Saturday, 14 January 2017

Everything is not fine

Pope Francis greets Cardinal Raymond Burke at the Vatican in 2014 (CNS)
“Because everywhere I go — and I travel a lot now — everywhere I go people are saying: 'What's wrong with you Cardinals? There are these serious questions, and yet you remain silent. You don't say anything.'"
“And they’re correct,” he continued. “If we were to remain silent, it would most definitely give the idea to the faithful that everything is fine. But everything is not fine.”

Cardinal Burke is correct. The faithful are exasperated that the Cardinals "remain silent."

Everything is certainly, not fine.

And the fish rots from the head first!


Barnum said...

"Overhaul" was the term CBS used as well, so I guess that the independent news organs use the terms the VPO furnishes them.

TLM said...

I'm wondering about this 'Maltese' disaster, and if this was a possible vendetta against Cdl. Burke. Did 'someone' put them up to this? This situation was published in the Vatican newspaper, with the approval of Francis......I think he's may be out to destroy them.

TLM said...

........And.........take Cdl. Burke down with them. Or.....maybe it's just Cdl. Burke alone he's after. Pray for Cdl. Burke and the rest of the faithful Cardinals, Bishops and thinks Bergoglio may have his knives out.

Ana Milan said...

This is the situation the NWO want & are being successful in bringing about. The people in my Diocese of Malaga are under a very strict NO Bishop who closed down TLM whenever he heard about it, even though he wasn't supposed to do so (as per PB), & adheres to the false ecumenism that has led to the devastation of the True Faith. Priests are afraid to open their mouths about PF's heresies/blasphemies so there is no leadership at all in the present crisis.

If the Cardinals don't push on with the formal correction & call for an Imperfect Council, the CC will collapse in Spain. I notice a strong increase in the number of Islamists here now, mostly coming in from other parts of the EU. PF would be very pleased. How can one submit to him & his rogue ideology? I would say never & I pray the Holy Ghost will protect us from this evil. What a shambles!

Unknown said...

I agree that the 4 cardinals of the dubia hold the moral high ground. And as Burke stated in his interview with Michael Matt, they know the answers to the questions they have posed. But we read in the Burke interview with CWR that he doesn't believe Bergoglio is in heresy or is even close to being in heresy.

My question is what really happens if they undertake to "correct" Bergoglio. Does it truly lead to a conclave and election of a new pope as I suspect many would like? But if schism occurs, are people kidding themselves to believe Bergoglio Inc. are the deposed splinter group? Isn't the real risk today schism where Bergoglio Inc. retains hold of the Vatican and its holdings and the appearance of the true Church while the 4 cardinals and other supporters become the "rigid" or "doctrinaire" splinter group? And painted as the alt-right of the Catholic Church in the mainstream media. Is it possible that a majority of the 1.2 billion Catholics think the Church should evolve to be more in line with "modern" society and its changing mores?

So I wonder if the 4 cardinals are dragging their feet because they know Bergoglio has the leverage and maybe they reason that there is more opportunity to effect change within the Church than without?

Anonymous said...

The screaming obvious is, that there are only four Catholic Cardinals ,so what does that say about the rest of them ,they did after all elect Pope Francis,surely they would make themselves familiar with the man's beliefs before they voted for him. There may be some who secretly support the four,they need to speak up.

Anonymous said...

We know that they know about you, Vox. 'Call me Jorge' doesn't cut them no slack, neither. Can't say they weren't warned! Keep the pressure ON! God bless us all!

Michael Dowd said...

My guess is at this very moment Our Lady of Fatima is talking to her Son about this situation and He is not about to say, "Woman, why do you involve me?" "My hour has not yet come.", as He did at Cana. I an sure He is well aware when His hour is coming and it may not be far off.

Anonymous said...

His Humbleness and Fr Tom getting a load of the "Call Me Jorge" Blog. They're on notice!

Anonymous said...

I think the CC will be destroyed, they will go through with it to the end.

The church will remain alive in the truly faithful in the desert, the Law written in their hearts.


Kathleen1031 said...

I have read there are numerous other Cardinals who support the four. We would of course like them to stand up and be counted. Hopefully they will when the time comes, but even if it is just the four, that is enough to declare him in error, and get this process underway. I need to add I know nothing of these processes, but that is what I have read.
Anyway, with the Maltese pronouncement heresy has arrived and is being taught as Catholic practice. We need nothing else. These men have shown what they intend to do and now we must make up our minds about what we must do.
You could go crazy waiting for the onlookers to state outright that Pope Francis is an anti-pope, or even responsible for this. There is still foot dragging and excuses being made, and I have had my complete fill of it. Man up and take a stand.
Four Cardinals. Please, please issue the formal correction soon.