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A corporal work of mercy.
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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

And you thought the Sodomy Synod was the end of it - silly you.

Are you, dear Catholic, prepared to tithe to support the wives and many, many children of non-contracepting (tongue firmly planted in cheek) Catholic married clergy? 

What happened to being wed to the "Bride of Christ?"

So, it is all up for grabs.

Communion for adulterers. 

Nice words for sodomites

Married men ordained to the priesthood.

What's next Jorge?

Excommunicate me now.


The Next Synod Is Already in the Works. On Married Priests

In mid-February Pope Francis will go to Chiapas, where hundreds of deacons with their wives are pushing to be ordained as priests. And in the Amazon as well the turning point seems to be near. It was all written down in the agenda of Cardinal Martini

by Sandro Magister
ROME, December 9, 2015 - While waiting for Pope Francis to rule on communion for the divorced and remarried, which two synods discussed and split over, there is already a glimpse of the theme of the next synodal session: married priests.

The selection of the theme is up to the pope, as happened with the past synods and will take place with the next, independently of what will be proposed by the fourteen cardinals and bishops of the council that acts as a bridge between one assembly and the next.

And that married priests will be the next topic of synodal discussion can be gathered from various indications.


Anonymous said...

No doubt that's next, God help us remain faithful to the truth while C.B and his ungodly men shake the very foundation of our church.

JMJT said...

I do think that sodomy, or often just a homosexual orientation interfering with orthodox Catholic thinking and pastoral practice, is the source of most of the problems in the Church. Failure to grasp and effectively deal with this reality is the source
of the worsening of most of the problems in the Church.

Jim J. McCrea said...

Priestly Celibacy is More than a Discipline


Anonymous said...

Oh me Oh my....

According to Boy Jorge...."It is my Church". So he can do whatever he feels doing.

I really pity Pope Bergoglio because he is trying his mighty best to destroy a divine institution no less founded by Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ but he will never prevail.

Bring it on Jorge and see what your final reckoning will be. Very soon you will be on your death bed and will stand before God and you will be asked a lot of questions about your evil deeds. May God have mercy on you Jorge.

Anonymous said...

In my diocese (Roman Rite), there are a lot of good young men coming up through the ranks to priesthood, thanks to the prayers of their parishes (especially adoration, which is often tied to priestly vocations). These young men are getting a good, solid education in smaller houses of formation and seminaries that are less corrupted by the politicized sexually confused theologates of larger universities and seminaries. The Holy Spirit is at work, and the tide is turning in places where pastors lead their flocks to pray.

At the same time, I don't see a problem with ordaining married men to the priesthood. Priestly celibacy is a gift from the Spirit to the Church. But I don't believe all men called to priesthood may have that gift. The Eastern Catholic Churches seem to recognize this, and the major reason why more married Eastern Rite men aren't being ordained in North America has been due to the political protests of Roman Rite clergy, but that's changing now.

A healthy married clergy might end up complementing the current beleaguered ranks, whose best men have had their merits overshadowed by the sins of a few in often influential positions. Structures will have to be put in place to accommodate these married men in their formation, but they're already there among the Ukrainian Rite men I know who have studied for priesthood while married. The West can learn from the East. The East - be it Eastern Catholic or Orthodox - have had much fewer problems with sexual issues. I would say that having married clergy has had something to do with it.

As a last point, one commentator I read (Randy Engel, I think) observed that wherever we see liturgical abuse, there is always a sexual heterodoxy behind it. The Eastern rites and Orthodox have kept their liturgical life largely intact despite what went on after Vatican II in the Roman rite. And they have had very few issues of public sexual disgrace among their clergy. The two (sexual propriety and liturgical integrity) seem to go hand in hand. That said, it may not change in Canada's Roman Rite until the bishops publicly embrace Humanae Vitae (and by inference, refute the Winnipeg Statement - symptom of a very sexually sick believing community, and a lot of clergy and bishops bought into its ethos, leading many astray).

I think married clergy and celibate clergy can exist side by side in the Roman Rite, as they do in Eastern Rites. Each might help the other to be the very best man they are called to be. A man called to celibacy won't be completely happy in marriage, as the man called to marriage won't be with celibacy. Let's see what the Holy Spirit does.
Anthony C

Anonymous said...

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