. How kind of this hypocritical neo-cath and his ilk to show such tolerance.
Dave Armstrong

Mr. Armstrong has gone on a Shea induced rage of name-calling of Catholics who hold fast to the tradition of the Church. He is pathetic dot coms latest poster-boy for neo-catholicism. Mad-trads. Trads behaving badly. Rad Trads. 


I was one of Mr. Armstrong's targets under Vox and my own name on Facebook and on his blog until I demanded he remove his slanderous attacks on me from his blog whose posts display a pseudo-intellectualism. His bombastic, arrogant, uncharitable attacks on Catholics has gone on for years along with one of his promoters who uses the moniker, "Minion."

Armstrong has proved himself to be a hypocrite with his latest screed and name-calling rant. 

He needs to be called out for his hypocrisy and his lack of charity.


Barona said...

I presume he "evangelizes" for money?

Kitchener Waterloo Traditional Catholic said...

Prior to getting banned from Catholic Answers (yes, I consider that a badge of honor) it was common for such 'neo-cath' agitators to come into the Traditional Catholic forum. They would first declare they had no problem with the Extraordinary Form. Then they'd take offense with anyone who stated why they preferred the EF. Stating something like the EF promotes a more reverent form of worship would then get reported as an attack on the OF and that would get you suspended from the site.

It is indeed quite hypocritical to call those attached to the EF 'rad trads' and then go on a rant against them. If one spends most of their time generalizing and ranting against another group it's time for self-reflection and correction.

The difference lies in the details and specifics. If I were to say that my local OF is more of a party than a sacrifice, that's different than saying all those who attend the OF are modernists. Yet, it's common to see other people say things like those who attend the EF think they are holier than thou.

James Joseph said...

I've been banned from CA no less than five (5) times from different IP's and emails and screen names. I honestly cannot say what I was banned for.

Anonymous said...

Just another bum like shea, seems to be so many around these days and Patheos is the site they all hang around.. A on line circus full of clowns!

Catholic Mission said...

Dave Armstrong is a liberal on the issue of salvation.He rejects the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS) and the old ecclesiology associated with the Traditinal Latin Mass. Mark Shea is the same.They know their position is irrational but they want to remain politically correct with Jewish Left.They do not want to be considered anti-Semitic so they adjust Church doctrine to serve their financial interests.They earn a living writing on the Catholic Church.

Dave Armstrong rejects the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus since for him there are known exceptions to the traditional interpretation. For him the baptism of desire and blood and being saved in invincible ignorance refer to cases known in the present times, who have been saved/ going to be saved, without the baptism of water in the Catholic Church.

Since there are known exceptions to the strict interpretation of the dogma on exclusive salvation, he and Mark Shea, assume LG 16 (saved in invincible ignorance), refer to objective cases in 2015-2016. So LG 16 and Vatican Council II is a break with EENS and the Syllabus of Errors. So there is NO tension with the Jewish Left.This is also Patheous' position on Vatican Council II and the dogma EENS.Expedient. Convenient. Selfish.

They will not comment or support me, when I say I interpret Vatican Council II and the dogma without known exceptions. I use Feeneyism, and not their Cushingism as a theology.
They do not want to discuss this. Since it would be frightening for them to affirm an anti-Semitic version of Vatican Council II, even if it is rational, traditional and non heretical.-Lionel

Lynda said...

He and others hold opinions contrary to the Catholic Faith.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

It's a shame. Mr Armstrong converted to the Novus Ordo...perhaps with a vocation to true conversion. But these are not times where ceasing to 'ask, seek, and knock', will find the Faith. Saint Francis de Sales, ora pro nobis.