Thursday, 10 December 2015

My Anonymous friend, I must be getting to you.

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My friend,

How courageous of you to leave me such a nice note; and to not disclose who you are reveals much about you. I will not be releasing your comment on the post, I will post it right here. Hitler died in "communion?" 

You really are stupid. Your snide, petulant, puerile and satanic inspired mutterings are very familiar to me and they say much about you.

Perhaps you would like to "come out" 
Why waiting for your excommunication, my dear Vox? You're an excommunicated person already, technically, an apostate. You refuse to submit to the Pope. You sweat hatred for him! You even want him to drop dead! So, my friend, be yourself. Go to a para-Catholic, para-Protestant group of apocalyptic freaks somewhere and wait for... I don't know what. I'd not recommend the SSPX, because Fellay is now, you know, of "him". Fellay was coopted by Francis. Enjoy your religious freedom to switch to a new Church as you do with your clothes, the same principle which you pretend to despise. Isn't it good to have freedom from any persecution from the Holy Office? Well... Kudos, Vatican II! My friend, if even Hitler had died in communion with your pre-Conciliar Church, why should you wait for excommunication?  
My readers can respond to your pathetic calumny should they choose to waste more time on you than the minute and a half it took me to post this.


Well, it is sure a day for the haters.
Don't worry, my dear Vox! As a friend, I just don't want to see your liver exploding for so much angry. Maybe you should take some medicine. You can even take pills of Misericordina which are more holistic.Anyway, when you swallow them, do little by little. With so much hatred out of your skin, you can either choke or have a sudden demonic manifestation.Accepting, for example, you shouldn't teach about adultery because you're an adulterer, it can really help you to live a more peaceful life. After all, you, my friend Vox, you're a beneficiary of the same ecclesial divorce which you decry, aren't you?If you were Orthodox, you could live in peace with your consciousness. You wouldn't get rid from your current state of adultery, but you could partake the Eucharistic gift (in a condition of mitigated fornication). Maybe you would conclude that it is better than partake with Burke, who is a forerunner to consecrate a mutilated person.


Anonymous said...

"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Matthew 5:11

TLM said...

Not wasting my time on this individual who is so completely immersed in Diabolical Darkness. But may God have Mercy on him.

Aqua said...

"You are technically an apostate". Why? "You refuse to submit to the Pope".

No mention of Jesus Christ or His Bride, or the sweet law given to us through Magisterial Tradition. Just the Pope. Follow the Pope; only the Pope. Ok, but only if he is with Jesus. If he has abandoned Jesus, well, I am going to abandon the Pope and find Him.

In these dark days, we should imagine ourselves like Peter walking to his Saviour across the raging waters. Our eyes should be locked on Jesus, only Jesus. The waves and the wind fade away in the sweet, consoling confidence of our victorious God, eyes penetrating, the definition of Love itself.

I would love for Pope Francis to join us on our way to Jesus on the "stormy lake". I would love to follow him on his own personal walk to meet Jesus there. But if not, if he has grounded the boat on the shore and is heading to a restaurant, I will follow Jesus in faith and trust. Not even the Pope himself can turn me aside. If that is his choice it is not mine.

That is my comment for you. The message you received is almost pathetically sad. Jesus Christ, Victor, Redeemer, Brother, King.

Anonymous said...

Dont waste your time with him. He is only a devil distration.

Osusanna said...

Creepy. If the people in authority are wacko, can they excommunicate people?? Seriously, I really don't know, I'm just a pew sitter.

George Brenner said...

We along with this blogsite wish Pope Francis no harm. We pray that he becomes a practicing Catholic in keeping with the will of God and continuity of centuries of Church teaching on faith and morals. The crisis of faith that we have suffered leaves us heartbroken but it is our right and duty to defend our faith as we all are accountable before God.

Anonymous said...

According to Pope Francis it does not matter what religion you belong to you can mould God to your own requirements .All manner of religions who do not submit to the Pope are more than welcome in the Vatican in fact they are more welcome than those who do submit .In these days your worse enemies will not be strangers but members of your own household .

Anonymous said...

Vox, thanks for letting your online friends here know that you are being harassed by someone clearly unstable. Who can guess if this person may be dangerous or unpredictable? Certainly his incoherent rambling is as bizarre and goofy as the Pope's, but more threatening.

Vox, don't argue with this goofy fanatic, he seems the type to freak out for no reason. Keep your records on him, God forbid you should need them. I won't even address his actual diatribe, it's too irrational to try to make sense out of it.

God help us all in big things and small!

Kitchener Waterloo Traditional Catholic said...

This "Anonymous" is just another minion not worth the time you've given him. However, that you've caught his attention proves you're on the right path. Satan doesn't waste time on the condemned or lukewarm.

Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...

What a sick, evil, vicious, vile person! Obviously under Satanic influence. All I can say is, May God have mercy on you!

Anonymous said...

I agree, This person just oozes evil satanic words. Smooth and silky as in the Garden of Eden. St Michael destroy this filth.

Unknown said...

Blah blah just ignore the troll, he thrives on getting attention and you shouldn't play into that.

p.s. he is probably...a priest.

Anonymous said...

Good news Vox, The truth hurts and of course your blogspot is hitting them with the truth. Do you think they are being a tad naughty for judging? Shame on these people they seem to have the same forked tongue as the one they worship above God. Pray for them so they may see that C.Jorge Mario Bergoglio is just another Anti-Pope.We have had a few in the past and i am sure this worldly man will be added to that very short list. God be with us as we continue to pray for C.Jorge Mario Bergoglio's conversion to the Catholic faith that was established by Jesus Christ, not by C.Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Posting these kinds of rants just encourages more of them. Anonymous is filled with his own self-importance. Don't feed that narcissistic ego. I have a troll who comes to my blog. I let him bloviate for awhile, but now he goes straight into the spam folder. I suggest the same here.

Lynda said...

These demons are infuriated by those who love and follow Our Lord and speak in defence of the Truth. These people are avowed enemies of God and His Holy Faith who work for Satan. They personally attack Catholic bloggers and even just commenters like myself, hoping to shut us up by their threats, harassment and intimidation. Do you know what country this menace is coming from? It could be the same person or group of persons that is doing this on various Catholic blogs. I know the real name of at least one who is doing this.